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Possession of a firearm in New York City without a valid permit will result in your arrest!

Supreme Court Asked to Prohibit Use of “Morality” Requirement for New Yok Gun Permits

New York State has the requirement that all applicants be able to demonstrate “good moral character” in order to get a gun permit. Being the embrace of moral relativism by the State in all other things, it is odd the Governor thinks they will be able to get away with this obviously twentieth century quasi-religious demand.

SCOTUS is now being asked to kill this requirement.

Read all about it HERE.

Vote REFORM This Year on Your NRA Ballot!

“For anyone who has followed gun rights and the travails of the NRA , Jeff Knox needs no introduction.

It’s hard to imagine a person more committed to turning the NRA from a rolling dumpster fire into a sound and effective organization.

Dennis Fusaro may be less known, but not to me. I have known Dennis for over 30 years and in that time seen his selfless dedication to this cause.

Fusaro, during his tenure at Gun Owners of America, was directly responsible for the creation of our organization, the Oregon Firearms Federation.

If you are known by the people who attack you, Fusaro has made all the right enemies.

I have zero faith in the NRA and their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but in the unlikely event that organization could ever be turned around these guys would be the ones to do it.”

Kevin Starrett
Oregon Firearms Federation

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