1/12/09: Stay in the Fight Until It’s Over – Take 2

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Published on: January 12, 2009

Yes, this is a justifiable shooting.  See the handgun in the suspect’s hand?

Did you identify the glaring tactical error on the part of the officers involved in the shooting?

They failed to stay in the fight, mentally and physically. Notice how after the suspect goes down, they get tunnel vision on the suspect, let their weapons hang one handed and casually walk up to him WHILE HE STILL HAS A GUN IN HIS HAND!

One of the officers even holsters his weapon as he walks up and stands over the suspect, while the suspect is still holding a gun.

Just because your opponent goes down, don’t make the potentially fatal mistake that he is out of the fight… especially if a weapon is still in his hand.  He can initially be stunned yet still have enough fight left in him to press the trigger again as you approach. If wearing a ballistic vest or high on drugs, your opponent may be fully capable of taking you out after he goes down.

He may even be playing ‘possum’ to lure you in and get you to relax your guard, only to have him shoot you at close range in a fraction of a second!

You must approach your opponent with your weapon at the ready and the mindset that you will shoot again if he makes any move to use the weapon in his hand or within his reach.  You do not let your guard down until your opponent is separated from his ability (the weapon) to hurt you.


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