Gunspec: Doing what Google Shopping Now Refuses to Do

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Published on: June 29, 2012

Original Article - Gunspec: Doing what Google Shopping Now Refuses to Do

Yesterday we figured out that Google Shopping is no longer providing its service to the firearms community. Turns out there’s already a site out there that does what Google Shopping used to do, but better and geared specifically towards firearms and related equipment., which has been online since 2011, already searches listings from everyone from Gander Mountain to Brownells to the Sports Authority to find the best firearms and equipment deals and does it quite well. You should give it a glance. Make the jump for Gunspec’s words to the firearms community…

With Google no longer representing firearms or related material within their shopping engine, we at GunSpec are ready to take their place.

For the online world, retailers in our industry don’t have the same access to innovative shopping applications available as for example, retailers in the appliance industry. I can easily shop for microwaves based on their size, wattage, weight, etc. Their are sites for this as well as a variety of web applications. It allows every customer to efficiently search for goods that are suitable down to the level of features available on that product. If I just want to know what is available by retailers in the 1200 Watt microwave range, I can certainly find it.

Every day, new applications are being built for the web, iPad, and mobile phones. It is a breath of fresh air when you see something tailored to the gun industry vertical.

GunSpec provides the same shopping format. However, we’re just focused on the Firearms, Hunting, & Shooting Sports industries. Imagine searching multiple retailers at once for a 1911 barrel, but besides sorting by price, you can sort by barrel length? Perhaps you needed to see all of the available retailers offering a Pink Kel-Tec .380? How about finding all scopes offered by retailers with a 3-9x power reticle?

Using either our keyword search bar or “Search by Specification” menus on the left side of our shopping pages, you can do this methodically on GunSpec.

As a gun owner, I want to explore every corner of what’s available by not just price, but also by features. I think it’s fair to say as gun owners we take the prize in being well informed, yet picky shoppers. The features have just as much impact in your purchase decision as the caliber of gun itself. As a retailer, I want my products to do as much work as possible finding those that are looking for what I have to offer. GunSpec allows retailers both large and small to let your individual product features help drive traffic and promote your store’s brand. It also provides an outlet for smaller retailers to promote new to market products and not have to spend their days fighting for page ranking.

We at GunSpec will do everything possible to accommodate retailers coming from the recent ban on firearms and related accessories at Google’s shopping engine. We are in the process of offering multiple service levels to accommodate displaced retailers online.

As we add more products, build our categories and provide a better experience for both retailers and users, we hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we do.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dennis Bella, President

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