Oleg Volk on Armed Response to Midnight Movie Massacre: Why Not?

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Published on: July 22, 2012

I’ve taken ace gun snapper Oleg Volk to task for publishing photos that lacked tactical awareness. You know; pictures of people doing stupid things with guns (in that seamlessly glamorous Oleg Volk kinda way). But the Russian immigrant’s take-no-prisoners approach to armed self-defense occasionally wanders into right-on-the-money territory. Such as his response to gun grabbers who claim that an armed citizen would have been ill-advised to respond with firepower when James Holmes opened fire at Cinema 16 in Aurora, Colorado. “People say that any hypothetical defender at the Aurora theater would have run the risk of hitting innocent bystanders,” Volk blogs. Not so much, Mr. Volk reckons . . .

The risk existed but consider how typical theater seats rise rise towards the back. It’s the classic “second rank fires over the heads of the first” musketeer arrangement. A perp near the screen would have been on the receiving end of all armed theater patrons simultaneously…had any armed people besides the attacker been present.

If Cinemark hadn’t made their business a “gun free” zone, if James Holmes knew he might face that kind of tactical disadvantage during his attack, maybe he would have chosen a different target. Or used explosives instead. Or . . . who knows. But sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

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