Man Orders TV from Amazon, Gets High Powered Assault Rifle Instead

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Published on: August 8, 2012

All Seth Horvitz wanted was a Westinghouse 39-inch LED television. Instead, he got a high-caliber, semi-automatic assault rifle.

The Washington resident, who had ordered the television through a third-party vendor on, first realized that something wasn’t quite right when a long, narrow box showed up at his apartment Tuesday, DCist reported.

“When I brought it in and opened it, I was totally shocked,” Horvitz told DCist.

The package contained a Sig Sauer SIG716, a Swiss-made 7.6 pound, 37-inch-long assault rifle.

Horvitz’s name and address were on the mailing label. But inside the box, an invoice contained the address of a Pennsylvania gun shop.

“Items get mixed up sometimes, but never on this scale,” Horvitz told DCist. “I didn’t think I was getting into a gun/electronics dealer.”

Horvitz sent a message to the sender and notified the Metropolitan Police Department, which quickly dispatched two officers. “[Police] were a little confused at first, they’ve never seen anything quite like it,” Horvitz said.

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