Self Defense Tip: Be Ready to Treat and Transport Yourself

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Published on: August 1, 2012

The AP reports that victims of the Aurora Theater Murders waited somewhere around 30 minutes before emergency medical crews arrived to assist them. Police at the scene thought things desperate enough that they transported several victims to the hospital in their cruisers without waiting for ambulances. I applaud this quick decision making. Thirty minutes is not a lot of time for police to arrive on scene, figure out what is going on, neutralize the threat, secure the scene, then allowing EMTs to triage the wounded and load them up for delivery to the nearest hospital. But if you’re one of the victims . . .

Thirty minutes is an eternity when you’re bleeding badly.  Three to five minutes is all you have with a major arterial or venous injury. Assuming you lived through a shooting, how would you give yourself self (or others) care until the EMTs arrive?

I believe victims in a mass shooting should treat, evacuate, and transport themselves as quickly as possible to the nearest trauma center. This may or may not be realistic given the injuries and distances involved. In the case of Aurora, the hospital was only about a mile away. Anyone can cover that distance walking in under 30 minutes.

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