Repealing CuHomo’s Gun Ban: The Strategy Emerges!

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Published on: January 18, 2013


Since the S.A.F.E Act effectively wiped out the anti-gun bills that we have effectively held off for the past 15 years. What is there left to do? Where do we go from here?

Rest assured these anti-gun groups are not finished with gun owners yet. SCOPE will continue to monitor new and upcoming bills that are being planned to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights.  That said, SCOPE must now turn it’s attention to the courts for releif.  This will require money and new members to keep up the fight.

In the meantime:
Please be patient there is an enormous amount of case law that has to be researched before a coherent suit can be filed.

We are aware of and will lend support to other organizations and other law suits being prepared . The renewable license or background check portions of the law will be the toughest to crack via the courts.  We may lose some battles. Courts in NY are hostile and appeals to a higher court are the only way to get around them.

SCOPE is exploring any and all possibilities and will continue to keep our membership energized and informed. SCOPE has joined the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban.


Stay tuned to the SCOPENY.ORG web site for updates and news.

Hamburg Attorney James Tresmond is preparing a Class Action Law Suit to challenge the legality and constitutionality of the  Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

Mr Tresmond  spoke to us at the Erie County Chapter meeting last night, (which was standing room only.)  He said that he has enough signatures at this time.  He said the response was overwhelming and exceeded his expectations.  He went on to say that the he has recruited other Attorney’s across the state and all the work is being done “pro bono”.

He refused any financial help that was offered by several attendees  He did say that he could use help from us by continuing to call  and write our legislators, continue to band together and keep up the pressure on the people that passed this scurrilous act in the dead of night. Please use the SCOPE Legislative Action Center to do just that.  SCOPE will keep you all informed of the progress of this and other law suits in the works.

Click here to SIGN UP! to stay in formed.  Note: if you received this email you are already on board. Thank you to the 1000 plus that have already signed up.

Other News
SCOPE President Steve Aldstadt will be on a panel discussion with Buffalo Radio Show personality Sandy Beach at 5:00pm today at the beginning of the day Sandy had 3499 likes on his Facebook lets see if we can double that.

Joining Steve will be NY Sen. Mark Grisanti, Dist. Atty Frank Sedita,  & Rev. Darius Pridgen, Buffalo City Council A round table on gun rights and restrictions, from 5 pm until 6  930AM |107.7 FM | You can listen online.

There are many unanswered questions about ammo sales and the future of gun shows  at Fire Halls is uncertain at this time. So called News Reporters are calling Fire Departments asking how they can allow a gun show in their facilities after the shootings in Webster.  Once again all gun owners are being blamed by these people.

Steve Jacobs, County Clerk of Buffalo, has denied a Freedom of Information request by the Buffalo News for Pistol Permit Holders.  Wednesday January 16th is “Cancel your Subscription” day.

The Annual General Members Meeting is Saturday April 13th  at the RIT Inn and Conference Center 5257 West Henrietta Rd. Rochester 14602.  Meeting will begin at 10 AM.  Come and meet the Board – Discuss – and participate.

Due to recent events, Long Island Firearms has put together a bus for the trip to Albany to support the Rally which has nationwide attention. We are quite the active community, so let’s show our support by taking the trip up next Saturday. FREE seats are available!!Click here for details:

SCOPE President Steve Aldstadt will be speaking at the National Gun Rights Rally in Downtown Buffalo on Jan 19th.

United Sportsman’s Association of Rockland County will be having a Pro Second Amendment Rally

Last but not least, thank you for helping SCOPE help New York gun owners! Our membership numbers gets SCOPE the access and respect of our elected officials.  Please consider adding to the cause by donating one dollar for each gun you have in your stable in these critical times. You can donate here!  Click on the Special instructions and key in “My stable”

Support our sponsors. For a listing:


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