Michael Walsh: John McCain, Useful Idiot (John McLame Wimps Out on 2A)

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Published on: April 9, 2013

Here’s everybody’s favorite “conservative Republican” senator, John McCain, once again showing why he’s the most overrated man in Congress, and why it’s long past time for him to resign and leave the country he’s served so poorly in peace:

“I don’t understand it,” said McCain on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand.”

“What are we afraid of? Why would we not want… if this issue is as important as all of us think it is, why not take it to one of the world’s greatest deliberative bodies – that’s one of the greatest exaggerations in history by the way – but you know why not take it up, an amendment and debate. The American people will profit from it,” said the Arizona senator.

“I don’t understand why United States senators want to block debate when the leaders said we could have amendments,” McCain added.

Stop right there and back up, senator: The “purpose” of the U.S. Senate is to debate and vote and let the people know where you stand? Um, no. The purpose is for you to do what the people of your state tell you to do. And in McCain’s case, that would be the people of Arizona. (Repeal the 17th Amendment!) And the people of Arizona have already stated, loud and clear, where they stand on the Second Amendment:

“The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the State shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain, or employ an armed body of men.”

Arizona State Constitution, Article 2, Section 26.

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