Pregnant Mom Arrested in New York Airport for Unloaded Handgun in Checked Baggage

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Published on: April 3, 2013

Minnesota Mother Arrested for Unknowingly Violating New York Law Carrying Gun in Checked Baggage

A Minnesota mom six months pregnant getting ready to head home from a trip to New York with her 6-year-old daughter was arrested last week for an unloaded handgun she had in the luggage she was attempting to check.

According to WDAY, Beth Arneson Ferrizzi had no trouble transporting the gun from her departure city — Fargo, North Dakota — as she called Delta to make sure she was following the correct protocol. But she encountered problems as she tried to return home out of La Guardia International Airport, after a trip meeting her husband while he was on leave from Honduras where he is stationed for a year as master sergeant serving in the Air Force.

“They said that the firearm had to unloaded and in a hard-sided, locked case,” Ferrizzi said of Delta’s instructions. “The ammunition had to be stored separated. Not separate from the gun but in either it’s original packaging or some sort of a container that kept the bullets from being in contact with each other.”

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