NYCG Radio Episode #37 – 10/14/13 “Endgame America Explained”

New York City Guns Radio Episode

IN THIS EPISODE: Brother of Yankel Rosenbaum Calls Out Sharpton’s MSNBC Advertisers to Drop The Pig and His Show!, Holy war in Harlem: Pastors want Al Sharpton out, Time Magazine: Bloomturd is about to be unemployed for the second time in his professional Life, Mayor launching crusade against tanning salons, Cops with their eyes closed (Biker Gangs ALLOWED to run AMOK), SAF SPONSORS ‘GUNS SAVE LIVES DAY’ ON NEWTOWN ANNIVERSARY, Calif. Gov. Brown vetoes bill banning semi-automatic rifles, Trayvon Martin’s father comes to the Scenic City, Racist’ LA police dogs only bite Latinos and African-Americans, N.H. Legislature may see a renewed fight over gun control in 2014, Colorado GOP Disowns Latest Recall Effort, Colorado’s Dem Governor to Anti-Gun Groups: Can You Stay Out of the Recall This Time?, Student threatened with sex offender status commits suicide, Long Island Middle School Bans Footballs, Other Recreational Items, Jose Guerena Vindicated: Widow Receives $3.4M Settlement from Arizona Police, How to serve a warrant: 1972 versus today, by Lt. Harry Thomas, A note on yesterday’s EBT debacle, ENDGAME: AMERICA (Part 1 of 2) Free Republic Original Content by Laz A. Mataz.