Anti-gun IL Representative Laura Fine can’t take the ISRA’s heat

Illinois State Representative Laura Fine was planning on holding a virulently anti-gun town hall meeting Wednesday evening in her district to lambast the new Illinois carry bill.

On deck to support her was the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.

The plan:  frighten her constituents with baseless fear-based demagoguery and emotional tugs on the heartstrings.  No doubt blood dancing and bloody shirt waving was on the agenda for little Laura Fine.

The silly little woman was rumored to want to use the event to launch a campaign seek the repeal of Illinois’ new carry bill at the event.  Like that’s gonna happen.

Nobody ever accused her of being forward thinking.  Unless you count “Forward” in the sense of Barack Obama’s campaign slogan (and the old communist use of the word in their campaign propaganda).

Well, our friends over at the Illinois State Rifle Association sent out a couple of broadcast emails to their members and friends in the past few days.

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  • ONCE you recognize freedom you CAN’T take it back. Gorbachev learned that bitterly.