Jack in the Box Robbed at Gun Point AGAIN (3rd Time Since Guns Were “Banned” from Store)

jack in the box robbed a 3rd time after ceo bans guns

You have to wonder if the CEO of Jack in the Box is kicking himself after making the decision to request all gun owners to leave their guns at home.  It was not even  2 weeks ago that Jack in the Box essentially banned guns from their fast food joints, and now the third armed robbery has taken place since then.

According to Click2Houston, 4 men put on gloves and masks before walking into a Houston Jack in the Box, robbing the restaurant at gunpoint.   The armed crooks robbed both employees and customers who were eating at the fast food place.

Who would have thought that criminals would break the restaurant’s policy?  But at least they did not have any law abiding gun owners to try and stop them and make their job more dangerous.  These gun owners would have to either leave their guns at home or eat somewhere else.

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  • Poetic justice!!!!!
    Looking forward to your rant on this on next week’s show!!!!

  • I was not aware that jack in the box had instituted such a policy, they have every right to do so of course, however I will not be patronizing their establishments any longer.

  • It’s become a freefire, victim zone, I go armed or I don’t go!!