Justice Alito’s Vote Will be Key in 3 Cases Challenging Obama’s Power Grabs (God Help Us!)

A week after President Obama’s 2012 reelection, the conservative Federalist Society gathered 1,500 lawyers in black tie to hear one of their own, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., vow to hold the line against an ever-expanding federal government that “towers over people.”

He lambasted environmental regulators who fined an Idaho couple $75,000 a day for filling in part of their property that was declared “wetlands.” He derided Obama administration lawyers for telling a private Lutheran school whom it could hire as a religion teacher. And he complained that Obama’s healthcare law had “gutted” limits on the government’s power by forcing citizens to buy insurance.

The message was clear: Obama and the liberals might control the White House, but Alito and the Supreme Court’s other conservatives would have the final word on the law.

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