‘Mine’s bigger’ story goes viral; Seattle anti-gunners silent (Armed Clerk PWNS Thug With Fake Gun)

Saturday night’s confrontation at a Seattle mini-mart between a would-be robber with an apparent fake gun and a gutsy clerk with a real one has gone viral since first reported yesterday, but Seattle anti-gunners, including outgoing Mayor Mike McGinn, are noticeably silent.

That probably would not be the case had the clerk been shot, as that outcome would have been exploited as proof of the need for passage of a 15-page gun control initiative now gathering signatures. Gun prohibitionists are typically tongue-tied when this sort of story pops up.

But everybody else seems to be talking about store clerk Robert Moore, who had what appears to be an older model Dan Wesson revolver, in the right place at the right time. Reports on KOMO and in the Seattle Times and Seattle P-I.com might earn Moore the “Dirty Harry” award for hutzpah.

What the press seems to be missing about this story that gun owners aren’t missing is that a gun is a great deterrent to crime, and that handguns can be very useful when faced with a criminal act. Moore told reporters that two unidentified thugs came in about 10 p.m. at the Morning Star Mini Mart wearing ski masks. One reportedly told him “This is a robbery.”

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