Listen Up, Liberals: Make Everything Illegal, Create More Eric Garners

Image Credit: Bay Ridge Journal


In comparison to the Michael Brown shooting, the death of Eric Garner—and the similar decision not to indict the cop who killed him—has drawn outrage from across the political spectrum. Many conservatives, including Breitbart‘s John Nolte, The Federalist‘s Sean Davis, and The Daily Caller‘s Matt Lewis, agreed with anti-police-brutality libertarians and liberals that Garner’s killer should have faced charges. The consensus is that the video evidence definitively established wrongdoing on the part of the officer (unlike the Brown case, which relied on conflicting eyewitness testimony).

But because that’s no fun, right and left had to find some way to tear each other apart over this. And so the contention—made by some libertarians and conservatives—that punitive cigarette taxes are a contributing factor in Garner’s death has driven many on the left into a fit of rage.

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