Australia Is Now A ‘Nation Of Victims’ Thanks To Strict Gun Control

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Image Credit: Jeremy Morgan


Over the past five years or so, the United States has been more active pertaining to the gun control versus gun rights argument. However, this year has seen a shift in favor for the latter. The Inquisitr reported on news that Americans favored the Second Amendment far more than security as proven by the latest Pew Poll.

Despite this, individuals with money and power often use their wealth and influence to propagandize their own personal agenda to the voters. Bill Gates used his status as a the world’s richest person and one million of his own dollars to challenge the National Rifle Association (NRA) and support a new law to implement even more gun control in Washington State, a challenge he would win. The former Mayor of New York City, also a billionaire, donated over a million dollars to help pass the new gun control law, even though he is not a resident of the state of Washington.

Nevertheless, there are now people who see the fallacies in gun control such as a Senator in Australia who stated that because of gun control, Australia is now a “nation of victims.”

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