Ferguson Cop Shooter Was a Sharpton/Obama “Protester” & Possible Gang Member

Image Credit: gotnews.com


Gotnews.com reports that the shooter, Jeffrey Williams, was a possible gang member:

Motive In Ferguson Police Shooting: Were Jeffrey Williams And Vonderrit Myers In The Same Gang???

It sure looks that way. Gotnews.com may discovered the motive in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson: payback for the killing of street thug Vonderritt Myers.

Last October 12th, Jeffrey Williams’s Facebook ‘brother’ Rockey Gotthe Strapstill posted a photo of himself praying for Vonderrit Myers with the caption “Juss do it for Von
41p my nigga man Rs?”

Frontpagemag.com reports that the shooter was involved in the Obama/Sharpton “Protest” movement:

The man arrested, Jeffrey Williams, had attended several demonstrations against police in Ferguson prior to the shooting, but claimed he did not intentionally target the officers he shot. The two officers — who were released from medical care later Thursday — were wounded during a protest outside the Ferguson Police Department following the resignation of the town’s embattled police chief.

This indicates to me that the Obama and Sharpton “protest” movement is a criminal association contrived by the left to undermine law & order. You be the judge.