De Blasio’s Iowa Field of Daydreams (Demented Fool’s Silly Ambitions)

Image Credit: NYC Mayor’s Office


This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled from New York, a state with one of the highest levels of income inequality in America, according to research by University of Washington professor Richard Morrill, to Iowa, a state with one of the lowest levels of inequality, in order to lecture Iowans on . . . how to end inequality! While in Iowa, the second-year mayor repeatedly blasted the rich for not paying enough in taxes. In one speech, he mentioned taxes some 20 times. What de Blasio neglected to explain to Iowans, though, is how New York, which already has some of the highest taxes in America (especially on the wealthy and on businesses), hasn’t managed to moderate or restrain the growth of inequality, while Iowa (which taxes its residents below the national average, according to the Tax Foundation) apparently has.

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