FBI Finally Decides On Standard Service Rounds For Its Use

The great caliber debate will more than like rage on for a long time.  Everyone is passionate about their platform and rounds they use.  At the end of the day, what you are trained with, is what you shoot well with and will be the best caliber for you. But, for now lets dig into the information and evidence that the FBI published on a PDF file about this issue.   Remember before you want to get up and arms about this what is posted below, this comes straight from information and the scientific evidence comes from the FBI ballistic labs that helps solidify and justify their recent move to the 9mm caliber.

Earlier in 2014 the FBI announced their return to the 9mm after finding that 40S&W rounds were causing too much excessive wear to their firearms.

The FBI report was first reported by looserounds.com. The information and their justification below is worth the read. It may change your mind once and for all, and change what you think you may know about the 9mm cartridge. Or who know after it’s all said and done your still passionate about your specific round.

After reading below, let us know if this changes your mind about what you will carry in the future.

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