NY State Senate Dems say Cuomo’s deal delaying gun control database is unconstitutional! (BWAHAHAHA!)

Cuomo Scowl

State Senate Democrats may head to court to block Gov. Cuomo’s deal with Senate Republicans that halts implementation of a database intended to provide background checks of people who buy ammunition.

Queens Sen. Michael Gianaris, deputy leader of the Senate’s Democratic Conference, said the agreement — made public late Friday afternoon — is unconstitutional because it negates a key provision of the SAFE Act, the governor’s much-heralded 2013 gun control law.

“It is completely outrageous and not legally correct,” Gianaris said.

Mayor de Blasio also raised questions about the agreement, suggesting it was a step backward.

“We’re all trying to understand what’s going on in Albany on this issue,” the mayor said.

“Charleston, I think, was another wake up call for this country,” he added. “We just cannot go backwards in terms of gun safety.”

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