NYs Low IQ Peter King: Boehner’s Fall Result Of “People Like Ted Cruz” Who “Hijack And Blackmail The Party”

…King singled out “people like” Cruz as the culprits of Boehner’s demise.

“Yes. Yes, people like Ted Cruz, who believe in shutting down the government, want to shutdown the Department of Homeland of Security at a time when the ISIS has been highest,” added King, saying Boehner couldn’t get much done because there was a Democratic president and a Democratic Senate.

“Whenever the tough decisions had to be made, John made them,” said King. “And at every stage though, he was undercut by people in his own party. And there’s 40 or 50 and that’s it. A small minority, but they were willing to hijack and blackmail the party.”

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  • Warp

    By all of his vile words, Peter King proves himself to be the consummate royalist.

    The fact that he keeps winning elections is sickening to anyone with morals.