We’re All Terrorists Now: How Gun Control Treats Law-Abiding Citizens


Responding to the terror attack at Pulse Orlando by pushing more gun control is a not-so-subtle way of treating law-abiding Americans like terrorists.

After all, pushing gun control for well over a hundred million gun owners because of the terrorist actions of one gun owner is nothing short of punishing all for the actions of one. And insult is added to injury by the fact that the alleged Orlando attacker — Omar Mateen — passed all the left’s gun controls to commit his heinous act. So it is not just that he allegedly committed terrorist acts but that he did so by cooperating with every law the left instituted as part of their way of keeping us safe.

But instead of admitting the impotency of gun control, President ObamaHillary Clinton, Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, and entertainers like Conan O’Brien and Seth MacFarlene, among many others, want laws passed that will limit the gun rights of an Iowa farmer, a Texas oil man, and Kentucky bourbon maker, based on the actions of an Islamist adherent in Orlando.

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