Clinton Return to Campaign Trail & INSTANTLY Receives Terrible News! (Trump’s Black Support Now at 19.3%!!!)


Hillary is back campaigning and out of hiding after her serious collapse on September 11, and a new poll shows that young and minority voters have just made a massive change in the presidential race.

As of today, conservative GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump now holds a national lead of 6 points over Hillary Clinton. Even more interesting is that Clinton’s support among black voters dropped from 85% to 75.3%, while Trump’s numbers among blacks (which were in the single-digits) skyrocketed to 19.3%.

In addition, Millennial voters between the age of 18 and 34 have generally favorited Clinton, with Trump earning 35% of those voters last month. As of today, 47.7% of that group support Trump, and his support continues to climb!

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