The Truth about Huma Abedin that Media Matters Doesn’t Want America to See (She’s a Spy)


“Still don’t believe Media Matters functions as a propaganda machine to aid and about Hillary Clinton’s political aspirations? Just read its response to a Vanity Fair article titled:

Is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon or Her Next Big Problem?

The left-wing attack machine wasted no time in posting an article with false information and smears in order to protect the Clinton campaign.

Clinton has stated that she helped “start and support” Media Matters, and that organization has consistently come to Clinton’s aid with a consistent campaign of misinformation, half-truths and smears of her critics that can then get repeated by the mainstream media.

Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

The “protect Huma” smears have six elements:

1. Never mention that Huma Abedin was an Assistant Editor at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for over a decade….

2. Never mention Abdullah Omar Nasseef’s clear connections to terror funding,….

3. Write the whole thing off as a convoluted, completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.

4. Call it a conservative fantasy. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy since nobody else in the mainstream media will report the facts,…

5. Exaggerate the claims of the critics. Tell your audience that Huma is being accused of being “a spy”…. If you make the claims seem outrageous, you can distract from the actual facts.

6. Point to Huma Abedin’s Republican defenders – McCain or Rubio as proof that “even Republicans” don’t think questions should be raised about Huma Abedin.

Media Matters article uses every one of these tactics.

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