Brilliant – Today Illegal Aliens Voluntarily Self-Identify Throughout America – #DayWithoutImmigrants (Deport Them All)

Any employer who wondered whether or not their staff may contain employees who gained jobs due to false papers, only needs to look at those employees who don’t show up to work today.

But illegals are not stupid. Living a life as an illegal alien actually creates a social outlook like a radar keenly aware of any situation that might leave you in a position of compromise; so I’m doubtful this movement will have too much success except in the areas where the illegal aliens already feel inoculated from (ICE) police action, ie. sanctuary cities etc.

However, in non-sanctuary areas this type of self-exposing activity is also self defeating in that participation makes it ridiculously easy to identify illegal alien workers.

Participating in this movement is like putting a big sticker on your forehead saying:

“Please Deport Me” !


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