Limbaugh: Do Not Worry About Donald Trump

Trump had a series of tweets today. I wouldn’t worry about Trump. I know a lot of people are putting themselves in Trump’s shoes. You watch the news, you see the assaults, you see the Drive-Bys. You see it, you expose yourself to it, you know what’s going on. You wonder, “How is the guy holding up?” I mean, you know how you feel, and it isn’t even about you. You know how much pressure you feel and it isn’t even about you. It’s about Trump. And everything that I have been able to amass, witness, put together, says he’s fine. Not that he’s unaware, don’t misunderstand. He’s not living in a bubble.

It’s just that he’s committed to his agenda and all of this stuff is noise, and the media is not the number one thing in his world in terms of shaping his opinions on things or his agenda or his daily attitude.

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