Breitbart Releases Paul Ryan Audio: “I Am Not Going To Defend Trump – Not Now, Not In The Future”


First, the release is from Breitbart via Matthew Boyle; and contains all of the elements needed for well played political plausible deniability.

♦ Second, it was transparent this was coming.   The “Reverse Castellano’s” play only works if the mark (Ryan) feels over confident about their position.  It takes months for Caesar to cultivate the false confidence within Brutus; giving the appearance that Caesar depends on him.

Caesar Trump knows he must publicly shower Brutus Ryan with praise so the audience can provide the authentic fuel needed for Brutus to overcome any internal trepidation.  Caesar Trump needs Brutus Ryan to feel empowered and emboldened.

Only when Brutus thinks his travels are inconsequential, can he be counted on to drop his guard and believe his schemes and associations are undetected.

♦ Third, timing.  On the eve of President Trump meeting with the Freedom Caucus, led by Jim Jordan, the face of Ryan’s antagonism and opposition, Team Trump – Bannon via Boyle, delivers the Brutus knee-capping that will drive the media discussion cycle.

As Brutus walks comfortably through the courtyard, dagger in hand, the trillion-power spotlights all simultaneously turn on and reveal his intent.  The entire Senate quietly notified and previously pre-staged to watch as the reveal takes place….

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