Shimtastic NYC Gun Attorney And Some Cops Snared by FBI in NYC Gun Licensing Scandal?!!! – MANY ARRESTS!!!!!!

Today New York City Gun Attorney John S. Chambers was arrested by the FBI for his connection to the NYC Pistol Licensing Scandal. Chambers, someone known within the small New York City Gun Community as a trans, used to be an Assistant District Attorney in New York City in the 1980s when “he” was still “Susan Chambers.”

Rumor has it Susan Chambers’ career as ADA ended under a cloud of unethical behavior.

I cannot say if these rumors are true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can say that the fully TRANSUBSTANTIATED John S. Chambers has been arrested today. Any/All purported male hormones and genital surgery cannot save this individual now! Joking aside, here are the details…

The New York Daily News reports:

Law enforcement sources say those arrested Tuesday include retired NYPD Lieutenant Paul Dean, retired NYPD officers Robert Espinel and Gaetano Valastro, and John Chambers, an attorney and former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney.

In separate court papers filed in federal court in Manhattan, two others, including former NYPD Sgt. David Villanueva, who was assigned to the department’s licensing division, and a man named Frank Soohoo, are charged with bribery, also in connection with the issuance of gun licenses by the NYPD.

According to court papers, Chambers, a Brooklyn ADA for two years in the 1980s who in his private legal work marketed himself as the “Top Firearms Licensing Attorney in NY,” allegedly gave Villanueva tickets to Broadway shows and sporting events, an $8,000 watch and cash hidden in magazines in exchange for expediting gun license applications for Chambers’ clients.

Looks like this shim sham artist is going down faster than the Titanic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although this small blurb was meant to be humorous, it does deal with very serious issues that directly impact the New York City gun community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!