President Trump’s Harrisburg Rally Brilliantly Triggers the Media’s Borderline Personality Psychosis

Watching several minutes of CNN’s punditry coverage President Trump’s Harrisburg Speech is exceptionally interesting from the perspective of watching what happens when full-throated liberal media ideology is confronted by a politician inoculated from battered politician syndrome.  The media cries foul.

Many intellectually honest people throughout the political era have noted that liberalism -in its modern presentation- is similar to a psychological condition.  That’s true; however, the actual condition is more aptly described as Borderline Personality on display.

The advancement of modern liberalism is contingent upon their abused recipient cowering to the demands upon them by the progressive abuser.  Modern democrats, including the media, define the boundaries of permitted conduct allowed by the recipient of the attack.

However, when the recipient of the constant attack, in this case President Trump, refuses to comply with unidirectional rules, and actually fights back with the same ferocity and absence of boundaries, the attacker retreats amid demands of ‘safe-spaces’ and demands immediacy of like-minded fellow travelers to affirm the tenuous position of their narrow views.

It is a remarkable thing to witness.

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