The Depth of the Leftard’s Defeat Is Just Now Dawning on Them

These reporters knew that the Hillary campaign was at war with itself, that there wasn’t any unity, that there was panic from the beginning because nobody but nobody could tell anybody else why Hillary was running, and Hillary couldn’t, either. Hillary could not articulate why she wanted to be president, other than first woman to hold the office, maybe continue, but she did not have a reason for running. And the reason she didn’t is because she didn’t.

She was running because she was owed it. She was running because it was finally her turn. And they had shafted her on this in 2008, so they rigged the primary this year to get rid of Crazy Bernie and to make sure he didn’t win the nomination no matter how popular he was. She didn’t have a reason. These two reporters are embedded in the campaign, and they have signed NDAs, they promised they won’t reveal sources. They didn’t care to. They withheld all of this news ’til after the campaign for the book so they could profit from it.

But what Democrats are learning now is how the media misreported everything from how well she was doing in the polls to how great this campaign was, to how unified it was. They’re figuring out that they were lied to. Democrats were lied to multiple times a day by the media which was hyping and exaggerating. And look at what’s happened as a result of this. Has a brand ever been pounded harder and deeper into the ground than Clinton Inc.?
And I think this is so important, it’s worth pointing out, because it wasn’t that long ago that everybody in Washington politics was scared to death of these two people, scared to death of them all the way back to the ’92 campaign and the Bill Clinton presidency, and scared to death of the Clintons when Hillary was running for president last year. They were thought to be omnipotent. They were thought to be prolific fundraisers. They had that foundation. They were taking donations, selling access to the office even before she was elected.

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