Libtard vs. Libtard: Black Lives Matter SHUTS DOWN Toronto Gay Pride Parade

This is part of the self-created problem that Leftists don’t seem to really grasp an answer for at this point: how to unite when you believe in a hierarchy of oppression. Their belief in intersectionality means some supposedly marginalized groups have it worse than others, meaning a group considered higher on the scale will be treated as just another oppressor.

Black Lives Matter has made it abundantly clear that it only views itself as important. The linked article contains other examples of BLM’s petulance regarding gay pride parades — including one group refusing to take part because there would be police there.

At some point, the Left will need to figure this kind of thing out. Are blacks more oppressed than gays? What about women? Would Black Lives Matter stop a women’s march until they complied with their demands?

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