Libturd Democrat Nut Shoots GOP Representatives in Virginia

The shooter of Rep. Scalise was a Bernie supporter libtard asshole and avowed Trump hater. His name is James Hodgkinson. He recently posted that “It’s time to destroy Trump & Co.”

Here is his Facebook page:

This leftwing piece of shit bragged that he wanted to kill as many republicans as possible. What happens when our side adopts the vile methods of the libs? What will be left our nation?

Question: When can we have a real conversation about the terrorist 5th column in this country?

When can we name BLM, CAIR and Antifa as domestic terrorist organizations and start rounding up their leaders and prosecuting their members?

After all, the leftards have been harassing NRA members for years now. They blame our President for the shooting!

In fact, the leftards are blaming the NRA TODAY for the actions of one of their own excrement products!

The responsibility for escalating the entire political violence level in this country falls squarely on the shoulders of the outlets involved, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and others who have ramped up the rhetoric. They must be held responsible.

Clearly, there is a civil war going on today.

The problem is only one side is fighting!

I pray that President Trump remedies this immediately.

Its time to restore America by criminalizing domestic leftwing terrorist groups and bringing the pain to their adherents!

It must be done now, or we risk descending into complete civil anarchy.



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