The Long War: Trump Allies Dig in for Lengthy Tactical Battle with Very Fake News

Trump gave the media a half a year to accept his presidency and report accurately, without any significant White House or outside pushback on reams of inaccurate reporting. Now that the entirely unreasonable fake news media fleet continues to refuse to change its ways and report truthfully on President Trump and his administration, one of the most sophisticated pushbacks against the media in political history is emerging—and perhaps one of the most interesting things about this campaign of sorts is that it is happening almost entirely organically.

Allies of the president outside the White House have assembled informal units to review everything the fake news media has ever written—and will write—about the White House, fact-checking everything media-wide.

“I’ve planted at least half a dozen fake news pieces in Politico so it shouldn’t be too hard to get started with them,” one GOP strategist with close ties to the White House told Breitbart News on condition of anonymity.

All of those above-mentioned outlets and more are expected to face rigorous review from the right, and anything out of place will be challenged—and contested—hard.

“It’s unfortunate that it has to come to this,” Sam Nunberg, a New York City-based attorney and GOP activist who worked on President Trump’s campaign, told Breitbart News. “Indeed, it’s sad.”

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