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  • Activism means fighting for our rights, as guaranteed by God and teh Constitution of the U.S.A.

  • Patriot Militia group heading to Texas border (‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.’)

    A group that identifies itself as a coalition of “Patriots” has put out a call for people to go to the Texas-Mexico border and help with a citizen militia operation called “Secure our Border – Laredo.”

    A spokeswoman for the group, Denice Freeman, said the operation is a call for civilian militia members — both armed and unarmed — to voluntarily guard private property in the Laredo area and other Texas locations where owners feel threatened by “drug cartels and from gangs, particularly the MS-13 gangs,” a Salvadoran-based gang that is considered among the most dangerous in this country by law enforcement.

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  • Activists Struggle to Loosen Gun Laws in Mexico (Mexico Needs Their Own Version of the NRA)

    Members of self-defence groups wait for their turn during the registration and ballistics test at the Coalcoman community in Michoacan State, Mexico, on April 28. (ENRIQUE CASTRO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Luis Merino may be the loneliest gun rights activist in North America.

    Like a kid in a pastry shop, he gazes longingly into the display cases of 9mm handguns and sleek semi­automatic rifles here at the Directorate of Arms and Munitions Sales, the only gun store in this entire country. Run by the Mexican military, it restricts purchases of such models to police departments.

    “The ones we can buy are over there,” Merino said, pointing across the store to the deer rifles and small handguns, no larger than a .380 caliber.

    Yet Merino has gotten little traction trying to marshal a campaign for looser gun laws through his Facebook group, Mexico Armado (Mexico Armed).

    “I’ve tried to contact congressmen, senators. They never respond,” said Merino, a Mexican military veteran who works as a private security consultant. “At this moment there are few of us, but when we have built a movement and we have votes, they’re going to have to pay attention to us.”

    If, to some, the relatively lax gun laws in the United States seem to be out of whack with those of other industrialized nations, frustrated activists such as Merino say Mexico’s tight regulations are even further out of whack with his country’s heavily armed reality.

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  • Guess which U.S. Constitutional Right Foreigners Value Most? (C’Mon…I’ll Give You 3 Guesses!)


    As America celebrates the 238th anniversary of the Founding Fathers’ decision to break from Great Britain, an outsider is telling WND it’s clear what made the unlikely revolution possible, and successful.

    An armed citizenry.

    “If the colonists had not had the means of defending themselves they would never have been able to throw off the chains of tyranny and bring forth a new birth of freedom on the American continent,” said Nick Adams, an Australian celebrity who is coming out with the a book, “The American Boomerang.”

    He comes from a perspective where an entire generation hasn’t had the freedom to protect themselves already.

    He said many things about America are exceptional, but he singles out the Second Amendment and the preference for individual freedom over state control as unique circumstances.

    “Without the Second Amendment, there are no other amendments: the rest of the Constitution is a recommendation,” he noted.

    In his native Australia, the government reacted to incidents of gun violence with a buyback campaign that claimed to be increasing safety.

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  • SOURCE: Feds to Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters in California

    As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving. The protesters remain there, adamant that illegal immigrants don’t get dumped in their town. But soon the concerned citizens may be forced to step down–Breitbart Texas has learned that federal agents plan to arrive in Murrieta on Monday with riot gear to ensure that another busload makes it to the housing facility.

    Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California–a town that neighbors Murrieta–told Breitbart Texas that local police officers warned the protesters that “it’s going to get ugly.”

    Oliver said, “The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday–they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.”

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    Glenn Says: Shouldn’t the Feds protect American citizens from illegal alien invaders instead of ORCHESTRATING THE INVASION?

  • The Obama Years: The trailers were great, the movie was horrible!

    The Obama years: 'The trailers were great, the movie was horrible'

    The trailers were great, but the movie was horrible.

    Six years in, that’s the general consensus on the Obama presidency. Having ridden a wave of “hope and change” to the White House, President Barack Obama has failed to deliver on his huge box office, err, ballot box expectations.

    Just how bad is it? Since it is summer “blockbuster” season, I’ll explain thusly: There’s a difference between being bad and being most awesomely bad. You and I probably never even hear of the worst movies made. They are forgotten, not mocked. But the truly disastrous flops – the Water Worlds and Ishtars of the world – are the movies that come with huge budgets and huge expectations.

    Obama fits the latter category – extremely talented and hyped, but ultimately, unsatisfying. True, I’ve been making this case for a long time – but now, there’s evidence.

    A Quinnipiac poll released in America this week has Obama ranked as the “worst president” since World War II. For various reasons, this may or may not be entirely fair, but considering his competition included Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush, this is problematic. And, what is more, a majority surveyed also said “the nation would be better off” had Mitt Romney won presidency.

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  • We Americans are one lawyer away from losing our right to practice our religion

    One more liberal Supreme Court Justice would mean that liberal extremists would be able to use the full power of the government to force people of faith to offer sacrifices at the altars of the gods of liberalism — abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.

    Liberal Supreme Court judges have said that employers have no religious freedom. If an employee wants something, then the employer must provide it despite the employer’s religious beliefs. No woman needs contraceptives or to be sterilized. Those are not part of providing a “living wage” or even of providing necessary, as opposed to optional, healthcare.

    If you want to go fishing you can’t expect your company to provide you with a boat. Instead, you take part of your salary and buy a boat. The same applies if you want a bigger TV or to go to a football game. But somehow, if someone wants to enjoy themselves by having sex, liberals believe that their employer has to provide them with contraceptives.

    No one has died from being celibate; contraception is not necessary healthcare.

    The coercive logic behind the liberal Justices’ position becomes obvious when we realize that the same Justices have no problem with small companies not having to offer health insurance at all. How can it be unconstitutional for a large company to not provide free birth control when it’s constitutional for a small company to not provide insurance if you get cancer? Are we to believe that our rights are based on the size of the company we work for?

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  • Guns in the Home

    In the July issue of Townhall Magazine, BearingArms.com’s editor Bob Owens explains why hiding your firearms isn’t enough–they must be put under lock and key.

    In May I wrote a post at BearingArms.com that I thought was rather straightforward, discussing some of the responsibilities of gun owners.

    When you decide to own a firearm, you are not just exercising a right, but taking upon yourself a responsibility to use that firearm rationally, intelligently, and safely at all times, without exception.

    That responsibility includes knowing and practicing the safety rules religiously at home, the range, in the field, while carrying, and during transport.

    That includes storing your firearms in such a manner where they cannot easily be accessed by the unauthorized (children, the mentally ill, infirm, etc.) or petty criminals.

    The National Rifle Association issues a similar gun safety rule: “Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.” Additionally, the National Shooting Sports Foundation states, “It is your responsibility to prevent children and unauthorized adults from gaining access to firearms or ammunition.” In short, the safe storage of firearms is hardly a radical concept.

    I was therefore quite surprised when a number of individuals attacked that position, claiming that educating children not to touch guns was enough. Several even took the position that by advocating for the same position as large gun rights groups and manufacturers I was championing gun control.


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  • Pro-Amnesty Crowd Burns American Flag at Murrieta on 4th of July

    MURRIETA — An American flag has reportedly been burned by pro-amnesty protesters near the Murrieta Border Patrol station on America’s Independence Day.

    Breitbart News obtained the above photograph, which shows a burnt flag on the ground, from an anti-illegal immigration activist who was monitoring the pro-amnesty demonstration.

    Opponents of illegal immigration had gathered in Murrieta to stop Friday’s planned transfer of Central American illegal aliens, as they did earlier this week. A pro-amnesty counter-demonstration was organized in response.

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  • Most Republicans find patriotism in gun ownership

    Nearly seven in 10 Republicans believe owning a gun is an act of patriotism, according to a Fox News poll that highlights the striking partisan divide on gun ownership.

    The survey released Thursday found 69 percent of Republicans believe owning a gun is an act of patriotism, while only 40 percent of independents and 35 percent of Democrats believe the same.


    When that question was asked of people who identify with the Tea Party, 79 percent said owning a gun is patriotic.

    An expanded gun control bill stalled in the Senate last year amid a deep partisan debate about the issue. However, a Quinnipiac poll also released Thursday found huge majorities of every party support universal background checks for those who buy guns.

    The Fox News poll also found more men that women — 60 percent to 40 percent — believe gun ownership is patriotic. Similarly, 54 percent of white voters believe owning a gun is patriotic, while only 34 percent of black voters said the same.

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  • The Real Impact of the NYC Soda Ban’s Well-Deserved Defeat

    Last week, the New York State Court of Appeals—the state’s highest court—dealt a final death blow to New York City’s reviled soda ban. The decision, which upheld two lower court rulings, drew an important line in the sand across which New York City’s activist health department may no longer cross.

    Like the lower courts before it, the high court held that the city’s health department, an unelected board appointed by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg, violated the state constitution by exercising legislative powers it does not possess in order to enact the soda ban. That’s important, because it means that the city’s health department, which previously banned trans fats, for example, may no longer make law and policy choices without prior legislative guidance. The court also ruled that the soda ban was discriminatory in its impact, since many places that sell large sodas, including 7-Eleven, were exempt.

    While the lower courts had ruled unanimously against the ban—first in a one-judge decision, and later in a three-judge appellate decision—the state high court ruling was a 4-2 decision (with one judge abstaining).

    Though, as I note, the majority decision largely reiterates the strong denunciation by the lower courts of New York City’s soda ban, the dissenting opinion issued by the court last week is worth a look for the unprecedented lengths it goes in a failed attempt to justify and uphold the soda ban.

    To do so, the dissent, authored by Judge Susan P. Read, argues that rules adopted by the city health department are on par with state law.

    “[Its] authority to regulate the public health in the City is delegated by the New York State Legislature, and its regulations have the force and effect of state law,” writes Read.

    That’s a positively bizarre argument. After all, state law trump the laws of any one city. Under Judge Read’s theory, the rules enacted by the unelected city health department carry greater force in New York City than those laws passed by the mayor and city council. Effectively, Read would give the health department veto power over all New York City laws that have any bearing on public health.

    While that may sound like a stretch, Read actually embraces this characterization in her dissent.

    “If a regulation promulgated by the Board in the Health Code conflicts in some direct way with a local law, the Board’s action trumps the [City] Council’s,” she writes.

    That’s downright chilling. Under that interpretation, the health department would have the authority to mandate any number of health-related rules by which city residents must abide. The health department could, for example, mandate early bedtimes for New York City residents. The city never sleeps? It does now. And the city council would be completely powerless to do anything about it.

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  • Principal Who Banned Student for “Poptart Gun” CLEARED by School Board (Pussification)


    Unacceptable? This is a recreation of the so-called 'Pop Tart gun' Josh Welch created and which eventually had him suspended. A new report says the school acted properly

    An investigation has found that an elementary school principal in Baltimore who suspended a seven-year-old boy for chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun acted properly in her decision.

    However the boy’s family has lawyered up, and are threatening to take the case further.
    Josh Welch, a second-grader at Park Elementary School, said he was trying to nibble his strawberry breakfast snack into a mountain in March 2013.

    But when it started to take shape he reportedly told his classmates: ‘Look, I made a gun.’

    Principal Sandra Blondell then removed Josh from school for two days.

    Andrew Nussbaum, a lawyer who serves as a hearing examiner for several school systems surrounding Washington, submitted a 30-page report on Monday agreeing that Blondell was within her rights.

    ‘As much as the parents want this case to be about a ‘gun,’ it is, rather, a case about classroom disruption from a student who has had a long history of disruptive behavior,’ Nussbaum wrote in his opinion, according to CBS News.

    ‘Had the student chewed his cereal bar into the shape of a cat and ran around the room, disrupting the classroom and making ‘meow’ cat sounds, the result would have been exactly the same.

    Robin Ficker, an attorney for the Welch family, said that Josh may have had ‘minor’ disciplinary problems, but suspending him was taking the issue too far.
    ‘It seems to me that schools need, with all their expertise and experience, they need to know how to deal with seven-year-old second-graders without putting them out of the educational setting,’ Ficker told CBS.

    ‘They need to deal with them rather than just throwing in the towel.

    ‘If they can’t deal with 7-year-olds, how can they deal with 17-year-olds?’

    Ficker said that he intends to file exceptions to Nussbaum’s report to the local school asking them to rescind the suspension.

    If they don’t, he will file to the state school board.

    If that fails, they will take the case to court.

    ‘I don’t see why this child should be branded in this way,’ Ficker said.

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  • New Jersey: Magazine Capacity Restriction Vetoed by Christie

    Today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed A.2006/S.993, sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-6) and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37). This legislation sought to arbitrarily lower New Jersey’s magazine restriction from fifteen rounds to ten. New Jersey is one of only a handful of states that already has a restriction on the number of rounds permitted. Of course, criminals ignore the law, making such measures completely ineffective at addressing public safety and violent crime. Cities like Camden, Jersey City, Patterson, Newark and Trenton continue to experience high crime rates despite New Jersey having some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. The state has had a fifteen-round magazine limit for about two decades and it has had zero impact on crime during that time. Yet, New Jersey’s anti-gun legislators were poised to enact more of the same failed policies and continue their attack on law-abiding gun owners in the Garden State.

    The NRA actively worked against these bills during this legislative session and testified in opposition to these anti-gun bills in both Senate and Assembly committee hearings at the Statehouse. We thank the hundreds of New Jersey NRA members who also traveled to Trenton to testify against these bills. Also, thank you to those NRA members who were unable to attend committee hearings and instead made phone calls to legislators and the Governor. Our unified effort made the difference!

    Using the contact information provided below, please call and e-mail Governor Chris Christie to thank him for vetoing this anti-gun legislation and defending the Second Amendment.


    Governor Chris Christie:
    (609) 292-6000

  • George Zimmerman, Media Malpractice, and NBC

    It's funny cuz it's true

    Life in modern America does not get more cruelly perverse than this: one major reason Judge Debra Nelson threw out George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC on Monday was because of Zimmerman’s public pursuit of racial justice. Yes, that George Zimmerman, the same “child killer” who shot black teen Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, in February 2012.

    In the way of background, Zimmerman had sued NBC for manipulating the substance of his famous call to a police dispatcher to make him sound like a racist. In firing two employees and apologizing publicly, NBC all but admitted its guilt. What saved NBC a major payout was Nelson’s ruling that Zimmerman was a “public figure.”

    According to Nelson, Zimmerman made himself a public figure by “voluntarily injecting his views into the public controversy surrounding race relations and public safety in Sanford.” He did this a year before the shooting. At the time, Zimmerman worked with the NAACP to launch a public protest over the failure of the Sanford Police Department to arrest the son of a white officer who had beaten a homeless black man

    Unfortunately for Zimmerman, his work on behalf of the homeless man, Sherman Ware, was not nearly “public” enough. I could find no mention of this character-defining event in any NBC report, not even in the book NBC’s legal analyst Lisa Bloom wrote about the case, Suspicion Nation.

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  • Joe Mantegna defends the Second Amendment, talks gun history


    Joe Mantegna may be best-known in Hollywood for starring in everything from “Godfather Part lll” to “Criminal Minds,” but even before he was a big shot on the silver screen the 66-year-old was competing in both pistol and shotgun competitions.

    The devout firearms enthusiast is now loading up for his fourth season hosting the Outdoor Channel’s “MidwayUSA’s Gun Stories,” which takes viewers through gun history – exploring classics like the Mauser bolt-action to top-notch firearms like the Adaptive Combat Rifle.

    “We will be profiling what we consider fire arms that have an impact on the world – newsworthy historical significance. We do things from looking at the Walther PPK (‘James Bond’ gun) to the Teddy Roosevelt guns that he used in Africa. We cover sniper rifles and the cold pipe bomb,” Mantegna told FOX411. “It’s like wine. There is such a variance in firearms – different manufacturers, different models and different types. Even vintages if you want to call it that.”

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