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  • Activism means fighting for our rights, as guaranteed by God and teh Constitution of the U.S.A.

  • Bloomturd’s New Gun-Grabber Group Wants to Invade Gun Owners’ Homes


    Driving on our roads is a privilege regulated at the state level through licensing.

    Gun ownership is a civil right guaranteed in the Constitution.

    Those facts in mind, let’s have a look at another of Everytown’s propaganda graphics.

    That graphic implies quite a lot. If Bloomberg were to get his way, police or some other government agency would be mandated to step into gun owners’ homes at regular intervals to keep tabs on the firearms and the people in those homes.

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  • Gun Owners Shred NY SAFE Act Forms on Registration Deadline Day

    Governor Andrew Cuomo found defiance instead of compliance this week in New York as gun owners showed him just what they think of his “SAFE” Act. Tuesday marked the deadline for gun owners to register their “assault weapons” under the anti-gun legislation. But, they had a slightly different way of marking the occasion:

    Roughly 70 opponents of the law who gathered outside the Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building in downtown Buffalo late Tuesday afternoon to shred State Police registration forms for assault weapons.

    So, why is this law so unpopular? Well, barring the fact that “assault weapon” is merely a political term, the SAFE Act has already resulted in 1,200 felony charges. Turns out New Yorkers don’t like legislation that essentially turns them from law-abiding citizens using their right to bear arms one day, and criminals the next.

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    Billionaire former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s revelation that he thinks he has already earned a spot in Heaven with his campaigns to destroy the Second Amendment proves just how arrogant and delusional he has become with his riches, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

    Bloomberg, quoted by the New York Times discussing his latest gun control effort, dubbed “Everytown for Gun Safety,” said, “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

    CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb called the remark “outrageous and revealing.”

    “One does not earn his way into Heaven by trampling on the civil rights of his fellow citizens,” Gottlieb observed. “Bloomberg can’t buy himself a spot inside the Pearly Gates by using his riches to erode the freedoms of people who do not enjoy his affluence.”

    The anti-gun former New York mayor launched a $50 million project using a slickly-produced video to push viewers’ emotional hot buttons. He boasted that he will target politicians who oppose his anti-gun demagoguery. It is this sort of activity that Bloomberg believes will get him a front row seat in the hereafter.

    “The next thing we’re likely to hear from Bloomberg is that after he waltzes into Heaven, he intends to replace God and make himself the new CEO,” Gottlieb remarked. “This man’s head is growing faster than the halo he thinks he will be wearing after he checks out of his earthly environs.

    “I have a piece of bad news for Mr. Bloomberg,” he concluded. “The real estate market in Heaven for his kind of self-aggrandizing pomposity dried up long ago. However, we’re certain that if he continues to throw his money around to deprive honest citizens of their God-given liberties and human rights, he’s far more likely to spend eternity pulling weeds behind a shack in a place where it is always hot and there isn’t any shade.”

  • Five ways gun control advocates fail

    Leftist propaganda website Think Progress is trying to jump on Bloomberg’s latest bandwagon by offering up a shamelessly dishonest op-ed, “5 Ways Gun Safety Advocates Are Using The NRA’s Playbook Against It“:

    “Reward lawmakers who vote with you; punish those who don’t. Core to the NRA strategy is to reward those legislators who take positive action and positions on gun reform — and punish those who don’t, even when they otherwise align politically. This longtime tactic is one gun safety groups have historically stayed away from, and it is the one Everytown has been most explicit about duplicating from the NRA …”

    This simply is not true. Antigun organizations did try to engage in electioneering activity just like NRA, but failed miserably at it because their endorsements mean nothing as they do not represent a voting block.

    “Deploy your members to every town hall, where they can hijack the conversation. The NRA has long employed its members to turn out and make gun rights an issue — everywhere they go … Gun safety groups have already started to play this game over the past year …”

    This is misleading. NRA members and supporters turn up at town hall meetings on their own accord, not at some direction from NRA HQ. Gunnies have grassroots, antis have astroturf.

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  • Simpering Glen Beck Compares Bundy Protesters to Occupy Protesters

    Glen Beck is one of those media personalities that makes sense a lot of the time, but occasionally he tends to veer out into left field. Yesterday was one of those times.

    On Monday Beck was urging his audience to strongly consider the facts of the Bundy Ranch controversy before choosing a side.

    “We did some research online with PsyID today, and found that there’s about 10 or 15 percent of the people who are talking about this online that are truly frightening,” Beck said on his television program. “They don’t care what the facts are. They just want a fight.”

    Beck clarified what he meant when he went on to say there are some “decent” groups like the Tea Party who are supporting Bundy, but these groups need to be aware that the controversy has drawn “violent, anti-government” individuals who are “the right’s version of Occupy Wall Street,” as well.

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  • After Nevada ranch stand-off, emboldened militias ask: where next?

    Flat on his belly in a sniper position, wearing a baseball cap and a flak jacket, a protester aimed his semi-automatic rifle from the edge of an overpass and waited as a crowd below stood its ground against U.S. federal agents in the Nevada desert.

    He was part of a 1,000-strong coalition of armed militia-men, cowboys on horseback, gun rights activists and others who rallied to Cliven Bundy’s Bunkerville ranch, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, in a stand-off with about a dozen agents from the federal Bureau of Land Management.

    The rangers had rounded up hundreds of Bundy’s cattle, which had been grazing illegally on federal lands for two decades. Bundy had refused to pay grazing fees, saying he did not recognize the government’s authority over the land, a view that attracted vocal support from some right-wing groups.

    Citing public safety, the BLM retreated, suspending its operation and even handing back cattle it had already seized.


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  • Murdered Cattle at Bundy Ranch Will Bring Feds Down in Court

    As Western Journalism reported yesterday, a series of photos from the scene of a federal government standoff in Clark County, Nev. indicate Bureau of Land Management agents slaughtered multiple cows on the Bundy Ranch. After alleging the ranch’s owner, Cliven Bundy, had failed to pay federal grazing fees for a number of years, armed BLM agents swarmed the area, resorting to physical violence against members of the family and threats toward those who arrived to support them.

    Allegations this week, in the aftermath of BLM’s decision to back down in the face of growing opposition, are perhaps even more outrageous. According to one report, federal officials systematically gunned down numerous head of cattle, allowing others to be trampled in unorthodox herding practices.

    The agency was apparently so preoccupied with removing the cattle from the ranch in an effort to punish the Bundys that its agents disregarded safe protocol. Michele Fiore, a Nevada assemblywoman who has been on the front lines in defending the ranch against the government’s excessive force, detailed the atrocities she said occurred on the property.

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  • Gun owners flying through N.Y and N.J. shouldn’t be arrested when they check their guns

    We are all miserably accustomed to being informed that our rights must be curtailed because the Founders “couldn’t have imagined” the way in which they would eventually be exercised. “Well, sure it made sense to have an armed population back when the people only had muskets,” this argument tends to go. “But now that four-year-old children can buy semi-automatic nuclear death-rays with their Happy Meals, it’s just anachronistic.”

    Silly as this approach ultimately is — basic individual rights do not rely upon the date for their integrity — it is one that can at least be earnestly entertained. 1789 was, after all, a different world. But what about 1986? Can laws written this recently really be said to have had a meaning then that we cannot apply reasonably now? The Third Circuit certainly thinks so, and a decision it issued last year has led to a significant number of people’s being arrested, charged, and thrown in jail. It is high time that this came to a stop. The problem is this: Because America has a federal system of government, the majority of the gun laws are set at the local level. Thus “assault weapons” that are banned in Connecticut and New York are readily attainable in Texas and Idaho; thus permissive concealed-carry regimes are available to the citizens of Vermont and Arizona but not to those in New Jersey and Illinois; and, thus, as one might expect, the transportation, brandishing, sale, and storage rules differ wildly by location. What is good for one set of people is anathema to another. Up to a certain point, this is all well and good. Indeed, within constitutional bounds, local variation is a good thing. It allows individuals to run their communities as they see fit, and it keeps an out-of-touch central government from imposing a single set of rules upon a big and diverse country. Nevertheless, however fractured the political system becomes, a question remains: What happens to people who are merely traveling through? What, for example, does one do if one wishes to drive across the country with a firearm — to and from places where one has a legal right to possess a gun, but through places where one does not?

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  • FIRST ARREST? Connecticut Man Faces Charges For Unregistered “Assault Rifle,” Standard Capacity Magazines

    A 65-year-old man faces an array of charges after shooting a squirrel in his yard Monday morning, police said in a press release.

    James Toigo, 258 Housatonic Dr., was charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm, cruelty to an animal, first-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree breach of peace, failure to register an assault rifle and three counts of possessing large-capacity magazines, according to a police press release from Officer Jeffrey Nielsen.

    Police officers were directing traffic in the area of Housatonic Drive when they heard a gunshot nearby, according to the release.

    Upon investigation, Toigo was taken into custody after police said he shot the squirrel.

    Police said they also found an unregistered assault rifle, as well as three large-capacity magazines, in Toigo’s home. Both the firearms and the magazines were taken, the release said.

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  • SAFE Act Repeal – Legal Update by NYSRPAs Tom King


    The above suit (Razzano vs. Cuomo – Filed by SCOPENY) has failed to produce an injunction or any other effect to restore our Second Amendment rights. That leaves the NYSRPA’s suit as the only viable suit. People have criticized us for spending so much money to initiate the suit, critiquing the basis upon which we prosecuted our litigation, the court we chose, for the initial filing and the lawyers we hired for the litigation. Yet the NYSRPA’s is the last case standing, Why? We didn’t undertake this endeavor to grow our association, make headlines or disrespect others; we did it to win and restore our Second Amendment rights. No more no less. We chose the best attorneys, we partnered with the right plaintiffs and as the NRA affiliate in NYS we had the expertise of the premier 2nd Amendment group in the world backing the NYSRPA. Most of all we had the great 2nd Amendment supporters of New York State supporting our effort.

    We never promised you a victory all we promised was a fight to the end and to that we are still committed. We never held spurious press conferences to give you false hope. We reported what happened when it happened. We believe that’s what a member driven association is about; telling the truth to our members and the 2nd Amendment Community.

    The suit is currently in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals awaiting the briefing deadline for both sides. Can we promise a victory? We can’t, remember current SCOTUS member Sonya Sotomayor was appointed to SCOTUS from this court. That said we have from the start prepared and developed this case as one bound for the Supreme Court and we all still believe that is possible and continue to work toward that goal. Part of that preparation is public opinion, even Supreme Court Judges read the papers and listen to the news, that is why we have been fighting to keep public statements to a minimum and civil with no threats. Early in this process the State used comments taken from the February 28, 2013 Rally in an attempt to block NRA participation during an oral arguments. We prevailed but it was close and that’s why our attorneys have been demanding we don’t participate in large rallies at the Capital. As you will undoubtedly remember the NYSRPA has not directly participated in any rally since that date. That does not mean we don’t support them if we are asked to. Absolutely not! Last April at the rally where Judge Janine wowed the crowd with her inspiring presentation; the NYSRPA paid her fees and expenses. We are involved when asked.

    This is not a popularity contest it is a battle to the end and “we are in it to win it” in any way possible but we believe at this time the Courts are our only hope. Please continue to help support our lawsuit! Ask yourself; WHAT ARE MY 2nd AMMENDMENT RIGHTS WORTH?

    Tom King
    Win Quiet, Lose Loud!

    Please Make A Donation to NYSRPA and help repeal the SAFE Act!

  • NYCG Radio Episode #63 – 4/15/14 “The Police State Blinks”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    NY “SAFE Act” AR-15 Registration Deadline is Tomorrow – Our Lawsuits March Onwards, As Many As One Million Armed New Yorkers Are About To Break The Law, CuHomo, amid Moreland struggles, realizes he might lose, Bloomturd Plans a $50 Million Challenge to the N.R.A., NYPD Disbands Muslim Surveillance Program, New York Officials Argue for Flexibility with Gun Law Violators… As Long as They’re on the City’s Payroll!, NRA Opposes Administration’s Plan to Broaden Reach of Mental Health-Related Gun Bans, Pussification of the USA: Zero-Tolerance Policies Now Exploited by Enterprising Bullies, Eyewitness says BLM “scared crapless” by THOUSANDS of patriots supporting NV rancher Bundy, Shocking Allegations Show Harry Reid, Chinese Company Behind Nevada Ranch Standoff, Founding Fathers Made Sure Bundy Family Was Armed, A Giant Has Awoken: Resistance in the Blue Zone!

    WARNING! This Content Contains AWESOME VULGARITY

  • Down the Slippery Slope: A Timeline of Social De-Evolution in America

    It is certainly not breaking news to assert that America is in cultural decline. Many aspects of this decline have been widely documented: the breakdown of the family, threats to life, and ever increasing secularization.

    My intent in this article is to draw together the consistent progression of this cultural decline so that we can step back and examine the path of the social revolution that has been underway in America for some time. As we see, the undermining of family and life is not something new.

    I have broken the following timeline into several stages. That is not to say that the only developments of this time concerned a single matter. Rather, the name marks the major turning point of that stage. I have also included a few international events, when they seem indicative of broader social change.

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  • Russian Gun rights activists promise tough response to rejection of self-defense initiative

    A public petition asking to broaden the legislative limits of self-defense has been rejected by the Interior and Justice Ministries, but activists intend to continue the campaign and promise pickets near the government HQ and rallies across the country.

    The petition entitled “My home is my fortress” has collected over 100,000 signatures of Russian citizens on a dedicated web-site which officially gave it legislative legs. If the draft was passed any action of a citizen inside his or her home against an intruder would be qualified as necessary self-defense, which, in turn, could lead to the withdrawal of murder charges or of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

    Both the Interior Ministry and the Justice Ministry have vetoed the draft, the mass circulation daily Izvestia reported on Tuesday quoting an unnamed source in the special federal group for dealing with public initiatives.

    The group was scheduled to consider the petition at a special session on Tuesday, but without the ministries’ approval it will most likely be rejected, the source said.

    However, on Tuesday afternoon the working group reported that it had approved the petition on broadening the limits of necessary self-defense, and forwarded the document to the government. “This is the first initiative of three that had gathered the necessary 100,000 signatures on the internet,” the Open Government Minister Mikhail Abyzov told the ITAR-TASS news agency.

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  • Eyewitness says BLM “scared crapless” by THOUSANDS of patriots supporting NV rancher Bundy

    The People vs. BLM

    I was basically standing around twiddling my thumbs when the word came down that the Director of BLM had surrendered and all forces would be withdrawn. I could not go on. The road was blocked and would be blocked probably for the rest of the day at least. A bunch of us turned around and left. It was over.

    There were THOUSANDS of people there, and more arriving every minute. The ranch, Gold Butte, the entire area was completely surrounded by Americans. The highway was completely blocked in both directions of people trying to get through. Everyone was very peaceful and friendly. No fights or anything. There was a rumor in the line, that some of the mercenaries hired by the feds had defected and were now on the side of the Americans.

    I came back and immediately saw this [the media’s] pack of lies and half truths.

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  • Founding Fathers Made Sure Bundy Family Was Armed


    As tensions rose and a standoff ensued between Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents and Cliven Bundy and his family on April 11th and 12th, one thing was evident: through the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers guaranteed that Bundy could be armed to protect his life and property.

    KLAS-TV described a meeting between armed federal agents and armed Bundy family members during one of the highest points of tension.

    No guns were misused nor were any used offensively. However, guns were present because of our Founding Fathers’ forethought.

    We do not have guns for the purposes of sporting or hunting–although guns are certainly fine tools for those activites. We have them, rather, because our Founding Fathers recognized a God-given right to keep and bear arms to protect our lives, families, and property. This right is not simply to provide protection from burglary or life-threatening attacks, but from tyranny as well–tyranny within or without our borders.

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