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  • England Jails Man for Criticizing UK’s Immigration Policy (Disarmed Britions Lose All Rights)

    The arrest of Paul Weston, an anti-immigration campaigner in England, for repeating Winston Churchill’s unflattering observations about Islam in a public speech has been reported around the world with headlines from the US to Russia to Japan. Weston, who leads a small party called LibertyGB, was bundled into a police van outside the Guildhall in the town of Winchester, after being arrested for suspected racial harassment.

    It is a shocking event because to many people overseas, Britain is still a country where there is freedom of speech. But the Weston arrest is only the latest in a series of incidents that show that the British state’s gloves are coming off and police are coming down hard on anti-immigration campaigners — and they are not being too scrupulous about how they go about it, as the shocking arrests in of Clive Jefferson and Dawn Charlton in Cumbria last summer showed.

    The two British National Party activists were both standing for local council elections in the town of Maryport and looked like giving the local Labour Party a run for their money, as both had been elected before and were popular figures. But Labour were playing dirty and when the BNP pair discovered evidence of vote tampering in Allerdale Council they filed a 22-page dossier to the police.

    Unbeknownst to them, the Labour Party was allowed to respond to the complaints with allegations of their own. Labour claimed that a BNP leaflet amounted to racial harassment. Clive and Dawn were totally unprepared for what happened next — their homes were raided by two squads of ten police officers each, with dogs and weapons and with officers from the drugs squad in several police vans in a clearly well co-ordinated action. The raids had been part of an action called “Operation Motive” and had been ordered by the Chief Constable after consulting with the Labour Party leadership in the area.

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  • ATF quietly laying groundwork to expand multiple rifle sales reporting in all 50 states

    A little noticed and virtually unreported April 15 notice posted in the Federal Register suggests the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives intends expanding the multiple rifle sale requirement currently imposed on four border states (Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas) to all states.

    Titled “Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed eCollection eComments Requested; Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles,” and assigned OMB Number 1140–0100, the 60-day notice abstract declares “The purpose of this information collection is to require Federal Firearms Licensees to report multiple sales or other dispositions whenever the licensee sells or otherwise disposes of two or more rifles within any five consecutive business days with the following characteristics: (a) Semi automatic; (b) a caliber greater than .22; and (c) the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

    “Comments are encouraged and will be accepted for 60 days until June 16, 2014,” the notice advises. That means much of the comment period has already passed with most unaware it ever began. And the ATF website offers no additional information other than links to the notice and to various forms.

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  • Mark Steyn Weighs in on the Police State…

    Aside from doing my bit for the First Amendment (your continued support is much appreciated), I’ve lately been taking a much greater interest in the Fourth Amendment, particularly since a meek mild-mannered mumsy employee of mine was unlawfully seized by an angry small-town cop last year. So I’ve been chewing over yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling. The case began half a decade ago in Bellaire, Texas:

    During the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve, 2008, police sergeant Jeffrey Cotton fired three bullets at Robert Tolan; one of those bullets hit its target and punctured Tolan’s right lung. At the time of the shooting, Tolan was unarmed on his parents’ front porch about 15 to 20 feet away from Cotton.

    Happy New Year! Auld Lung Syne: That’s one acquaintance Mr Tolan won’t soon forget.

    But it gets better. The only reason Sgt Cotton was emptying his gun into Mr Tolan was because his colleague, Officer Edwards, had mistransposed a digit when taking down Tolan’s license plate, which is 696BGK. Instead, Officer Edwards entered into the database 695BGK, which came up stolen.

    As Mr Tolan and his cousin exit the vehicle, Officer Edwards draws his gun, orders them to the ground, and accuses them of stealing the car. “That’s my car,” says Tolan, but complies with the request to lie face down.

    It’s worth noting that, in other countries with a different policing culture, a gun would not have been drawn and the officer would have asked to see the registration.

    Instead, hearing the commotion, Tolan’s parents come downstairs in their pajamas and find their son and their nephew lying on the ground with a cop pointing a gun at them. Mrs Tolan explains, “Sir, this is a big mistake. This car is not stolen… That’s our car.”

    Again, in a different policing culture, an officer facing four family members insisting this is a family vehicle might wonder whether it is, as Mrs Tolan suggests, all a mistake – a small mistake, if not yet “a big mistake”. And he might ask the lady if she has any proof of that: How long have they had it, where did they buy it, etc.

    Instead, he radios for back-up – because in America one heavily armed officer shouldn’t have to deal with four unarmed civilians all on his own – and so the small mistake of a transposed number becomes a very big mistake. Sgt Cotton arrives, pistol drawn, and orders Mrs Tolan, a law-abiding person not accused of any crime, to stand against the garage door. She says, “Are you kidding me? We’ve lived here 15 years. We’ve never had anything like this happen before.”

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  • All guns are bad, even nerf guns… MmmmKay? (Pussification of the USA)

    It reads like something out of a Comedy Central television program. School administrators and police trying to stifle and harass kids for something seemingly harmless. “Nerf wars“.

    In Wausau, WI it seems at least one resident couldn’t tell the difference between a nerf ‘gun’ and a real gun. That person called police and reported “3 men with firearms”. Wausau police responded and decided that the group of high school seniors, while not committing any crime police could reasonably articulate, needed to be dealt with. Apparently kids out having fun is grounds for disorderly conduct charges and that’s what police cited six seniors for. According to all reports the six seniors harmed no one and damaged no property.

    Most people would wonder why there such an over reaction by police. I can’t imagine when I was that age getting anything more than a stern “knock it off” followed by a chuckle. Apparently the police chief has been listening to Jeff Lindell instead of using some common sense, it’s the only thing that makes sense giving the details of the story.

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  • Obama’s “Operation Choke Point” Raises Alarms for gun businesses

    For the last several days, rumors have been circulating about the use of federal financial services regulators to harass and intimidate banks and financial service providers who maintain relationships with legal but so-called “high risk” merchants or businesses. These businesses are said to include, among others, payday lenders, escort services, producers of pornography, gaming interests, and purveyors of drug paraphernalia. By leaning on the banks, so the theory goes, the regulators will cause them to sever relationships with these businesses, thereby choking off their cash flow and forcing them out of the market. While the early phase of the operation has reportedly focused on payday lenders and pornography interests, eventual targets are said to include sellers of firearms and ammunition.

    We have been aware of this story for some time. NRA News, for example, originally reported on it last January. Breitbart news also noted in January that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the Economic Growth Subcommittee, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding further information on the program. In a follow up story on NRA News in April, Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty reiterated the allegations and reported that the program is expanding. The House Committee on Financial Services additionally held a hearing on April 8 entitled, “Who’s in Your Wallet: Examining How Washington Red Tape Impairs Economic Freedom,” at which concerns over Operation Choke Point were expressed by both sides of the aisle.

    In addition to these concerns, NRA is aware of episodes in which banks have severed their relationships with customers in the firearm industry, as well as the policies of various online services – such as Google Shopping, eBay, Craigslist, and PayPal–to refuse to host listings for, or process sales of, firearms or ammunition.

    We know as well that various anti-gun groups have taken their cause to the private sector with varying degrees of success. Indeed, as we have reported, this is a niche that is actively being pursued by Michael Bloomberg’s recently-acquired (and ponderously named) anti-gun franchise, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. In March, NRA successfully defeated a Bloomberg-backed effort to remove firearm-related content from Facebook. Meanwhile, anti-gun mayors have floated plans to use city contracts to impose their gun control wishes, usually with instant pushback from their own police forces. Some public pension plans have also begun divesting themselves of publicly-traded companies related to firearm or ammunition.

    Gun control proponents, having achieved only limited success in the legislative arena, have without question sought additional avenues for restrictions through the business community. While all of these developments deserve close attention, we have not substantiated that they are part of an overarching federal conspiracy to suppress lawful commerce in firearms and ammunition, or that the federal government has an official policy of using financial regulators to drive firearm or ammunition companies out of business. This in no way diminishes, however, the real and continuing threats gun owners face from politically unaccountable federal bureaucrats – whose actions we have recently reported on here, here, and here – or the need for consumers to be aware that their own behavior and spending habits can influence decisions businesses make about firearms.

    Rest assured, NRA will continue to monitor developments concerning Operation Choke Point and report on any significant activity of concern to gun owners. The Obama administration’s record–which includes the Fast & Furious scandal, a federal firearm registration scheme, and a reversal of U.S. policy leading to the signing an international gun control treaty – certainly provides no reason for confidence. Yet whatever the administration might have in store for the future, the firearm industry for now is experiencing robust sales and growth, a reflection of America’s rejection of the gun ban agenda.

  • Media bias on gun free zones


    Another multiple victim public shooting, yet another attack that occurred where guns are banned.

    Tuesday’s tragic attack at a FedEx facility in Cobb County, Georgia, left six people injured, with one still in critical condition.

    The media quickly rushed in with stories about an “assault rifle” being used in the attack. This claim was made everywhere, in stories including the New York Times, USA Today, CBS News and the BBC. But it wasn’t an “assault” weapon. The attack occurred with a shotgun.

    Is it so hard for reporters to understand that killers like to attack victims where they can’t protect themselves?

    During the first two days of news coverage, there was a virtual complete media blackout on one of the most important aspects of the attack: that it occurred where guns are banned, in a “gun-free zone.”

    Only the Atlanta Journal-Constitution mentioned it in a one-sentence update added to the end of an online story on Tuesday, the day of the attack.

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  • Five People Arrested After East Harlem Stabbing Turns Into a Near Riot (B-B-But Knives Are Illegal!!!)

    A near riot broke out in East Harlem this week after a crowd became angry at the arrest of a woman who allegedly stabbed another during an altercation in the subway station.

    According to police, a crowd grew at the 125th Street and Lexington Avenue subway stop for the 4, 5 and 6 trains as officers from the Transit Bureau conducted bag checks Monday night.

    Around 10:30 p.m., an argument and altercation between two women broke out. Adela Leon, 38, of Brooklyn, allegedly stabbed a 34-year-old homeless woman, whose name police did not release, with an unidentified object in the left forearm and upper left back inside the train station.

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  • Commie Whine from Slate: The NRA Won, and Conservatives Aren’t Sure What to Do With It Next! (Funny Lefty Bilge)

    The National Rifle Association has utterly defeated the “gun safety” movement, throttling it at the only moment in a decade when it seemed to have won back the public. It has gotten expanded gun-rights laws through Republican legislatures with the ease of LeBron James sinking a three-pointer. So as Charles Cooke reports, in a dispatch from the annual NRA conference, the organization has returned to its long status quo of psyching up members by embracing more of the GOP’s culture war issues.

    Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, warned that “the Bill of Rights doesn’t come à la carte,” and then spent the lion’s share of time talking about the First Amendment. Senator Marco Rubio set the right to bear arms at the center of the American dream, positing that “the Second Amendment is about so much more than the right to bear arms — it is about preserving our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Bobby Jindal hit a similar note, saying all the right things about guns but hitting his stride when slamming the nanny state. (Michael Bloomberg and his ilk, Jindal explained, want to “pick your soft drink, your snack food, your vices, your home-security system, your health insurance, your electricity source, and your children’s school.”) Likewise Rick Santorum, who spoke only briefly about his wife’s enthusiasm for firearms and then moved swiftly on to other things.

    This can be seen in the new ad campaign debuted at the conference, in which we learn that the NRA supports “good guys” and its critics probably don’t—a nice reformulation of Wayne LaPierre’s “a good guy with a gun” zinger.

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  • High School Confiscates Cellphones to Protect Police from being recorded while Detaining Student

    All too often we are reminded of the ever-encroaching police state by reading about incidents happening all over the country. It hits you a little differently when you hear about a child being abused and detained by your own local police department.

    This was the reality for me today when I heard that local 17-year old, Joseph Turner was aggressively detained by the Boise Police Department in his own school, Frank Church High School.

    What’s even more astounding is that as the incident was happening, school officials took it upon themselves to confiscate the phones of students who were recording the incident. Information on Idaho Code in regards to filming police can be found here.

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  • Psychiatrists Are the New Federal Gun Control Agents and Political Thought Police


    The Obama administration has a new partner in crime and it is the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The APA created the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th Edition) which was recently adopted. DSM 5 is highly controversial and has sparked outrage from the mental health practitioners. As many of these practitioners point out, the new DSM-V makes a pathology out simple and normal behaviors such as grieving for the loss of a loved one.

    This constitutes a new subjective approach in diagnosing of mental illness that promises to end free speech and any form of political dissent. The federal government has already declared anyone who oppose its unconstitutional policies as having “political paranoia,” which is now diagnosed as a type of mental illness.

    Psychiatry Targets Internet Conspiracy Theorists

    Particularly disturbing is that the new manual targets internet users and conspiracy theorists. If someone is judged, by some vague set of criteria, to spend too much time on the internet, they could be judged to be mentally ill and ineligible to own a gun. How are you receiving this information? The chances are that you are, at least according to Obama and Biden, giving in to your internet addiction and reading this article. Under the new Obama guidelines this would be grounds for gun confiscation. The alternative media is predicated on internet readership and listenership. These groups would be among the first groups to oppose a martial law crackdown, and now they are the first to be targeted.

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  • Student EXPELLED for leaving his hunting gun in his trunk (Pussification of the USA)

    Patrick Bryan Mitchell

    Zero tolerance strikes again, with a vengeance: A Maryland high school expelled a well-behaved 18-year-old student who accidentally brought a shotgun onto school property because he left it in his car after returning from a hunting trip.

    The student, 18-year-old Patrick Bryan Mitchell, was expelled from South River High School. He was also arrested by county police and received a mugshot. He is barred from possessing a gun for a year.

    He missed his senior lacrosse season, several weeks of school, and his chances at an athletic scholarship to Pfeiffer College were crushed. He was forced to drop out of two Advanced Placement courses, and has attempted to keep up with his studies by enrolling in online classes.

    Now he has a simple request: to attend graduation and senior prom. He has filed an appeal with the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

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  • FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate “People Talking About Big Government”


    The same FBI that reportedly ignored Russian and Saudi intelligence warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers — the Boston Marathon jihadists — and refused to question anyone at their radical mosque, is now visiting a gun store near you to target…conservatives!

    That’s right, according to a new report, FBI counterterrorism agents are visiting gun shops in South Carolina to investigate “suspicious purchases” made by people who talk about “big government.”

    Author Brandon Turbeville says he was approached by an individual who works in a Columbia, South Carolina gun shop to relate the story of how an FBI agent entered the store on Monday, showed his credentials, before proceeding to ask a series of stunning questions.

    Telling the gun store worker he was tasked with visiting all the firearms outlets in the local area to check on “suspicious purchases” for counterterrorism purposes, the agent then began discussing what in actual fact were “completely normal transactions,” such as, “paying with cash, purchasing long guns, and other similarly innocuous behavior.”

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  • Bloomturd’s New Gun-Grabber Group Wants to Invade Gun Owners’ Homes


    Driving on our roads is a privilege regulated at the state level through licensing.

    Gun ownership is a civil right guaranteed in the Constitution.

    Those facts in mind, let’s have a look at another of Everytown’s propaganda graphics.

    That graphic implies quite a lot. If Bloomberg were to get his way, police or some other government agency would be mandated to step into gun owners’ homes at regular intervals to keep tabs on the firearms and the people in those homes.

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  • Gun Owners Shred NY SAFE Act Forms on Registration Deadline Day

    Governor Andrew Cuomo found defiance instead of compliance this week in New York as gun owners showed him just what they think of his “SAFE” Act. Tuesday marked the deadline for gun owners to register their “assault weapons” under the anti-gun legislation. But, they had a slightly different way of marking the occasion:

    Roughly 70 opponents of the law who gathered outside the Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building in downtown Buffalo late Tuesday afternoon to shred State Police registration forms for assault weapons.

    So, why is this law so unpopular? Well, barring the fact that “assault weapon” is merely a political term, the SAFE Act has already resulted in 1,200 felony charges. Turns out New Yorkers don’t like legislation that essentially turns them from law-abiding citizens using their right to bear arms one day, and criminals the next.

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  • NBC News: Police Firefights In Boston Bomber Hunt Show Cops Were Over-Gunned, Undertrained

    In a stunning in-depth report from NBC News, the two gunfights that resulted in the apprehension of the Boston Marathon bombers is heavily criticized for exceedingly poor command and control and reckless gunfire.

    The report, entitled Too Many Guns: How Shootout With Bombing Suspects Spiraled into Chaos, shows that the initial shootout in which Tamerlan Tsarnaev was eventually killed was almost a circular firing squad, as on-duty and off-duty officers, some in uniform and some in street clothes, arrived on the scene from multiple directions and began shooting no only at the Tsarnaev brothers, but each other:

    In effect, the suspects ended up at the center of a ring of cops on Laurel Street between Dexter and School streets during the 20-minute firefight, and the bullets that were fired at them often hit near the officers on the other side.

    “Certainly not a good idea,” said Davis. “They see somebody shooting, so they fire at them. That’s their training.”

    More than a dozen officers suffered minor injuries during the mayhem, but none was believed to have been wounded by the suspects. The only serious wound was suffered by Richard Donohue, a transit cop with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, who was hit in the groin by a police bullet and began to bleed profusely.

    The exact number of bullets fired y the Tsarnaev’s—who had just one handgun—may have totaled less than ten rounds. The responding police fired at least 100 rounds that authorities admit during this shootout, but the reality is that a much higher number of shots fired is probable.

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