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  • Catching A Glimpse Of America’s Future In Ferguson (Lib Writer Frets)

    On Oct. 12 the good people of Ferguson, Missouri, continued to protest the unjustified shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by municipal police officer Darren Wilson. Seventeen people were arrested for participating in an unlawful assembly outside a convenience store, and the following day, 50 others were arrested as part of an organized “Moral Monday” protest challenging St. Louis’ casual acceptance of police violence and brutality. Earlier this month, protesters disrupted a bastion of white elitism — a performance of the St. Louis symphony — as well as an event decidedly less elite: a St. Louis Cardinal’s game.

    Discontent over the shooting of Michael Brown is not subsiding. It has seemingly evolved into a larger movement aimed at questioning the broader foundations of the system of structural inequality that black and brown men and women face every day. Indeed, it has broken out into the larger culture as a renewed debate over inequality in general in the contemporary United States. As is usually the case in the farce that passes for American political culture these days, perhaps the most interesting arena to watch this play out was not on any actual news program, but on a recent episode of “The Daily Show” in which host Jon Stewart and guest Bill O’Reilly discussed the concept of white privilege.

    Laughs were had by all of course, but the comic jabs between Stewart and O’Reilly paper over an admittedly grim reality. A recent study carried out by the journalism nonprofit ProPublica, for instance, finds that black teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than their white counterparts. The report’s authors came to this conclusion by examining FBI data accumulated on the topic between 2010 and 2012, which showed that for teens aged 15 to 19, the rate at which black youngsters were gunned down by the boys in blue stood at 31.17 per million, while that for their white counterparts are just 1.47 per million. Even accounting for the higher crime rate of black teens, which itself is heavily inflated by the racial bias that pervades our juvenile justice system, the disparity in police killings of black teens is still far, far higher than one would expect if no bias were at work.

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  • Everything About Suppressors (Video)

    Suppressors 101: Griffin Armament joins us for an in-depth discussion about suppressing firearms. We try to answer most of the common questions around their use on both rifles and handguns.

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  • NRA Women Love at First Shot | Ep. 4: Ammo: How & What To Buy (Video)

    Love at First Shot sponsored by Smith & Wesson

    With the help of ammunition manufacturer Hornady, Natalie Foster goes through the motions from the birth of a bullet to the shipping warehouse where we find out what to look for when buying ammo. With the many types of ammo and their variations, Natalie takes to Cabela’s to demonstrate simple ways to select the ammo to best fit your needs. Join her in part 2 of our three-part episode.

    Watch more Love at First Shot episodes at http://nrawomen.tv/love-at-first-shot

  • If You Want to Keep Your Guns in New York, Avoid Mental Health Professionals

    Office of the Governor

    A few weeks ago I noted a new California law, prompted by Elliot Rodger’s murders in Isla Vista last May, that lets police officers and “immediate family members” (possibly including angry ex-girlfriends and estranged in-laws) seek court orders stripping people of their Second Amendment rights without any notice or adversarial process. New York’s SAFE Act, which was hurriedly passed by the state legislature last year in response to the Sandy Hook massacre, in some ways goes even further. As a story in yesterday’s New York Times confirms, the law effectively gives “mental health professionals” the power to disarm people, and they do not even need a judge’s approval.

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  • Blood and Lead. “The entire nation will burn.” (Prison Rules & Nationwide Rioting)

    As race tribalism threatens once again to destroy this country, I was reminded of Fenton’s poem when I saw this: “‘The entire nation will burn’: Ferguson protestors discouraged by NYT profile of Darren Wilson.” There’s is more than a whiff of barbaric atavism in the air and we seem to be slouching rapidly toward a new time of blood and lead.

    As Bob Owens comments:

    I would suggest being prepared for the outrage that is almost certainly going to come from those who have invested so much in recent months in created the mythology of an innocent martyr shot down for no reason. Religious movements died hard, and the cult of St. Michael Brown will no go quietly. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise at all that some agitators are calling for not just “revenge,” but Palestinian-style terrorism.

    Readers will recognize that I am not shy about denouncing militarized police violence. But in the Brown case — should riots break out over a failure to indict — that will be little more than a pretext for far greater evils. Rodney King did not deserve to be beaten by a mob of cops but that hardly made a difference to Reginald Denny or the other victims who died in the LA riots.

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  • Lack of spare parts triggers the end for old reliable Lee-Enfield rifle

    What kept them in service is workhorse reliability in the most adverse conditions.
Sixteen-year-old John Gruben is seen here on polar bear watch at Issungnak, N.W.T., in 1981, with his trusty Lee-Enfield .303.

    The foe now has four legs.

    But a century on, the rugged reliability and brute firepower that made the Lee-Enfield rifle the standard-issue weapon for entrenched Canadian troops during the latter half of the First World War makes it an ideal choice still for a modern group of this country’s soldiers.

    The Canadian Rangers — a component of the armed forces reserves — conduct sovereignty patrols and assist search and rescue missions in the Far North and in remote coastal regions across the country.

    And the red-shirted Rangers — made up largely of aboriginal volunteers — have been using Lee-Enfield rifles little changed from the First World War version since the group was first established in 1947.

    “The Rangers were not issued this weapon to fight an enemy, they were given the rifle because they are operating in one of the harshest environments in the world,” says Capt. Mark Rittwage, officer commander of the 3rd Canadian Patrol Group, Northern Ontario.

    “And . . . the predators that are there, polar bears, wolves, even bull moose during rutting season, can cause a danger to our Rangers,” Rittwage says.

    The Lee-Enfield is still being used by many military and police forces around the globe.

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  • 4 Ways Hippies Are (Still) Trying to Kill Us

    The hippies started small:


    The Manson murders.

    That guy who invented Earth Day killing his girlfriend, hiding her body in a wall and taking off for France.

    (Remember: More people died in Ira Einhorn’s apartment than at Three Mile Island.)

    The stupid Weathermen succeeded mostly in blowing themselves up.

    Then it eventually dawned on hippies (probably during some pot-fueled rap session):

    They needed to think big, like their totalitarian heroes — Mao, Che, Castro.

    Forget this penny-ante nihilism and creative destruction.

    Sure, the Bible might be mostly b.s., but that stuff about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was trippy:

    Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

    Cool, man!
    4. Pestilence

    Fans of Ed Driscoll may already know this one — Tom Wolfe’s eyewitness account of “life” in hippie “Year Zero” ground zero:

    In 1968, in San Francisco, I came across a curious footnote to the hippie movement. At the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, there were doctors treating diseases no living doctor had ever encountered before, diseases that had disappeared so long ago they had never even picked up Latin names, diseases such as the mange, the grunge, the itch, the twitch, the thrush, the scroff, the rot. And how was it that they now returned? It had to do with the fact that thousands of young men and women had migrated to San Francisco to live communally in what I think history will record as one of the most extraordinary religious fevers of all time. The hippies sought nothing less than to sweep aside all codes and restraints of the past and start from zero. At one point, the novelist Ken Kesey, leader of a commune called the Merry Pranksters, organized a pilgrimage to Stonehenge with the idea of returning to Anglo-Saxon’s point zero, which he figured was Stonehenge, and heading out all over again to do it better. Among the codes and restraints that people in the communes swept aside–quite purposely–were those that said you shouldn’t use other people’s toothbrushes or sleep on other people’s mattresses without changing the sheets, or as was more likely, without using any sheets at all, or that you and five other people shouldn’t drink from the same bottle of Shasta or take tokes from the same cigarette. And now, in 1968, they were relearning…the laws of hygiene…by getting the mange, the grunge, the itch, the twitch, the thrush, the scroff, the rot.

    This process, namely the relearning–following a Promethean and unprecedented start from zero–seems to me to be the leitmotif of the twenty-first century in America.

    Of course, that was just the beginning.

    The hippies’ “free love” ethos spread old-fashioned venereal diseases and then a new one called AIDS.

    And then there’s Roe v. Wade.

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  • Crayon “Gun” Subjects 5-year-old to Suicide/Homicide Screening and Non-Violence “Contract” (Pussification)

    E.R. Dickson Elementary School in Mobile, Ala., has introduced two new vocabulary words into their kindergarten curriculum: homicide and suicide. Local media outlets report that a 5-year-old was forced to fill out a bizarre safety agreement and risk assessment questionnaire containing those words after making an innocent gesture with a crayon.

    The kindergartner’s mother told Mobile NBC affiliate WPMI that her daughter initially came to the attention of school officials after she drew an object resembling a firearm and “pointed a crayon at another student and said, ‘pew pew.'” After the crayon incident, the child was made to fill out a “suicide/homicide assessment scoresheet” that included questions about how often she felt depressed, “past thoughts of hurting self” and “frequency of suicidal ideas.” The 5-year-old was then made to sign a “contract” vowing not to kill others or commit suicide, all without a parent present. School officials also recommended that the kindergartner see a psychiatrist.

    Understandably upset, the mother told WPMI, “My child interrupted us and said, ‘What is suicide mommy? Daddy what is suicide?’… As a parent that’s not right. I’m the one should be able to talk to my child and not have someone else mention words like this in front of her at all.”

    According to AL.com, the questionnaire and contract are part of a “one size fits all” policy for dealing with threats of violence. The story goes on to note that following the incident receiving national media exposure, Mobile County Superintendent Martha Peek has promised to “rework” current policy. Good idea. While any response other than perhaps verbal correction and removal of the crayons was unnecessary in the present case, the district’s policy reflects the same sort of naïve, uninformed, and magical thinking that underlies most forms of gun control. Putting aside the farcical notion that signing a “contract” could actually deter homicidal or suicidal behavior in the first place, five-year-olds are legally ineligible to form binding contracts.

    Unfortunately, the type of zero-tolerance abuse at E.R. Dickson is all-too familiar, with other students across the country facing punishment for squirt guns, pointing fingers in the shape of a gun, and even a creatively eaten breakfast pastry. Incidents like these have led NRA to support legislation in states like Florida and Oklahoma to help stop zero-tolerance abuse. Legislation enacted in Florida makes clear that “[s]imulating a firearm or weapon while playing or wearing clothing or accessories that depict a firearm or weapon or express an opinion regarding a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is not grounds for disciplinary action or referral to the criminal justice or juvenile justice system.”

    The Mobile County Public Schools’ outrageous behavior in this instance should prompt Alabama lawmakers to consider this important zero-tolerance reform. In the meantime, the Mobile County Public School officials responsible for needlessly subjecting a 5-year-old to decidedly mature subject matter might want to consider their own advice regarding psychiatric help.

  • UK Gun Owners Now Subject to Surprise Warrantless Firearm Storage “Inspections”

    A new firearm policy from the United Kingdom Home Office, put in force on October 15, has accelerated the once-proud nation’s devolution into a police state. The Home Office’s October 2014 “Guide on Firearms Licensing Law” adds a new rule allowing for police to conduct warrantless surprise inspections of a gun owner’s firearm storage practices. As bad as that is, what’s far worse is that the President of the United States cites England’s gun control policies as a model for America to follow.

    Prior to the new rule, UK gun owners were already subject to arranged home visits by government agents to inspect their firearm storage arrangements. However, the new rule states:

    Unannounced Home Visits

    19.11. Where it is judged necessary, based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, the police may undertake an unannounced home visit to check the security of a certificate holder’s firearms and shotguns. It is not expected that the police will undertake an unannounced home visit at an unsocial hour unless there is a justified and specific requirement to do so on the grounds of crime prevention or public safety concerns and the police judge that this action is both justified and proportionate.

    19.12. It is recognised that there are no new powers of entry for police or police staff when
    conducting home visits. To mitigate any misunderstanding on the part of the certificate holder the police must provide a clear and reasoned explanation to the certificate holder at the time of the visit.

    If you figure the phrases “based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat” or “clear and reasoned explanation” will prevent unjustified police action, think again. A recent press release from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), a nongovernmental police organization, sheds light on how law enforcement agents intend to interpret the rule.

    Titled, “Police ask firearms owners: How secure are your guns?” the release reads like something put out by George Orwell’s Ministry of Love, as it intends to enlist collaborators willing to inform on their gun-owning fellow subjects. Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker is quoted in it as stating, “The UK has some of the toughest gun laws in the world and I am determined to keep it that way… I would encourage the pubic to report any concerns they have about firearms licence holders to the new, dedicated Crimestoppers helpline.” Chief Constable Andy Marsh of Hampshire Constabulary shared a similar sentiment, but also sought to exploit the public’s fear of terrorist attack, noting, “If you are concerned that guns are being kept insecurely or notice signs that shooters may be vulnerable to criminal or terrorist groups or have shown sympathy towards extremist acts, please report it.”

    With law enforcement officials using language like this, one can easily imagine how a neighborly feud or one person’s political, racial, or religious prejudice could degenerate into unwarranted persecution of a lawful firearm owner.

    The new guidelines, along with ACPO’s press release, are a chilling reminder of what can happen to a citizenry who fails to insist on their basic rights. In the U.S., our Second Amendment protection of the right to keep and bear arms, along with our Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, are designed prevent such onerous invasions of privacy. Ironically, we have the British monarchy to thank for that. But such protections mean little in a society — like the one Great Britain is rapidly becoming — where even lawful gun ownership is inherently suspect.

    Americans should view the UK’s ever-expanding gun control efforts with grave concern. Barack Obama has repeatedly touted the UK’s gun laws as an example for the U.S. Exploiting the 2013 shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, he proclaimed, “In the United Kingdom, in Australia, when just a single mass shooting occurred in those countries… They endured great heartbreak, but they also mobilized and they changed.”

    Obviously, this latest rule was not in force when Barack Obama made those comments commending UK gun control. Whether these developments will change his mind on the superiority of Britain’s approach to gun policy remains to be seen (we have our doubts). In the meantime, consider that wherever “reasonable gun safety regulations” may begin, we already know where they are headed. For UK residents, warrantless home “inspections” by government agents, based on flimsy tips to a dedicated line for accusations against licensed and presumptively lawful guns owners, is merely the latest step in an ongoing march to civilian disarmament.

  • Documents Reveal Additional Victims of Fast and Furious in the U.S., Continued DOJ Cover-Up

    Eric Holder may have announced his resignation as U.S. attorney general, but his legacy of mismanagement, incompetence, and the politicization of federal law enforcement will continue to plague Americans for some time to come. That became even more evident this week with further revelations about Operation Fast and Furious based on information of which the Justice Department was presumably aware but withheld from the American people.

    GunrunnerAccording to records obtained by Judicial Watch through a public records lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, Ariz., an AK 47-type rifle involved in Operation Fast and Furious was used in a gang-style shooting in the city that left two people injured with multiple gunshot wounds. The incident could have been far worse, moreover, as the assailants had also shot up the front of an occupied apartment building where the victims were found. The findings are detailed in a letter sent to a Justice Department official by Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform.

    According to the letter, an AK-type rifle recovered from a vehicle fleeing the scene of the crime was determined to have been purchased by Christopher Steward – one of 40 he bought in a single day – while he was under the surveillance of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive (BATFE). Steward was later charged with purchasing some 289 firearms with funds provided by the leader of a firearms trafficking organization. Despite the suspicious circumstances under which Steward purchased the rifles and distributed them between different vehicles, agents did not immediately attempt to seize and recover the firearms but allowed them to “walk,” apparently to further the investigation. At least two men paid the price for that decision on this side of the border (so far), while other firearms Steward purchased have also been recovered in Mexico, indicating the potential for more victims in that country.

    The letter also chides DOJ for ignoring three prior requests for information on firearms associated with Fast and Furious and recovered in connection with violent crimes. It notes that the rifle seized in the Phoenix shooting was traced by BATFE on July 31, 2013, but DOJ failed to notify the committees about it. According the letter’s authors, “This lack of transparency about the consequences of Fast and Furious undermines public confidence in law enforcement and gives the impression that the Department is still seeking to suppress information and limit its exposure to public scrutiny.”

    This latest revelation might not be the last in connection with Fast and Furious. A federal court ruling in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in September denied a request for an extension and ordered the White House to release to Judicial Watch by October 22 information it had previously withheld on documents related to Fast and Furious. This was the second such order, as DOJ had failed to comply with an earlier one issued in July. DOJ had sought to delay release of the information to Judicial Watch until the day before the November elections. Meanwhile, another judge gave DOJ until November 3 to turn over additional documents related to Fast and Furious to Rep. Issa’s committee.

    Whatever the contested documents may or may not ultimately prove, the fact remains that firearms sold to dangerous criminals with the knowledge and consent of BATFE officials undoubtedly remain in circulation with violent gangs and drug traffickers. Thus, while Eric Holder’s disgraceful tenure will soon come to an end, the risks that he created to innocent people in America and countries to the south will continue.

  • David Horowitz: The Democrats War – Against the War on Terror

    I’d like to begin with a tribute to Brian Lamb, the Republican who has run this channel for 35 years and made it the fairest and most balanced cable network. I have a special reason to appreciate this network and Brian’s achievement.

    For 30 years, I have been blacklisted by the mainstream media for my political views. As far as they’re concerned, my books don’t exist. The blacklist begins with the New York Times, which sets the standard for all the other reviews. Thirty years ago, the Times reviewed books that Peter Collier and I wrote on the front page of its Sunday Book Review, calling them irresistible epics. But that’s when Peter and I were leftists.

    In 1985, we wrote an article for the Washington Post called “Lefties for Reagan,” and the Times retaliated by relegating us to its back pages. As I became a more and more prominent conservative voice, the Times made me an un-person, and other papers followed suit. The last time the New York Review of Books reviewed a book of mine was in 1985, just before Peter and I had the bad judgment to reveal that we had voted for Reagan.

    So I take a particular pleasure in thanking Brian Lamb and the C-SPAN executives for keeping alive the fading American principles of tolerance and pluralism, which the Times and so-called liberals have traduced; and for giving me this opportunity to tell people about my book.

    Today is the 13th anniversary of the most devastating attack on the American homeland since the British burned the White House in 1812.

    The 9/11 atrocity was more than an attack. It was a declaration of war against America, against Israel, against the West generally, and against every modern value associated with tolerance and freedom. President Bush rose to this dark occasion as a worthy Commander in Chief, unlike the present occupant of the White House.

    Most importantly, he recognized the fact that this was a war declared on us. It was a war whose leader had said that it was the duty of every Muslim to kill every American, every Jew, every Christian and every other infidel he could lay his hands on.

    Bush responded to this barbarian threat by declaring a war on terror, a war on the terrorists who had attacked us. Not just al-Qaeda but, as he put it, on every terrorist force with a global reach.

    Unfortunately, the war on terror that Bush declared has been a war that Democrats have opposed for a decade and more. The precise moment they openly defected from the war on terror was July 2003, when the Democratic leadership turned against the war in Iraq, which they had authorized only months before.

    Since that time, Democrats have been so determined that the United States should not fight a war on terror that when a Democrat, Barack Obama, became President, he eliminated the term “war on terror” from the US government vocabulary entirely and replaced it with “overseas contingency operations,” which describes exactly nothing.

    Obama did worse, much worse. He set out to degrade America’s military forces and appease America’s Islamist enemies, bowing and scraping before Islamists who were sworn to kill Americans when they could.

    Obama supported and financed the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the fountainhead of Islamic terror. To this evil organization, then in control of Egypt’s government, he gave 1.4 billion American dollars and 16 fighter bombers, which would’ve been used against Israel had not the Brotherhood been overthrown shortly afterwards and outlawed.

    For over a decade, Democrats have insisted that the war conducted by Islamic terrorists against Americans be treated as individual criminal acts, to be prosecuted in civilian courts of law where the terrorists will be protected by hard-won rights of Americans. These will be used by the terrorists to tie our hands, allowing them to squander millions of taxpayer dollars, pretending to be innocent.

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  • Ferguson on Knife Edge of More Violence After Grand Jury Evidence Leak Showing Struggle

    The Rev. Carlon Lee, pastor of Flood Christian Church in Ferguson, Mo., was sending out links to a New York Times story Friday night to friends, family and community members who have spent the last two months absorbed in the events surrounding the death of teenager Michael Brown. The story cited forensic evidence offered by federal officials that showed Brown’s blood on officer Darren Wilson’s uniform and gun, which was found to have been fired inside Wilson’s patrol car. Lee’s link came with a personal thought:

    “If there has ever been a time to pray, this is it,” he told recipients of texts and emails.

    There was really nothing new about the Times’ story—Wilson has maintained since day one that Brown was reaching for the officer’s gun, which led to a struggle ultimately ending in the teenager’s death. Now, though, evidence seen only by a St. Louis County grand jury has been made available for the world, including the residents of Ferguson.

    “I believe that when people have received (the Times) article and see what’s going on it will infuriate people and set us back,” Lee said. “No matter what happened in (Wilson’s) car, Michael Brown’s hands were up. No matter if he beat the crap out of Officer Wilson, his hands were up—a universal sign of surrendering.”

    All of that may not matter. Police are often given great leeway in determining whether or not to use lethal force, and are rarely indicted for doing so. That Brown may have had his hands up, and that he was shot six times, will likely be minor points for the grand jury weighing evidence that suggests a struggle inside Wilson’s car.

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  • Six Reasons to Panic (Ebola!)

    As a rule, one should not panic at whatever crisis has momentarily fixed the attention of cable news producers. But the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which has migrated to both Europe and America, may be the exception that proves the rule. There are at least six reasons that a controlled, informed panic might be in order.

    (1) Start with what we know, and don’t know, about the virus. Officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other government agencies claim that contracting Ebola is relatively difficult because the virus is only transmittable by direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected person who has become symptomatic. Which means that, in theory, you can’t get Ebola by riding in the elevator with someone who is carrying the virus, because Ebola is not airborne.

    This sounds reassuring. Except that it might not be true. There are four strains of the Ebola virus that have caused outbreaks in human populations. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the current outbreak (known as Guinean EBOV, because it originated in Meliandou, Guinea, in late November 2013) is a separate clade “in a sister relationship with other known EBOV strains.” Meaning that this Ebola is related to, but genetically distinct from, previous known strains, and thus may have distinct mechanisms of transmission.

    Not everyone is convinced that this Ebola isn’t airborne. Last month, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy published an article arguing that the current Ebola has “unclear modes of transmission” and that “there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks.”

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  • 10-year-old shooter: ‘I want to be an inspiration’

    Shyanne shoots the custom AR15 she helped build.
    Shyanne shoots the custom AR15 she helped build.


    She picks up the custom handgun painted in her favorite colors, purple and black.

    Her long, black braid bounces slightly with each of the six shots she fires. Metal pings signify when she’s hit the mark. She runs to the next target. Nine more shots. Reload.

    Meet Shyanne Roberts, a 10-year-old competitive shooter who is out to prove something: Children with guns don’t always mean disaster.

    “I want to be an inspiration to other kids and be a leader,” said the girl. “Kids and guns don’t always mean bad things happen.”

    Shyanne competes alongside junior shooters, who are participants younger than 18, and even adults. Last year, she beat out adult women to place second in the Women’s Division of the New Jersey Ruger Rimfire Challenge.

    On October 31, she will square off against 200 of the top women shooters at the Brownell’s Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge in Covington, Georgia. Shyanne is the youngest competitive shooter registered at the female-only event, according to the match director. The top shooter has a chance to win $5,000, as well as items from a prize table of guns, ammo and more.

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