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  • Motley Fool: The .22 Ammo Shortage Mystery — Solved!


    Earlier this year, CBS News spotlighted a growing shortage of .22-caliber ammunition. “One of the most popular and common” — and cheapest — calibers of ammo for hunters and target shooters alike, CBS reports that .22 shells are in short supply these days. Interviewing one supplier, CBS reported that while as recently as two years ago it was still possible to buy .22-caliber ammunition “by the pallet-load… now they’re putting restrictions on how much you can get and how you get that ammo.”

    Retailers are shooting blanks
    This is a problem from ammunition retailers — and for gun owners as well. Statistically speaking, 24%-45% of Americans own guns either for self-defense or sporting purposes. But getting the ammo to load into those guns is becoming a bit of a trick.

    Over the past five years, .22 ammo is said to have more than tripled in price. Historically, .22 ammo was obtainable for about $0.05 a round. And yes, some retailers are still advertising it for that price. Dicks Sporting Goods Inc (NYSE: DKS ) , for example, has two varieties of .22LR advertised for sale at roughly $0.05 per shell. But Wal-Mart Stores, (NYSE: WMT ) — long the go-to spot for impulse purchases of ammo — instituted a policy early last year limiting customers to buying no more than three boxes of ammo per person, per day. So getting in on Dick’s deal may not be as easy as it sounds ….

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    Today’s revelation that Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” lobbying organization has donated another million dollars to the already-swollen Initiative 594 campaign war chest confirms that a “handful of billionaires” are intent on buying the November election, and along with it, the privacy rights of Washington State citizens, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said.

    “It’s looking more like ‘Every Billionaire for Gun Control’ wants to buy this election,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Voters should be very concerned when wealthy elitists like Bloomberg believe that their civil rights are for sale.

    “If they can buy your gun rights today,” he questioned, “what other rights will they go after tomorrow? Maybe your right to drink soda, or decide what you want to eat. Or maybe they will try to buy your right to petition the government, or your freedom to assemble and associate with like-minded friends and neighbors.”

    Bloomberg is not the only billionaire backing I-594, the 18-page gun control measure on the November ballot. Advertised as a so-called “universal background check” proposal for gun sales, I-594 goes much farther, requiring data collection on all handgun transfers, including loans and gifts to friends, neighbors and in-laws with only a few narrow exceptions for immediate family members.

    Even people who have concealed pistol licenses, and have passed background checks, are not exempt from this unworkable measure, nor are police officers and sheriffs’ deputies.

    “The state’s largest and most respected law enforcement organizations, representing more than 7,500 rank-and-file officers, oppose I-594,” Gottlieb noted. “The billionaires are trying to drown the opposition with a flood of money. In addition to Bloomberg, billionaires Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer and Nick Hanauer have invested small fortunes in their juggernaut campaign to buy the election.

    “No one elected these people to control your life,” Gottlieb warned. “That is especially true with Bloomberg. I’ll remind every citizen of the state that you have a vote in this election, and Michael Bloomberg doesn’t, because he doesn’t live in Washington. He just wants to buy it.”

  • The Night Before (Obama’s Achievement: New Terrorism Worldwide – Be Ready)

    2014 will be a year when the populations of the world began to wake up and smell the smoke. “Began” because sleep has habits all its own. It would be unnatural if Mr and Mrs Joe Average didn’t hit the alarm snooze button because the ringing they hear doesn’t correspond with the familiar. It isn’t time for office yet; the Home Depot’s still closed and Jimmy’s soccer practice is still at 10 am. ”Honey will you get up and answer the door. There are some bearded men outside the window and I think they want something.”

    But it may be no dream. David Cameron just warned Britain to brace for a possible ISIS attack on its shores. The jayvee ISIS team Obama scoffed at sure gets around. Cameron says ISIS ‘is more dangerous than al-Qaeda’. The doorman the president contemptuously glowered over at the summits is acting uppity too. That doorman, Vladimir Putin, has just used the “N” word in Ukraine. The “N” word being “Nuclear”.

    Russia’s president, speaking at a pro-Kremlin youth camp at a lake near Moscow, said “it’s best not to mess with us,” adding “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers”

    And maybe nuclear ain’t enough neither. Foreign Policy writes that “buried in a Dell computer captured in Syria are lessons for making bubonic plague bombs and missives on using weapons of mass destruction.” If they can get it, they’ll use it. So far the enemy’s — can we use that word yet? — wrath has been limited only by capability and not by intent. That capability has just increased exponentially. The Long War Journal says radical Islam is seizing territory. Territory gives them a secure base, legitimacy and the resources of a country.

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  • Is There a ‘Debate’ Now Over Handing 9-Year-Olds Fully Automatic Firearms?

    The Wall Street Journal reports that there is a new “debate” over firearms, in the wake of a terrible fatal accident at a gun range this week.

    The death of a shooting instructor at an Arizona gun range when a 9-year-old girl lost control of a powerful automatic weapon has raised the issue of age limits at such operations.

    The girl, on vacation with her parents at the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Ariz., accidentally shot and killed the instructor, 39-year-old Charles Vacca, while firing an Uzi submachine gun Monday, officials said. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said the gun’s recoil sent the weapon over the girl’s head, its bullets striking Mr. Vacca, who stood next to her.

    Mr. Vacca, who was shot in the head, was airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where he died from his injuries Monday evening, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

    Video of the incident released by the sheriff’s office shows Mr. Vacca adjusting the girl’s stance and then saying, “All right, now go ahead and give me one shot,” apparently before the gun was set on fully automatic. With her back to the camera, the girl successfully fires a single round at a target.

    “All right, full auto,” Mr. Vacca then says before the girl releases a series of shots, apparently losing control of the gun before the video ends.

    The shooting touched off a debate on social media among gun-control advocates, parents and gun-rights supporters, with many questioning why the girl’s parents would let her fire such a powerful weapon.

    I’m about as pro-Second Amendment as one can get, but this was irresponsible. The instructor evidently had the girl fire a single shot from the Uzi before telling her to go full auto. If that’s standard practice, then the practice needs to change.

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  • Pathetic NYPD Brass Attempts To Blame Pistols For “Accidental” Shootings

    Citizens of New York City, beware!

    NYPD brass are doing their best to avoid having to shell out the millions of dollars it will take to make sure that their officers are reasonably competent with their handguns, and are instead dictating policy that makes it harder for officers to shoot the handguns they are allowed to use as accurately as they otherwise might.

    New York Police Department desk jockeys are banning officers from using the previously approved Kahr K9 9mm pistol double-action-only (DAO) as an off-duty carry gun.

    They’re scapegoating the pistol for more than a dozen “accidental shootings” that are actually the result of poor officer training.

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  • Darwin Award: Dumb Instructor Gives Full Auto Uzi to 9 Year Old & Gets Shot to Death

    Scene: The tragedy unfolded at Bullets and Burgers, an activity center 25 miles south of Las Vegas

    A firearms instructor has died after he was shot by a nine-year-old girl when she fired an Uzi at a shooting range in the Arizona desert.

    Mohave County sheriff’s officials said 39-year-old Charles Vacca, of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, died at the hospital on Monday after he was shot at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range.

    Mohave County Sheriff Jim McCabe told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Vacca was standing next to the girl when she pulled the trigger. The gun recoiled and it went over her head.

    The paper reported that the girl had successfully fired the 9mm weapon several times in “single-shot” mode before Vacca changed the setting to “fully automatic” mode.

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  • Where Open Carry Is Legal And Illegal

    Last week, Sarah wrote about how the Kroger supermarket chain was responding to Moms Demand Action’s petition to ban open carry in their stores. Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey said, “We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

    While it’s from a pro-gun control organization, the Wall Street Journal published a good map from them showing where the open carrying of handguns is legal.

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  • Gunsite Academy : Welcome To Gunfighter School!

    “This is a fighting school, not a shooting school.”

    Rangemaster John Hall set the tone as he welcomed us to the 250 Pistol class is that is the core of the “Gunsite experience.” The 19 students in the class paid close attention as Hall introduced us to the concepts that Jeff Cooper introduced in the Arizona desert for the first time 38 years before. Nineteen of us were taking part in a five-day class to learn how to fight with a pistol, using methods that have become the standard by which all other forms of handgun fighting are judged.

    Our four instructors averaged roughly 25 years of experience. Hall, who was performing rangemaster duties, has an Army and police background, including time as a SWAT team leader and department rangemaster. Bob Whaley has retired from nearly three decades of police work, including 15 years in St. Louis SWAT. Sergeant Major Walt Wilkinson spent 30 years in the U.S. Army, include 26 years in Special Forces. Provost Chris Curry spent 22 years in the Marines.

    The students themselves were an interesting mix.

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  • Understanding Ferguson: Fort Apache, Missouri

    Like most people who are getting into their 40s, I suffer occasional bouts of nostalgia. But lately, in a cruel irony, the world only seems interested in re-enacting the parts of my youth that I’d rather not relive. A Russian dictatorship that invades its neighbors. A stagnant economy with rising food and gas prices. A giant new welfare boondoggle. An overmatched president who seems too small for his office.

    And now race riots.

    The whole feel of it is captured by David “Iowahawk” Burge, who jokes about a man who wakes up from a coma after 45 years and asks the doctor about the latest news. The doctor replies: “Nixon is talking about the race riots.” The patient asks if he can be put back into the coma. That about sums it up.

    I’ve described the whole Obama era as 20th Century Lite, “an era in which we will have to relive—hopefully in a shorter and shallower form—all of the disasters of the 20th century, as a cultural refresher course.” Because apparently we didn’t learn the lessons of the last century well enough the first time around.

    I don’t think anyone can really understand the events in Ferguson without understanding this 20th Century Lite phenomenon, because the whole thing re-enacts in exact parallels all of the major elements of the mid-to-late-20th-century crime wave. It’s Fort Apache, The Bronx all over again.

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  • Soon-to-Be-Released Clinton Records Show Attempts to Criminalize Militia Members

    Files scheduled to be released from Clinton White House records will show his efforts to shackle militias and set up a “strict licensing system” for paramilitary groups, Politico reports.

    In other words, gun control was to be complemented–and in places, supplemented–by people control.

    According to Politico, the release is certain to raise the ire of citizens already concerned about “enhancing government surveillance powers and regulating armed groups of U.S. citizens.”

    Upon release, the files are expected to show that Clinton’s plans ran into trouble when his own attorneys “feared that some of the proposals could violate the Constitution.” The files are also expected to show how then-adviser Dick Morris found a way that Clinton “could press forward against the militias.”

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  • Authority & Stereotypes Post Collapse

    I know man who is cop and he is not officially prepper, but couple of times I talked with him and „spotted“ his philosophy. Because nature of his job he knows whats going on in town, where he can probably find drugs, weapons, prostitutes, everything.

    He mentioned to me couple of times that if something bad happens, something like war, he would get together with some 15 of his buddies and take over pretty big part of the town while everything else is collapsing around us.

    Of course he would not do that in order to help people, his plan is to gain power, in order to gain more power, and so on. He did not mention it, but what he wants is be gangleader after collapse and he is simply ordinary cop today.

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  • Chicago robberies drop 20% after concealed carry permits are issued

    An 86-year-old Illinois man with a concealed carry permit fired his weapon at an armed robbery suspect fleeing police last month, stopping the man in his tracks and allowing the police to make an arrest.

    Law enforcement authorities described the man as “a model citizen” who “helped others avoid being victims” at an AT&T store outside Chicago where he witnessed the holdup. The man, whose identity was withheld from the press, prevented others from entering the store during the theft.

    Police said the robber harassed customers and pistol-whipped one.

    Since Illinois started granting concealed carry permits this year, the number of robberies that have led to arrests in Chicago has declined 20 percent from last year, according to police department statistics. Reports of burglary and motor vehicle theft are down 20 percent and 26 percent, respectively. In the first quarter, the city’s homicide rate was at a 56-year low.

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  • Lesson from Ferguson: When chaos comes, don’t wait on cops!

    The owners of County Guns and St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio have defended their stores each night during the Ferguson riots.

    One of the lessons from Ferguson, Missouri, ignored by the 24/7 media frenzy, was that store owners who stood and defended their shops with guns did not get looted or vandalized.

    At County Guns and the adjacent St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio, peace and calm reigned.

    Adam Weinstein, owner of County Guns, shares a storefront with his business partner on Florissant Avenue less than 10 minutes from where rioters started looting and burning businesses after a peaceful prayer vigil Sunday night, Aug. 10. The protest of slain teenager Michael Brown had suddenly turned violent.

    Hearing news reports of the spreading lawlessness, Weinstein and his partner, tattoo artist Mike Gutierrez, decided to act.

    They rounded up a few friends and prepared to protect their businesses. With force if necessary.

    When they arrived at their stores, the Dollar General in the same strip mall had already been looted.

    “As soon as I saw they were getting closer to the store, I called my partner and we went up there and cleared out all the inventory,” he said, in an effort to stop the looters from getting a slew of free weapons from his gun store.

    “And once we were up there things were getting even hairier

  • Gun-range suicides infrequent but a concern

    A 911 call and concerned employees prevented Andrew Stern from killing himself at AimHi, a New Albany shooting range, in April, but it didn’t stop him from trying again.

    Stern, who had recently filed for divorce from nationally known model Katie Cleary, took his own life at a shooting range in California in June.

    The 911 call warned New Albany police that the 40-year-old Stern had threatened to commit suicide on April 17 by either shooting himself at a gun range or poisoning himself with carbon monoxide. He was turned away from AimHi, and authorities were able to take him to a hospital after meeting with him at his parents’ home in New Albany.

    Stern’s death and other high-profile cases have brought the issue of suicides at shooting ranges into the national spotlight. Although such deaths are uncommon, they happen frequently enough that some ranges have stopped renting guns, forgoing profits to err on the side of caution.

    There have been three cases of self-inflicted shootings at gun ranges in Franklin County since 2008, all of them at AimHi.

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