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  • Banned AR-15 Mags Mailed as GIFTS to Scumbag Democrats that Banned Them!

    AR-15 Ammo Magazines Sent to Connecticut Governor, Legislators as 'Gift'

    State Senate Majoriy Leader Martin M. Looney said he would have preferred to receive a different type of magazine for a Christmas present.

    “I wish he had sent me a New Yorker, the New Republic or the Atlantic,” Looney said when told he was the recipient of a high-capacity gun magazine.

    Specifically, both Looney, D-New Haven, and state Sen. John McKinney, R-Fairfield, each were sent one 28-round standard capacity AR-15 magazine, manufactured by C Products Defense Inc. of Bradenton, Fla.

    It was part of Alabama gun activist Mike Vanderboegh’s “Toys for Totalitarians” campaign, in which he is sending banned high-capacity magazines to some legislators after he finished sending various examples of magazines to the governors of Colorado, Maryland, New York and, as of Monday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

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  • Mugger shot dead after bullet bounces off victim’s face

    As the muggers were taking the man's valuables, including a mobile phone, one of them pulled a handgun and shot at him

    A 16-year-old mugger has been killed after a bullet fired by an accomplice ricocheted off their victim’s face and shot him dead.

    The incident happened when a group of males accosted the man at a housing complex in San Francisco and demanded he hand over his possessions, police said.

    The man complied, but as the muggers were taking his valuables, including a mobile phone, one of them pulled a handgun and shot at him.

    The bullet struck his face, bounced off, then hit one of the other robbers, 16-year-old Clifton Chatman.

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  • TX Rep. Stockman: Use ‘Liberal Tears’ to Lubricate Guns

    View image on Twitter

    Tea party favorite Rep. Steve Stockman on Monday took to Twitter to declare his personal preference for lubricating guns: “liberal tears.”

    The Texas Republican, who announced earlier this month that he’d take on Sen. John Cornyn in the GOP Senate primary in Texas, tweeted a picture of a gun with a spray can that read “Liberal Tears.” The text with the picture read: “The best gun lubricant around.”

  • NYCG Radio Episode #48 – 12/30/13 “Bloomturd’s End: 2002-2013”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    IN THIS EPISODE: The Unmaking of a Mayor: Councilman Is Shot to Death in City Hall, Bloomturd Freaks Out Completely, Bloomturd Says CRIME IS DOWN, BUT NOT IN BLACK NYC NEIGHBORHOODS, Cost of Being Mayor? $650 Million, if He’s Rich, Bloomturd sues FedEx for shipping cigarettes to homes, Bloomberg Says Administration ‘Literally’ Saved 9,200 Lives, Bob Owens: Are NY Cops using Armslist to try to develop intelligence on gun owners?, Gun advocates blast Bloomberg’s ‘arrogance of power’, Bracken: Dear Mr. Security Agent.
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  • Bloomturd Claims Crime Is Down – But Not In Brownsville, NYC (Only White NYC Counts!)

    Year-end boasts by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that New York is the safest big city in America can ring hollow in Brownsville, a Brooklyn neighborhood where there is a cycle of violence, silence and retribution and where crime reduction has lagged behind record lows across the city.

    A burst of gunfire on neighborhood streets this past summer typified the frustrating cycle. A baby boy was struck in the head by a stray bullet and killed as he sat in his stroller. His father, who police believe was the target, refused to help police identify the gunman.

    Two men have since been arrested in the shooting, which appears gang-related. Bishop Willie Billips, a clergyman who went to the scene that night to comfort the family, said the slow fuse of potential payback probably was lit.

    “With a lot of these guys, it’s a matter of time,” he said. “I’m watching for that.”

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  • Bloomturd has spent $650 Million of HIS OWN MONEY Since Becoming Mayor

    Michael R. Bloomberg loves tropical fish. So when he was elected mayor, he installed two giant aquariums in City Hall.

    The cost to him for having the tanks cleaned out every week for the past 12 years: around $62,400.

    The mayor likes to nosh, too. So he paid to feed his staff daily a light breakfast (coffee, bagels, yogurt) and a modest lunch (tuna salad, PB&J, sliced fruit).

    The bill for his entire mayoralty: about $890,000.

    Mr. Bloomberg, above all, enjoys hassle-free travel. When he took his aides anywhere, from Albany to Athens, it was by private plane.

    The price tag for all that jetting around: roughly $6 million.

    When Mr. Bloomberg leaves office at midnight Tuesday, he will bequeath a litany of record-shattering statistics on crime reduction, sidewalk safety and skyline-altering construction. But perhaps the most staggering figure is the amount of his own money that he devoted, day in and day out, to being mayor — much of it unseen by the public.

    An analysis by The New York Times shows that Mr. Bloomberg has doled out at least $650 million on a wide variety of perks and bonuses, political campaigns and advocacy work, charitable giving and social causes, not to mention travel and lodging, connected to his time and role as mayor. (His estimated tab for a multiday trip to China, with aides and security in tow: $500,000.)

    In the process, he has entirely upended the financial dynamics surrounding New York’s top job.

    In the past, the city paid its mayor; Mr. Bloomberg paid to be the city’s mayor.

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  • Bloomturds Last Act: He Sues FedEx for Shipping Cigarettes to Private Homes!

    New York City has sued FedEx Corp, accusing the package delivery company of illegally delivering millions of contraband cigarettes to people’s homes, violating a 2006 settlement.

    Monday’s lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan and seeks $52 million of civil fines and unpaid taxes from FedEx, which is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

    It marks one of the last acts by the administration of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose more than decade-old campaign to ban smoking in various public and private places has been credited with saving thousands of lives and become a blueprint for other cities.

    According to the city, FedEx created a “public nuisance” through its partnership with Shinnecock Smoke Shop, located on the Shinnecock Indian Nation reservation in Southampton, N.Y., to ship untaxed cigarettes to residential homes.

    FedEx allegedly did so despite, and even while negotiating, a February 2006 agreement with then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to stop such deliveries in New York, an agreement later expanded to cover deliveries throughout the country.

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  • DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility

    DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility

    The Democratic National Committee (DNC) sent out a paranoid email Saturday evening urging supporters to vote for Democrats so that Republicans can’t impeach President Obama.

    The email, subject line “Impeachment,” was sent to Obama for America supporters, imploring them to contribute to the DNC’s 2014 efforts. “What do these people all have in common?,” the email asked, featuring quotes from Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan, and Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas discussing the possibility of impeaching Obama for one of his numerous instances of presidential misconduct.

    The DNC email discussed the “I-Word” and said that “Republicans are actually excited about the idea.”

  • Bloomturd Says Administration ‘Literally’ Saved 9,200 Lives (Delusional A-Hole Alert!)

    With just four days left before his 12-year tenure in City Hall comes to an end, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is celebrating what he views as one of his crowning achievements: the record-low homicide rate across the five boroughs.

    Speaking at an NYPD graduation ceremony today, Mr. Bloomberg wasn’t bashful in making sure both his administration and police department get full credit for the drop in crime over the past decade.

    “The crime reductions the NYPD has driven over the past 12 years have defied the odds and far outpaced the rest of the nation. Twelve years ago, no one thought New York City’s crime rate could go any lower. But then it did,” said Mr. Bloomberg, rattling off statistics to support his claim, including “the most important measure of public safety”: less than 340 murders logged so far this year.

    “If you compare this decade to the previous eras’ murder rates, we can literally say that we have saved more than 9,200 lives in the last 12 years,” the mayor added.

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  • Church Displays Bleeding Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene (St. Skittles Back In The News!)

    Outside the Claremont United Methodist Church is a nativity scene with a bleeding Trayvon Martin. The California Church has turned their nativity scene “into a piece of art that comments on our times” for the last seven years.

    John Zachary, the artist, told me the acquittal in July of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the 17-year-old African-American in 2012, struck him as a worthy subject for Christmas comment.

    For one thing, the backdrop to the Christmas story is the slaughter by King Herod of all infants in Bethlehem, a barbarous attempt to kill the Messiah.
    Zachary described that when looking for pictures of Trayvon “one of the teenager lying dead on the pavement particularly tore at him. ‘What if Jesus was lying there bleeding to death? I was kind of thinking of that,’ Zachary said.”

    The title of the nativity “art” is called ” ‘A Child is Born, a Son is Given,’ the wording outlined in red formed from a pool of blood at Trayvon’s feet.”

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #47 – 12/16/13 “Christmas Show 2013”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    IN THIS EPISODE: Knife Rights To Appeal Outrageous Ruling in NYC Case, New Yorkers have ‘sky high’ expectations for new mayor, City Council bans Styrofoam, bars e-cigarettes as Speaker Christine Quinn makes tearful exit, Four Young Students Arrested in Alleged ‘Knockout’ Attacks, Police Say, Long Island man arrested in multiple ‘knockout’ assaults, Bloomturd’s Mayors Against Gun Control Merges with Grassroots Group, NY police officer threatens to ticket someone for washing a car in their own driveway, New York’s Cultural Elite Blindsided By ObamaCare, CO Gun Banning Governor Hickenlooper: New Gun Laws Had No Impact on Arapahoe HS Shooting, Colorado Gunman’s Leftist Democrat Ties Covered Up by Media, Not Trying to Ban Guns – Except When We Are, ‘Green Bullets’ Overtaking Lead Thanks to EPA, State Regs, Military, Sen Manchin: Gun Control a Difficult Sell in 2014, Do Democrat lawmakers anticipate treason trials?, AK47 assault rifle designer Kalashnikov dies at 94, House seeks Fast and Furious gun-walking documents, Second Amendment Resurgence, The Age of Intolerance.
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  • New Yorkers Have ‘Sky High’ Expectations for New Mayor: Poll (Obama Version 2.0)

    New Yorkers are largely optimistic about the city’s future as Bill de Blasio prepares to be sworn in as the next mayor on January 1, according to a poll released on Monday.

    De Blasio, who will take over from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and will be the first Democrat to lead the city in two decades, won a resounding victory in November after campaigning to confront economic inequality, improve police and community relations and expand access to city services like pre-kindergarten.

    Two-thirds of city voters say they are hopeful about de Blasio, while nearly six in 10 voters think he will change New York for the better, the poll by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion showed.

    “Coming off a huge election victory, expectations are sky high for what Bill de Blasio will do for the city as mayor,” Lee Miringoff, the poll’s director, said.

    But he warned: “If de Blasio is evaluated on whether or not he’s able to close the income gap, that’s going to be tough.”

    While de Blasio’s favorable rating has slid since the campaign, more New Yorkers say his “political ideology” is the right one for the city, the poll found.

    In a city where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans six to one, about half of Republicans say that de Blasio, who has an unabashedly liberal bent, will do more harm than good as mayor.

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  • Bloomturd’s Mayors Against Gun Control Merges with Grassroots Group (2 Cheeks of the Same Butt)

    Michael Bloomberg / AP

    At the end of one of the gun control movement’s most active year in recent history, two of its most high-profile organizations are joining forces.

    Billionaire and outgoing New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action announced Thursday that they were merging.

    “We started this movement as just 15 mayors committed to protecting our cities – and we’ve since been joined by more than 1,000 mayors and more than 1.5 million Americans from big cities, small towns, and all different walks of life,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “Gun violence is, unfortunately, an issue that affects every community, and coming together with Moms Demand Action today will strengthen our efforts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and save lives.”

    Flush with millions of dollars from Bloomberg’s personal fortune, Mayors Against Illegal Guns has flexed its weight in numerous legislative and electoral battles across the country this year, supporting gun control initiatives and like-minded politicians in Colorado, Virginia, and Chicago, among others.

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