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  • New Yawk is the center of the cancer eating away at the Country’s liberty.

  • Bloomturd Says Administration ‘Literally’ Saved 9,200 Lives (Delusional A-Hole Alert!)

    With just four days left before his 12-year tenure in City Hall comes to an end, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is celebrating what he views as one of his crowning achievements: the record-low homicide rate across the five boroughs.

    Speaking at an NYPD graduation ceremony today, Mr. Bloomberg wasn’t bashful in making sure both his administration and police department get full credit for the drop in crime over the past decade.

    “The crime reductions the NYPD has driven over the past 12 years have defied the odds and far outpaced the rest of the nation. Twelve years ago, no one thought New York City’s crime rate could go any lower. But then it did,” said Mr. Bloomberg, rattling off statistics to support his claim, including “the most important measure of public safety”: less than 340 murders logged so far this year.

    “If you compare this decade to the previous eras’ murder rates, we can literally say that we have saved more than 9,200 lives in the last 12 years,” the mayor added.

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    To All,

    Please see the most recent communication from Judge Skretny regarding the SAFE Act proceedings. Please do not read anything pro or con into this communication it is common practice to make decisions based on the briefs rather than verbal arguments; that’s why we hired the best attorneys and spent $426,000 to date on the suit. No matter what the decision this will be appealed by one of the parties and wind up in the Supreme Court. We will prevail.

    Tom King
    Cogito ergo sum ​​armati


    U.S. District Court, Western District of New York

    Notice of Electronic Filing

    The following transaction was entered on 12/23/2013 at 1:58 PM EST and filed on 12/23/2013

    Case Name:
    New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. et al v. Cuomo et al

    Case Number:


    Document Number:
    139(No document attached)

    Docket Text:


    On November 22, 2013, Plaintiffs requested a hearing on the pending motions. [137].

    But given the breadth and thoroughness of the briefing by the parties and amici already submitted to this Court, it is prepared to resolve the pending motions without a hearing. Further, this Court is fully cognizant of the impending deadlines instituted by the SAFE Act and the possible effects those deadlines may have on the public and government administration. Therefore, considering both that the issues have been comprehensively briefed and that various deadlines imposed by the Act will soon take effect, this Court will issue a decision on the merits in advance of the deadline dates.


    Issued by William M. Skretny, Chief Judge on 12/23/2013.

    Donate to the Repeal of the SAFE Act Today!

  • Gun advocates blast Bloomturd’s ‘arrogance of power’

    A gun-rights leader Sunday blasted Mayor Bloomberg for planning to spend $25 million in next year’s elections to boost gun control, saying Americans reject his “arrogance of power.”

    “I’m not sure the amount of money that billionaire Bloomberg has is going to be effective,” Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

    He predicted a repeat of this year’s recall election in Colorado, where Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns spent $350,000 backing two gun-control lawmakers who still got booted from office.

    “He outspent the candidates that won in Colorado enormously and he lost,” said Pratt. “So I think the message is, ‘We don’t like the arrogance of power. We don’t like the message that we ought to be disarmed as a way of fighting crime.”

    “Mayor Bloomberg’s message is wrong and he’s going to continue to lose,” said Pratt.

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #47 – 12/16/13 “Christmas Show 2013”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    IN THIS EPISODE: Knife Rights To Appeal Outrageous Ruling in NYC Case, New Yorkers have ‘sky high’ expectations for new mayor, City Council bans Styrofoam, bars e-cigarettes as Speaker Christine Quinn makes tearful exit, Four Young Students Arrested in Alleged ‘Knockout’ Attacks, Police Say, Long Island man arrested in multiple ‘knockout’ assaults, Bloomturd’s Mayors Against Gun Control Merges with Grassroots Group, NY police officer threatens to ticket someone for washing a car in their own driveway, New York’s Cultural Elite Blindsided By ObamaCare, CO Gun Banning Governor Hickenlooper: New Gun Laws Had No Impact on Arapahoe HS Shooting, Colorado Gunman’s Leftist Democrat Ties Covered Up by Media, Not Trying to Ban Guns – Except When We Are, ‘Green Bullets’ Overtaking Lead Thanks to EPA, State Regs, Military, Sen Manchin: Gun Control a Difficult Sell in 2014, Do Democrat lawmakers anticipate treason trials?, AK47 assault rifle designer Kalashnikov dies at 94, House seeks Fast and Furious gun-walking documents, Second Amendment Resurgence, The Age of Intolerance.
    WARNING! This Content Contains AWESOME VULGARITY

  • New Yorkers Have ‘Sky High’ Expectations for New Mayor: Poll (Obama Version 2.0)

    New Yorkers are largely optimistic about the city’s future as Bill de Blasio prepares to be sworn in as the next mayor on January 1, according to a poll released on Monday.

    De Blasio, who will take over from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and will be the first Democrat to lead the city in two decades, won a resounding victory in November after campaigning to confront economic inequality, improve police and community relations and expand access to city services like pre-kindergarten.

    Two-thirds of city voters say they are hopeful about de Blasio, while nearly six in 10 voters think he will change New York for the better, the poll by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion showed.

    “Coming off a huge election victory, expectations are sky high for what Bill de Blasio will do for the city as mayor,” Lee Miringoff, the poll’s director, said.

    But he warned: “If de Blasio is evaluated on whether or not he’s able to close the income gap, that’s going to be tough.”

    While de Blasio’s favorable rating has slid since the campaign, more New Yorkers say his “political ideology” is the right one for the city, the poll found.

    In a city where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans six to one, about half of Republicans say that de Blasio, who has an unabashedly liberal bent, will do more harm than good as mayor.

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  • Knife Rights To Appeal Outrageous Ruling in NYC Case

    Knife Rights has a filed a Notice of Appeal in its federal civil rights lawsuit against New York City, following a judge’s refusal to allow supposed “defects” in the case documents to be corrected. The judge previously used those “defects” to try to throw out the case.

    U.S. District Judge Katherine B. Forrest previously held that the plaintiffs don’t have standing to sue, because the complaint didn’t identify specific knives that would be illegal under New York City’s misinterpretation of state law. Ironically, the whole point of the case is that it’s nearly impossible to figure out what is legal or illegal under New York City’s haphazard and inconsistent approach – even the DA has admitted that different specimens of the exact same make and model knife could be simultaneously found to be both legal and illegal!

    Following the Judge’s decision, Knife Rights sought permission to amend its complaint to address the supposed defects in it–a basic courtesy that is supposed to be freely given. Instead, the judge found that allowing Knife Rights to fix the defects she herself had identified would somehow prejudice NYC, ignoring that ending the case is the ultimate prejudice to those being wrongly arrested under the city’s misinterpretation of state law!

    So, Judge Forrest has identified supposed defects in the case, while simultaneously denying Knife Rights the chance to fix those defects. That outrageous decision cannot stand. Knife Rights has filed notice that it intends to appeal the ruling, and briefs in the case will be filed with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals within several months.

    Knife Rights will never stop fighting for your rights, and neither should you. Please help us win this critical battle by contributing to the Knife Rights Foundation today as generously as you can. We’ve led the fight to defend knife rights in the legislative arena and we are pioneering it in the courts. Please help us defend freedom!
    Please Support Our Efforts Today!

  • New York City Council bans Styrofoam, bars e-cigarettes! (Police Stae Continues)

    Just before the City Council voted to ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors, political comedian Randy Credico, who ran for mayor last November, puffed away on an e-cig in the gallery of the City Council chamber in City Hall on Thursday.

    Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News

    Just before the City Council voted to ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors, political comedian Randy Credico, who ran for mayor last November, puffed away on an e-cig in the gallery of the City Council chamber in City Hall on Thursday.

    The City Council banned Styrofoam and banished electronic cigarettes in a flurry of last-minute lawmaking Thursday at Speaker Christine Quinn’s emotional final meeting.

    Quinn said a tearful goodbye to the Council with her trademark feistiness. “The city is a better place because of all of you, and I just want to say thank you,” she said. “We were tough. We didn’t take any s—.”

    Before her farewell, the Council passed a record 26 bills and resolutions.

    Under the foam container ban, polystyrene coffee cups and takeout containers will be outlawed. “Most foam ends up in landfills, where it can sit for literally 500 years or longer,” Quinn said. “The only thing in the world that lives longer than cockroaches or Cher is Styrofoam.”

  • Four Young Students Arrested in Alleged ‘Knockout’ Attacks, NYPD Say

     Congresswoman Yvette Clark, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, and Brooklyn DA-elect Ken Thompson joined other elected officials and community leaders in calling for an end to alleged "knockout game" attacks in Brooklyn.

    Police have arrested four children in connection with a string of alleged “knockout game” attacks in Brooklyn, the NYPD said.

    A 14-year-old girl and three other children, aged 10 and 11, were arrested in connection with three assaults that took place between October and November.

    The victims included an 11-year-old boy who was punched on President Street, a youth who was hit with a rock while walking home from school and a youngster who was “mushed” in the face with a plastic bag, said Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon, the 71st Precinct‘s new commanding officer.

    “Kids are kids — when you’re talking 10 and 11 year olds getting involved in these type of things, sometimes they don’t realize the magnitude of what they’re doing,” Fitzgibbon said.

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  • Watch this NY police officer threaten to ticket someone for washing a car in their own driveway

    Even with the proliferation of digital cameras providing endless streams of seemingly irrefutable video evidence, there are still many sides of any given story that go unknown. And that is most likely what’s going on with this video. What we do know is that YouTube user JokRKidd has a neighbor that really doesn’t like him, and that he lives in a city with some questionable laws. How questionable you ask? More questionable than the laws that used to make it illegal to park a pickup truck in the driveway of a private residence at night in Coral Gables, FL.

    In Garden City, NY, there is apparently a village ordinance aimed at preventing people from washing their cars (and furniture) in public places. That doesn’t sound terribly absurd, but what what takes things up a notch is these officers’ judgement – their reading of the code about “public places” also includes washing vehicles on private property in public view.

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  • New York’s Cultural Elite Sucker-Punched By ObamaCare

    If there is at least one benefit of ObamaCare it is watching those who supported nationalizing the purchase of mandated health insurance get their comeuppance. The New York Times reports that “many in New York’s professional and cultural elite” who supported Obama and ObamaCare, and carved themselves out a sweet little health insurance pool “to avoid the sky-high rates in New York’s individual insurance market,” are now out in the cold with the rest of us:

    [U]nder the Affordable Care Act, they will be treated as individuals, responsible for their own insurance policies. For many of them, that is likely to mean they will no longer have access to a wide network of doctors and a range of plans tailored to their needs. And many of them are finding that if they want to keep their premiums from rising, they will have to accept higher deductible and co-pay costs or inferior coverage.

    The anguish these elite Obama supporters are going through is no different than those 5.9 million in the real world victimized by insurance cancelations: Stress, sleepless nights, financial burden, and the loss of familiar doctors and hospitals. “We are Obama’s people,” said one author. Today her insurance has been canceled and her doctors are not available through the exchanges. And she is not alone. Take Barbara Meinwald, a solo practitioner lawyer in Manhattan. “I couldn’t sleep because of it,” she said.

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  • Long Island man arrested in multiple ‘knockout’ assaults

    Law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News, a 20-year-old Long Island man is under arrest and is expect to be charged with up to 7 counts of ‘knockout’ assaults that date back to April of 2013.

    Darryl Mitchell of Amityville is expected to be charged in the assaults of residents, at least two of them elderly in the Babylon to Amityville area.

    Darryl Jones says it came out of nowhere. A single, roundhouse punch to the face that left him stunned. And a gash above his eye that took seven stitches to close.

    “It I wasn’t strong enough, I probably would’ve passed out,” Jones said.

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  • Trailer Park Living Invades New York City (Bloomturd Legacy)

    Trailer park living invades New York

    There goes the neighborhood!

    Motor homes have invaded the Upper West Side, sparking fear in the hearts of residents worried their well-heeled haven could fast be transformed into a low-rent campsite.

    “Why is this ugly piece of junk here?” demanded area activist Gretchen Berger, referring to the rusted RV that has been stationed at Riverside Drive and 74th Street.

    “It just sort of creeps me out that somebody is living in a parking space, and this may give rise to other people thinking that it’s a cheap way to live on the Upper West Side, where the rents are high. Is Manhattan going to become a trailer park?”

    The RV — an ’84 Chevy Pathfinder — belongs to Queens-born Rabbi Steve Blumberg, a Kabbalah practitioner, who told The Post his neighbors need to lighten up.

    “If you want a gated community, you should live in Creedmoor [Psychiatric Center],” he said. “Otherwise-liberal West Siders have very serious middle-class scruples about what should or should not be in their neighborhood.”

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  • Gun-Control Dishonesty: The push to “do something, anything,” has nothing to do with preventing deaths

    Earlier in the year, as the gun-control movement tried clumsily to transform an abomination into a cudgel, the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker distilled its problem into a single sentence. “Nothing proposed in the gun-control debates would have prevented the mass killing of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” Parker contended plainly, “and everybody knows it.”

    This was abundantly clear at the time, and it is even more so in retrospect. And yet I must nitpick ever so slightly with Parker’s excellent contention, for it is missing the crucial word “almost.” Almost everybody knows it. The public seems to know it. Legislators seem to know it. But, judging by the abundance of vexed anniversary columns, a significant cabal of journalists and activists have never got the message. A year later, their cry is as it was at the outset: Why won’t we act?

    Yesterday, Michael Bloomberg delivered a speech in which he utilized what I have come to regard as the Newtown Template. Having established the tragedy in the audience’s mind — December 14 “will mark a very somber anniversary,” Bloomberg noted, correctly — he went on to claim that “unlicensed sellers of firearms” were “illegally flooding the Internet with weapons,” causing “a massive online, unregulated, second-hand firearms market that threatens public safety.” Then, for good measure, he took a swipe at the government for “doing nothing.”

    As in the various columns of the same bent, Bloomberg’s purpose here was obvious: To suggest that, by failing to crack down on the private sales of firearms, the federal government has dishonored the memory of the victims at Newtown. Something that abhorrent happened, this argument goes, and we did nothing.

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  • Manhattan Apartment Rents Drop for a Third Straight Month (Voting With Their Feet)

    Manhattan apartment rents fell for a third month in November and the vacancy rate reached the highest in at least seven years, signs the market is weakening amid a spike in homebuying and the lure of leasing in Brooklyn.

    The median monthly rent in Manhattan dropped 3 percent from a year earlier to $3,100, according to a report today by appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. and brokerage Douglas Elliman Real Estate. The vacancy rate climbed to 2.8 percent, the highest since the firms began tracking the data in August 2006.

    Rents had been climbing for almost two years and approaching the 2006 peak of $3,265 a month before they began to slide in September. Manhattan home purchases jumped to a six-year high in the third quarter as buyers rushed to make deals before rising mortgage rates pushed costs higher, Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman said. Sales of one-bedroom units reached a 15-year high, suggesting an influx of first-time buyers.

    “With the scare about rising mortgage rates, it poached a lot of demand from the rental market,” Jonathan Miller, president of New York-based Miller Samuel, said in an interview. “On top of that, what else is poaching demand from the Manhattan rental market is Brooklyn.”

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