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  • Man Found “Guilty” by Judge of “Possessing” Antique Muzzleloader Bullets in D.C.

    Mark Witaschek holds his Knight Revolution .50 caliber muzzleloader. This is a 2005 model that is based on the centuries-old technology.

    In a surprising twist at the end of a long trial, a District of Columbia judge found Mark Witaschek guilty of “attempted possession of unlawful ammunition” for antique replica muzzleloader bullets.

    Judge Robert Morin sentenced Mr. Witaschek to time served, a $50 fine and required him to enroll with the Metropolitan Police Department’s firearm offenders’ registry within 48 hours.

    Outside the courtroom, I asked Mr. Witaschek how he felt about the verdict. “I’m completely outraged by it,” he said. “This is just a continuation of the nightmare. Just to sit there. I could not believe it.”

    Shaking his head, he added, “None of these people know anything about gun issues, including the judge.”

    His wife Bonnie Witaschek was crying. “It’s just so scary,” she said. “You never think you’ll end up in a situation like this, but here we are.”

  • Another anti-gun California lawmaker in legal trouble today

    California State Sen. Leland Yee, an anti-gun Democrat, has reportedly been indicted on corruption charges.

    Anti-gun California State Sen. Leland Yee was reportedly arrested Wednesday morning by federal authorities on suspicion of public corruption, according to breaking stories in the San Jose Mercury News, Sacramento Bee and other news agencies, making him the second high-profile Golden State gun control proponent to wind up in trouble in the past month.

    Story updates from several California news agencies now use the term “arrested” or “detained” in coverage of the allegations against Yee, and the Sacramento Bee’s blog update reports that the arrest is “on suspicion of corruption” while the Mercury News headline says Sen. Yee was indicted. “State Sen. Leland Yee indicted for public corruption in major FBI operation,” was that newspaper’s headline.

    The Mercury News report also noted that Yee’s arrest “highlights a string of multiple arrests that also includes infamous Chinatown gangster Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow, connected to a variety of charges including racketeering and drug crimes,” according to unnamed law enforcement sources.

    Yee is reportedly a candidate for the office of California secretary of state.

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  • PoliceOne’s Gun Control Survey: 11 key lessons from officers’ perspectives (Cops Are Pro 2A)

    In March, PoliceOne conducted the most comprehensive survey ever of American law enforcement officers’ opinions on the topic gripping the nation’s attention in recent weeks: gun control.

    More than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals took part in the survey, which aimed to bring together the thoughts and opinions of the only professional group devoted to limiting and defeating gun violence as part of their sworn responsibility.

    Totaling just shy of 30 questions, the survey allowed officers across the United States to share their perspectives on issues spanning from gun control and gun violence to gun rights.

    Top Line Takeaways
    Breaking down the results, it’s important to note that 70 percent of respondents are field-level law enforcers — those who are face-to-face in the fight against violent crime on a daily basis — not office-bound, non-sworn administrators or perpetually-campaigning elected officials.

    1.) Virtually all respondents (95 percent) say that a federal ban on manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds would not reduce violent crime.

    2.) The majority of respondents — 71 percent — say a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of some semi-automatics would have no effect on reducing violent crime. However, more than 20 percent say any ban would actually have a negative effect on reducing violent crime. Just over 7 percent took the opposite stance, saying they believe a ban would have a moderate to significant effect.

    3.) About 85 percent of officers say the passage of the White House’s currently proposed legislation would have a zero or negative effect on their safety, with just over 10 percent saying it would have a moderate or significantly positive effect.

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  • ATF Agent: Raiding Gun Store Was “Fun” – The New Obama Police State

    One of the greatest fears of the founding fathers has become true in Obama’s America when ATF agents raided a gun store much akin to the British raiding colonial homes. According to Info Wars the federal agents swooped into the gun store with the efficiency of with unrestrained enthusiasm. One ATF agent even boasted that raiding the California gun store was “Fun”!

    Where is the fun in stampeding over the gun rights of citizens and stripping the gun store owner of private information concerning customer lists and inventory of composite “80% lower receivers” for AR-15 rifles? When Federal Judge Janis Lynn Sammartino who had given the original restraining order against the ATF reversed herself, the armed agents made like a hurricane and descended upon the store.

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  • Daredevil’s climb to top of WTC reveals no working cameras in tower

    The Freedom Tower, America’s top terror target, doesn’t have a single working surveillance camera inside — a stunning security lapse that let a New Jersey teen roam the top floors undetected for two hours, The Post has learned.

    The video system for 1 World Trade Center “won’t be operational until the building opens later this year,” said a source familiar with the security plan.

    That means there is no footage of Justin Casquejo, 16, as he slipped by a sleeping guard to the antenna of the 1,776-foot-tall building Sunday morning.

    “This place has a big bull’s-eye on it, and I don’t even want to think what could have happened if it was somebody with bad intentions,” said a hardhat at the site Thursday.

    Asked about the lack of working cameras, a Port Authority spokesman said only, “The deployment of the hardware is confidential.”

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  • Man, 39, killed by teen gunman in B15 bus shooting in Brooklyn (Disarmed in NYC)

    Angel Rojas was killed while doing nothing else but riding a B15 through Brooklyn around rush hour Thursday.

    Courtesy Photo to the New York Daily News from the Rojas Family

    Angel Rojas was killed while doing nothing else but riding a B15 through Brooklyn around rush hour Thursday.

    A 14-year-old fiend turned a city bus into a murder scene in the flash of a gun Thursday when his bullet meant for a rival killed an innocent Brooklyn dad instead, sources said.

    Angel Rojas, 39, was sitting on the B15 when the kid shot up the bus at about 6:20 p.m. at Marcus Garvey Blvd. near Greene Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, cops said. Rojas, the married father of two, was shot in the back of the head.

    Police took the teen, identified by relatives as Kahton Anderson, into custody and recovered a gun and six shells, cops said.

  • Student takes razor from classmate hurting himself, gets suspended and faces expulsion (Pussification of the USA)



    Last week, Virginia Beach, Virginia sixth grader Adrionna Harris noticed her classmate doing something terrible – he was cutting his arm with a small razor. The Bayside Middle School student knew that was wrong, so she stepped in and took the razor away, and threw it out. It was an act that one mightthink would earn her praise from her school. As WAVY 10 On Your Side News reports, it instead earned her a suspension and possible expulsion.

    That’s right, Adrionna received a 10-day suspension, the only reason being because she had admitted what happened. With the weapon disposed, it was her truthfulness that led to the punishment. Adrionna’s mother, Rachel Harris, is understandably frustrated with the school’s actions. She told WAVY, “I felt she did the right thing…There was not a teacher in sight while this boy was cutting himself. She felt like it was almost a 911 situation, that she had to help immediately, like there wasn’t time to find a teacher…The school system over-reached absolutely.” As Adrionna herself put it, “…I was just trying to help.”

  • Teachers who ‘had sex in class’ can’t be fired: court

    Teachers who ‘had sex in class’ can’t be fired: court

    ‘FEEL’ FREE: An appellate court ruled the classroom sex between city teachers Cindy Mauro (left) and Alini Brito (right) was OK because it was after school hours.

    As long as the kids are away, teachers can play, a panel of judges said Thursday, ruling that educators shouldn’t be fired for having sex with one another — even in their classrooms.

    The Manhattan appellate judges said foreign-language teachers Alini Brito, 34, and Cindy Mauro, 38, were treated too harshly when they were dismissed for engaging in a topless classroom tryst inside Brooklyn’s James Madison HS in 2009.

    “The penalty of termination is shockingly disproportionate,” said the ruling, which noted that “engagement in what appeared to be consensual sexual conduct with an adult colleague is not in and of itself criminal or otherwise improper.”

    And at least the school-room romp didn’t involve minors, the Appellate Division judges added.

    “Indeed, lesser penalties have been imposed where a teacher had an ongoing relationship or engaged in inappropriate behavior with a student,” the decision says.

    The ruling stunned fellow teachers, who feared the judges have given a green light to all sorts of kinky classroom sleaze.

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  • WW2 hero refuses medical care, so cops kill him in his nursing home

    WWII Veteran John Wrana Served honorably in India and Burma during the conflict

    95-year-old veteran John Wrana fought for America in World War 2, but he didn’t get a chance to die for his country. Instead, his country killed him with a beanbag shotgun blast to the stomach after a thorough tasering.

    The incident began after Wrana, who uses a walker, refused a surgery at his assisted living home. He grew agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention. He was a war hero and didn’t like being pushed around.

    Soon the police arrived to subdue the senior citizen, riot gear at the ready to take on the wobbly old man. Conflicting reports have emerged between officers and staff, with the employees of the home reporting that they asked officers not to harm him and requested to intervene. Wrana suffered from ”degenerative disk disease of the thoracic and lumbar spine.”

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  • Sexual Assaults In The Military Are At An All-Time High And Most Of Them Are Male On Male

    There is a raging epidemic of sexual assault in the U.S. military. A report released by the U.S. Department of Defense says that an astounding 12,000 women serving in the U.S. military were sexually assaulted in 2012. This is a national disgrace, and any U.S. service member that rapes a woman deserves the death penalty in my opinion. It has gotten so bad that a female service member serving in Afghanistan is more likely to be raped by a male service member than she is to be killed by the Taliban. But that is only half the story. Sexual assault against males is at an epidemic level in the U.S. military as well. In fact, according to the same report that I just mentioned, there were 14,000 sexual assaults against men serving in the U.S. military during 2012. That means that most of the sexual assaults in the military are actually male on male. The following is an excerpt from an article in the New York Times

    According to the Department of Defense’s Military Sexual Assault Report for 2012, an estimated 26,000 members of the United States military, both men and women, were sexually assaulted in that year. The Pentagon survey almost certainly underreports the scale of the issue. Of those sexual assaults, 53 percent (approximately 14,000 in 2012) were attacks on men.

    The study also found that male service members are far less likely to report when they are attacked, and when a report is made, military authorities are far less likely to go after the perpetrator

    These men — an estimated 13,900 last year alone — are far less likely than women to report an attack. Only 13 percent of reports last year were filed by men, military data show.

    But the disparities do not end there. The Sun found that when men do report a sexual assault, military authorities are less likely to identify a suspect, to refer charges to court-martial or to discharge the perpetrator than in cases in which the victim is a woman.

    Fortunately, after years of denial this issue is starting to come to the forefront. Some prominent retired officers are even speaking out about this.

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  • Gun Tattoo Triggers Cops Armed Raid of Man’s Home in Maine (Police State)

    Police armed with assault rifles descended on a Maine man’s home after members of a tree removal crew he’d told to clear off his property reported that he had a gun.

    Turns out the “gun” the tree crew had seen on Michael Smith of Norridgewock was just a life-sized tattoo of a handgun on his stomach.

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #59 – 3/18/14 “Bloomturd Exposed”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    Dubious Mayors Against Legal Guns, NJ AG OPPOSES SUPREME COURT REVIEW OF NJ CARRY LAW (Scotus Will Decide), Born to Run Away From High Taxes, NJ Officials Couldn’t Have Been Prepared for What 9-Year-Old Competition Shooter Had to Say About Proposed Gun Control Bill, Democrats Lining Up to Oppose Obama’s Anti-Gun Nominee For Surgeon General, NRA Files Friend of the Court Brief in Appeal of NSA Spying Case, The Blue Steel Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Targeting Self-Defense as a Right (Pussification of the USA), New York high school student suspended for NRA pro-2nd Amendment T-shirt, Maryland High student expelled for having shotgun in car, I Don’t Love Guns. I Just LOVE What My Gun Protects, WHY WE CARRY: Gang Rapes Pregnant Woman in Wisconsin Home Invasion, Gov. Perry Warns Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I Do Interviews with a Gun’, ATF Raids Ares Armor In Direct Violation of Court Issued Restraining Order, Landmark Settlement Reached In Preakness Arrest Case; New Police Policy Spells Out Recording Rights, Lib A-Holes start to realize the disaster ahead, but still are in denial.

    WARNING! This Content Contains AWESOME VULGARITY

  • Banning the Right to Self Defense (Pussification of the USA)

    How do you turn a fine, upstanding, conscientious and goal-driven young man into a terrorist?

    By fiat.

    That is, by treating him like a terrorist.

    That is, treating him very badly. Drop the whole weight of the law on him . . . for holding the wrong opinions.

    What opinions? you ask. Revolutionary Islam? White supremacism? Armed revolution?

    No. Self-defense.

    And now you may have figured out the problem.

    The hatred of self-defense, the absolute fear of it — the quivering, poltroonish over-reaction to the very idea — is common amongst today’s politicians, educators and even some benighted, cowardly law enforcement folks. It’s gone to the crazed demonization of weaponry, zero tolerance against owning and carrying “arms” — despite the Second Amendment.

    How crazy? Ask Jordan Wiser.

    This 18-year-old is set to be prosecuted for a Class 5 felony for having a pocket knife in his EMT vest, a stun gun in his car’s glove box, and a couple of sporty Airsoft (gaming) guns in his trunk. (Early reports suggest that it was the pocket knife that did it. Carrying a weapon. . . ! dontcha know.) All these were discovered after a probably illegal (and definitely unjust) search of his car by the high school principal and vice principal at the tech school he attended in (get this) Jefferson, Ohio. These two had been alerted to his pro-self-defense videos on YouTube, and they sprang into hysterical action.

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  • NRA Files Friend of the Court Brief in Appeal of NSA Spying Case

    This week, NRA filed a brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The brief supports the American Civil Liberties Union’s request for reversal of a decision by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York that upheld the National Security Agency’s data collection program.

    We previously reported on the lower court case in an article available here. That article contains a more detailed description of NRA’s arguments, but they generally make two major points. First, that the NSA’s mass data collection violates the First Amendment’s freedom of association protection because individuals will be chilled from joining certain groups – like NRA – that have been the target of hostility by others, including certain public officials, and identify their members’ private social, political, or religious beliefs to the government. The second line of argument focuses on how the data collection programs could undermine privacy protections in federal law that prohibit creating a registry of firearms or firearm owners.

    Much of the government’s arguments have focused on the fact that the surveillance program only collects metadata and that the content of communications still remain private. However, a recent study by two graduate students at Stanford University shows how much private information can be gleaned about an individual from even a small amount of metadata. The study collected telephone metadata on volunteers over a period of just a few months. The authors hypothesized that they would not be able to identify any specific information about the participants because of the small amount of data collected, but as they put it: “We were wrong. We found that phone metadata is unambiguously sensitive, even in a small population and over a short time window. We were able to infer medical conditions, firearm ownership, and more, using solely phone metadata.”

    On the specific issue of firearm ownership, the authors of the study determined that one of the volunteers likely was interested in firearms and specifically in AR-15 pattern rifles. This information was then confirmed to be true by the study participant. This type of information is particularly sensitive at a time when some government officials at both the state and federal levels are showing increasing hostility towards individual gun ownership and when interest in a particular type of firearm may bring an individual under close governmental scrutiny because of that firearm’s disfavored status.

    NRA will continue to support this case and others that serve to protect the privacy interests of gun owners and will keep you informed of further developments on this issue.

  • ATF Raids Ares Armor In Direct Violation of Court Issued Restraining Order

    We’ve always said that a restraining order is just a piece of paper. Usually we’re referring to defensive gun uses when we say that. However, in this case we have the government violating a restraining order issued by… the government.

    As we reported earlier this week, the ATF has demanded that Ares Armor, along with some other vendors, turn over their customer records in relation to an 80% lower that may have actually been a firearm under law. Ares agreed to stop selling the product in question as well as turn over their stock to the ATF, however they refused to provide their customer records.

    Fearing a raid by the ATF after the refusal, Ares sought a restraining in order against the ATF in court. They were granted a restraining order, and both sides were supposed to show up in court next week. However, the ATF didn’t like that one bit. So, what did they do? Oh, just violated the crap out of that restraining order and raided Ares anyway.

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