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  • BB gun control: In New Jersey, kids’ rite of passage could mean felony (Pussification)

    red ryder.jpg

    Not only could you “shoot your eye out, kid,” you might also go to jail for owning that BB gun in certain states.

    New Jersey and other jurisdictions make little or no distinction between Daisy’s classic Red Ryder BB gun immortalized in the film “A Christmas Story,” and real guns. They must be registered and are subject to the same laws as any firearms.

    “In all honesty, kids who are charged are looking at mandatory jail time,” said New Jersey attorney William Proetta, adding that under the state’s Graves Act, a conviction could lead to prison time. “The only defense is to request a waiver but if that’s not granted, young kids can get a felony charge and their lives are basically over.”

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  • The Militarization of Law Enforcement – “We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore”

    The University of the Incarnate Word is a highly-rated Catholic college in San Antonio, Texas. It is hardly a hot bed of campus violence. When senior Robert Cameron Redus was pulled-over last Friday by campus police for “erratically speeding,” it is unlikely he had any clue of how tragically the stop would end. The campus police department contends Redus, an honors student set to graduate in May, grabbed the officer’s steel baton during a struggle. Not in dispute, however, is that Redus was shot five times by the officer, at close range, leaving him dead and the University scrambling to explain why lethal force was needed to subdue a single college student.

    Police-involved shootings are on the rise from New York City to Anaheim, California and crime data suggests incidents involving questionable use of police force — once a problem primarily limited to large, inner-city areas — are occurring with greater frequency in smaller towns across the country. For civil liberties watchdogs, this disturbing trend should come as no surprise; much like their federal counterparts, local police and prosecutors are demanding greater power to “pursue criminals,” even if such power may overstep constitutional limitation; and regardless of whether such an approach makes practical sense in low-crime communities or in many non-violent situations in which police officers are involved.

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  • Felon gets 9 months for trying to illegally buy gun at gun show (so much for that oft talked about “loophole”)

    Lamont Reaves, 27 (Henrico Police)

    Last week, 27-year-old Lamont Reaves was sentenced to two years in prison for trying to buy a gun in Richmond, Virginia, at a gun show. The New York man pleaded guilty to attempting to make an illegally purchase of a firearm on July 7. One Richmond based news agency says the incident is “being touted as a key example of the cooperation between licensed firearm dealers and police in stopping prohibited gun sales.”

    Reaves is a felon with a record for a felony crack cocaine offense as well as previous gun related charges. He is prohibited from legally purchasing a firearm for this reason but at the Virginia gun show attempted to do so. However, the dealers he attempted to buy from alerted authorities to his suspicious behavior and would not sell to him. Witnesses say the felon went from table to table trying to buy a firearm without a background check. The federally licensed firearms dealers refused to sell to him and called Virginia state trooper D.M. Sottile who works with the dealers during gun shows.

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  • Pigs Fly: Cops search for Hasidic men in ‘bias’ attack (Jews Beat Black Man in Williamburg Brooklyn)

    Cops search for Hasidic men in ‘bias’ attack

    Cops said Monday they are looking into a possible bias crime after a group of Hasidic men pummeled an openly gay black man and broke his eye socket on a Williamsburg street.

    Taj Patterson, 22, was out drinking on a party bus Dec. 1 at 5 a.m. when he left on foot and was attacked by a group of at least five Hasidic men on Flushing Avenue, cops said.

    The thugs ordered Patterson to stay down and started screaming anti gay remarks at him, the sources said.

    They allegedly threw him to the ground and started to stomp and kick him, according to police.

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  • Zimmerman ex-girlfriend recants gun assault accusation (Wants Him Back!)

    Zimmerman ex-girlfriend recants gun assault accusation

    The woman who told police that George Zimmerman pointed a gun at her face has recanted her story and is now saying “I want to be with George,” according to a court affidavit published by the Orlando Sentinel.

    Last month, Samantha Scheibe called 911 to report that Zimmerman had pointed a shotgun at her face during a domestic disturbance sparked after she asked the former neighborhood watchman to move out of her house.

    The 911 call from last month’s incident captures Scheibe yelling at Zimmerman, “You point your gun at my fricking face.” Scheibe said that Zimmerman also pushed her out of her residence and was smashing her belongings during the argument. Zimmerman claimed that Scheibe started the fight and denied pointing a weapon at her.

  • TSA agent confiscates sock monkey’s toy pistol (Pussification)

    TSA agent confiscates sock monkey's toy pistol

    …“And the (TSA agent) held it up and said ‘whose is this?’” she said. “I realized oh, my God this is my bag.”

    May said the TSA agent went through the bag, through the sewing supplies and found the two-inch long pistol.

    “She said ‘this is a gun,’” said May. “I said no, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

    “She said ‘If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not,’ and I said ‘really?’” said May.

    The TSA agent told May she would have to confiscate the tiny gun and was supposed to call the police.

    “I said well go ahead,” said May. “And I said really? You’re kidding me right, and she said no it looks like a gun.”

    “She took my monkey’s gun,” said May, who has retained her sense of humor.

    “Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe,” she said. “I understand she was doing her job but at some point doesn’t common sense prevail?”

    In the end, the agent did not call police and May did get her other sewing supplies back.

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  • Home Invader Shot in the Head With His Own Gun After He Dropped It!

    HARRIS COUNTY, Texas –- Deputies said a burglary suspect was shot dead by his own gun after dropping it while trying to escape the scene of an alleged crime early Thursday.

    According to deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting happened around 12:50 a.m. on Aldine Bender Road at Miranda Street.

    Deputies said three men were breaking into a trailer home in the back of a business property when the male who lives there heard the glass breaking and got up to check out the situation.

    The suspects took off running, and one of them dropped his gun. The male who lives on the property picked up the gun, and the other suspects opened fire on him, deputies said. The man returned fire, shooting one of the alleged crooks in the head.

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  • Homeowner Shoots Home Intruder To Death In East Islip, NY (Guns Save Lives of the Innocent – Kill the Guilty!)

    Philipe Robinette (credit: Suffolk County Police Department)

    Philipe Robinette, fled but in custody
    (credit: Suffolk County Police Department)

    A home invasion on Long Island turned deadly for one of the suspects early Wendesday morning.

    Police told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall that a gunman and two other suspects forced their way inside a two-story, yellow-colored home on Adams Street in East Islip around 2 a.m.

    Once inside the home, the suspect armed with a .22 caliber rifle shot the family’s pit bull. A man who lives in the home, grabbed a shotgun and returned fire, police said.

    One suspect, identified by police as Fred Flock, 27, of Coram, died on the back porch. Another suspect was wounded and hospitalized, police said. A third suspect, identified as Philipe Robinette, 27, of Aquebogue, fled the scene but was later caught by authorities.

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  • How Do You Charge an Unarmed Man with Shooting People? Get the NYPD Involved!

    In September, New York Police officers responded to an emotionally disturbed man causing a ruckus at a Times Square bus terminal by opening fire on him while they were surrounded by crowds and traffic. They missed him and hit two innocent bystanders (one of whom was in a walker).

    Police said at the time they thought the man, Glenn Broadnax, was reaching for a gun, but he turned out to be unarmed. Even though Broadnax was not armed, an indictment unsealed Wednesday is charging him with assault for the injuries caused by police gunfire.

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  • NYPD Begins Gun Confiscations for Rifles/Shotguns With a 5+ Round Capacity

    (courtesy Mrgunsngear's Facebook page)

    The New York City Police Department is taking aim at owners of certain shotguns and rifles, telling them all long guns with more than a five-round capacity must be tåçurned in, altered or taken out of town.

    The first option for the letter’s recipient is to, “Immediately surrender your Rifle and/or Shotgun to your local police precinct, and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the City of New York thereafter.”

    An estimated 500 recipients of the notices, which were mailed on Nov. 18, were given the options to surrender their gun, permanently move the gun out of city jurisdiction or employ a licensed gunsmith to modify the weapon to get into compliance with the law. Rifles and shotguns with a capacity of five or more rounds are affected.

    An NYPD spokeswoman told FoxNews.com the initiative has been in practice since 2010.

    But this year is the first time critics say the notices were so widely dispersed. The notice was first reported on the website TheTruthAboutGuns.com.

    “These letters appear to be another example of the Nanny State. Hypothetically, it can start with a letter, and then that can lead to someone knocking on your door saying, ‘I want to see your gun.'”

    – New York State Assemblyman James Tedisco

    New York State has the strictest gun laws in the country. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has made it a priority of his to pull illegal handguns off the streets and directly links these guns to violent crimes. But critics say the real problem is illegal handguns in the hands of criminals, not long guns owned by law-abiding citizens.

    “We think it’s an abuse of power by the NYPD,” said Tom King, the president of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. His organization has fought with the state on various gun bills and spent $400,000 on a lawsuit challenging the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, or SAFE Act, which was signed in January by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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  • De Blasio Appoints Bill Bratton (Defender of ‘Stop and Frisk’) Next NYPD Commissioner

    The New York Post reports that incoming New York City mayor Bill de Blasio will name Bill Bratton as the next NYPD commissioner.

    Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio on Thursday named former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton to replace Ray Kelly as the city’s top cop.

    “Bill Bratton is a proven crime-fighter. He knows what it takes to keep a city safe, and make communities full partners in the mission. Together, we are going to preserve and deepen the historic gains we’ve made in public safety—gains Bill Bratton helped make possible,” de Blasio said in a statement.

    Bratton served in the same position under Rudy Giuliani. And he was recently quoted as a defender of the supposedly controversial stop and frisk program — a program de Blasio has wanted to roll back.

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  • Connecticut Shouldn’t Be Surprised That “Fewer People Than Expected Have Registered Weapons”


    Earlier this year, Connecticut politicians took advantage of the horrific Newtown shootings to dust off a wish list of draconian firearms restrictions and race them through the legislative process into law. The restrictions wouldn’t have prevented the mass murder—they would have been completely irrelevant to the crime, in fact—which may be why they were rammed through under “emergency certification” with no referrals to committees or public hearings. Among other things, the new law requires registration of “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines by January 1, 2014. Any student of history could have predicted officials’ current concerns now that relatively few residents are complying with the law and telling the state what they own as the deadline fast approaches.

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  • Seattle Thugs Flee Store When Owner Pulls “Bigger Gun” – Then Kidnap Woman & Hide in Woods

    The armed robbers scared off by a West Seattle store clerk’s “bigger” gun spent the night hiding in the woods with a pregnant woman after crashing their car following a second robbery in Auburn, according to charges filed with King County Superior Court Monday.

    As previously reported, two men entered a convenience store Nov. 23 — a third was acting as getaway driver — and attempted to rob the clerk at gunpoint. That’s when the clerk pulled out a loaded revolver, saying “My gun’s bigger” and scaring off the would-be robbers.

    The three suspects in that attempted robbery were arrested Nov. 25 after two of them reportedly robbed a woman at gunpoint the night before in Auburn.

    Fernando Quebrado, 27, is charged with attempted robbery and is being held on $100,000 bail on suspicion of pointing a gun at the West Seattle clerk and demanding money. He has prior misdemeanor convictions for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana, furnishing liquor to minors and DUI.

    Jose Luis Vargus, 28, and Francisco Dominguez-Ramirez, 21, are charged with robbery and attempted robbery and are being held on $250,000 bail on suspicion of robbing the woman in Auburn and participating in the West Seattle attempted robbery. They both have prior felony convictions for theft of a motor vehicle, residential burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle.

    Charging documents filed Monday add details to the robbery that led to the three arrests, including that Vargus and Dominguez-Ramirez spent the night in the woods with a 6-months pregnant woman while hiding from police.

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  • Police: Crack Whore Has Glass Pipe Shatter in Her Vagina (Warning to the Kids!)

    The “Whore de Crack”


    As if you need another reason not to hide a glass meth pipe in a body cavity, a North Dakota woman was discovered bleeding from her vagina Monday after she rear-ended a car on a Fargo roadway, police report.

    When police responded to the crash scene, they arrested Jeana Marie Smart, 26, after a warrant check revealed that she had failed to appear in court on a pending narcotics and drug paraphernalia case.

    After transporting Smart to the Cass County jail, Officer Michael Benton spotted blood on the back seat of his patrol car. “When I asked Smart about this, she said she was on her period,” Benton noted in a Fargo Police Department report.

    But as Smart (seen above) was walked to the booking area, blood continued to drip from her “crotch area onto her legs and the floor.” She subsequently “admitted she had ‘a pipe’ in a body cavity,” Benton reported.

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  • ‘Lefty’ librarian beaten to pulp in Knockout Game (Now He is a Conservative!)

    Before his encounter with the “Knockout Game” and racial violence, Paul Lane was “a lefty.”

    “As left as you can get,” he said.

    He supported Obama. Intends to vote for Hillary. Or least he did.

    That was until Nov. 7. The day everything changed for Paul. The day Kenneth Johnson walked into the Contra Costa, Calif., library and played the Knockout Game.

    “It was 2:49 in the afternoon,” said Lane, a librarian. “And this black guy – I won’t say he was a kid, he was 21 years old – comes into the room in the library. I was helping a 67-year-old guy with history and old movies, because I know that stuff. He was smiling as if he knew the guy I was helping. Then he – Johnson – walks up to the patron and hits him on the side of the head as hard as he can.”

    Three weeks later, in court, when Lane told his story, Johnson’s lawyer objected.

    “The witness doesn’t know how hard my client can hit,” said the lawyer.

    Actually, he might. Lane yelled at Johnson to stop hitting the patron. He did. Then he jumped over Lane’s desk and started hitting and kicking him. It got real bloody real fast.

    “So the guy jumps over the library desk and started beating me. And hits me about 20 or 25 times. I can’t remember exactly cause I’m kinda blocked out a bit. Yeah, he really whaled into me. He decked the patron with one punch. He hit me in the ear. In the side of the head. The top of the head. I was bleeding from the nose, eyes, mouth, ears.”

    Lane crawled into the other room and asked for help. Then it was over. Later, the newspapers would say the injuries were non-life threatening. Which, of course, depends on how you define life. The library walls were spattered with blood. Lane cannot pick up a book, let alone think about going back to work. He has headaches and “major concussion issues.”

    And other issues, maybe even bigger.

    “I’m a 58-year-old white man who work(ed) as a ‘liberal librarian’ in Northern California,” he said. “Not your typical WND reader, but as a research librarian I read a lot of news sources. And this attack was exactly the way you describe in your book and articles. Exactly the same.”

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