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Trump names Cruz when asked about VP spot (Trump/Cruz 2016 Baby!)

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Published on: November 17, 2015


Donald Trump on Tuesday named Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) when asked about his possible running mate in 2016.

“Ted Cruz is now agreeing with me 100 percent,” he said when asked about his vice presidential pick, according to Lifezette.

“Well, I like him,” Trump told radio host Laura Ingraham during her broadcast. “He’s backed everything I’ve said.”

Unlike most of the Republican presidential hopefuls, Cruz has mostly refrained from attacking Trump, even appearing alongside him at a rally in September against the Iran nuclear deal.

The pair has also struck similar tones on topics such as border security and illegal immigration.

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thumbVideo: Paris Attacks Proves How Important Borders And Guns Are To A Country !

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Published on: November 17, 2015

Mother of Paris Suicide Bomber Knew Son Was Radicalized, Argues He Detonated Bomb Because He Was “Stressed”

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Published on: November 17, 2015

From the Daily Mail:

The mother of a Paris suicide bomber says her son ‘did not mean to kill anyone’ – and claims he may have blown himself up because of stress, while a third son said his family were ‘thinking of the victims’.

Ibrahim Abdeslam, 31, launched a solo attack outside the cafe Comptoir Voltaire, close to the scene of the Bataclan concert hall massacre on Friday night.

Today Ibrahim’s mother suggested his suicide jacket may have gone off by accident and said he could have carried out the attack because he was ‘stressed’.

Speaking outside the family home, the Abdeslam family claimed that they were ‘surprised’ that Ibrahim blew himself up near the Stade de France, even though he had spent time in Syria.

The family added: ‘We even saw him two days before the attacks. There were no signs that they has plans to do anything violent.’

The family admitted he had spent ‘a long time’ in Syria.

‘We were really surprised that Salah was involved. Ibrahim was different. We did see that he had been radicalised, at least in part. But not so much that we ever thought he would commit an atrocity like this.

Political Report | Election 2016—The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher!

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Published on: November 17, 2015

If there was a message I could get to every NRA member and lawful gun owner in America, it would be this: The 2016 election is under way and the stakes couldn’t be higher, so we have to get involved and go to work now!

For most Americans, odd-numbered years are not election years. We get a rest from the barrage of political ads, the omnipresent campaign signs and the never-ending coverage of local and national races by the news media. But this year, we can’t wait to get moving on 2016.

Before we get to next year’s pivotal races, there are five states with elections this year. On Nov. 3, voters in Virginia and New Jersey are electing state legislators; Kentuckians are electing statewide officers, including a new governor; and Mississippi and Louisiana will be electing statewide officers and state legislators.

In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant, a strong NRA ally, is up for re-election. In Louisiana and Kentucky, the race is on to replace term-limited governors, and in both cases we have pro-gun candidates ready to step in. Endorsements and NRA Political Victory Fund grades for these races are included in this magazine for members in these states. (Members in Louisiana received their endorsement lists separately in the mail.) I strongly encourage every gun owner in these states to take action to ensure that our allies win these key elections.

In addition, there will be a very important vote this year in Texas, where voters will decide whether the Lone Star State adds the right to hunt and fish to its state constitution. This is a vital action to protect our treasured hunting heritage from attacks by animal rights activists and environmental extremists.

As important as these elections are, we must also look ahead. We all know what’s at stake.

We’ve seen how much damage an anti-gun president can do. Even with our victories beating back anti-gun legislation in Congress, President Barack Obama has used his executive authority to strip Americans of their Second Amendment-protected rights. In previous issues, I’ve described abuses from Obama’s bureaucrats at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Social Security Administration and other agencies.

Enough is enough. In 2016, we have to do everything in our power to elect a president who respects our fundamental freedoms. The good news is that there are many solid pro-gun candidates in the race. Gun owners should start to get informed now on the position each candidate holds on our right to keep and bear arms.

But as important as the race for the White House is, it’s also critical that we keep control of the U.S. Senate in pro-gun hands.

Right now, there’s a pro-gun majority in the Senate, and every member of the majority leadership is a solid, NRA-endorsed, pro-gun ally. But—and this is critically important—the electoral map is not in our favor. Our opponents have far fewer seats to protect than do we.

To bring this home, consider that they need only five additional seats to make Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) the majority leader of the U.S. Senate! That’s right, one of the biggest enemies of our freedom, one of the most entrenched anti-gun voices of the past several decades, could take control.

We simply cannot allow that to happen. That’s why, when I say that 2016 starts now, it’s because we cannot afford to wait until next fall to get involved. We can’t even wait until the primaries start. There is just too much at stake.

We must work together—starting now—to protect our freedoms, not just for ourselves, but for future generations. Your NRA will do its part and we trust that gun owners throughout America will answer the call to win back the White House, increase the pro-gun majorities in the U.S. Congress and elect pro-gun officials in the states. And I’m confident that, through your efforts, we will succeed.

Science and Science Fiction (Race Hustlers Hate Self Defense)

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Published on: November 17, 2015



Andrew Branca, the author of the “Law of Self Defense,” recently reviewed a study on racial bias and Florida’s Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws published in the Elsevier Social Science & Medicine. The study, “Race, law, and health: Examination of ‘Stand Your Ground’ (SYG) and defendant convictions in Florida” (Social Science & Medicine, Volume 142, October 2015, pages 194-201; pay-walled) makes troubling claims about racial bias and convictions.

The study’s authors conclude that a defendant was two times more likely to be convicted in a case that involved a white victim than a non-white victim; that the race of the victim was “a predictor of conviction of the defendant,” and that Florida’s SYG legislation “has a quantifiable racial bias.” The study’s abstract exhorts other states with SYG laws “to carry out similar analyses to see if their manifestations are the same as those in Florida, and all should remediate any injustices found.”

Are these “manifestations” of racial bias a matter of settled science? Does this study really provide evidence of unequal treatment under the law? Pulling back the curtain, Mr. Branca examined the underlying data used – a listing of cases compiled by the Tampa Bay Times, a Florida newspaper, “supplemented with available online court documents and/or news reports.” The study itself was based on a subset of 204 cases out of the newspaper’s entire dataset of 237. After a close analysis of every one of the 237 cases, Mr. Branca found that 181 (over 76 percent) did not qualify as SYG cases at all, based on the legal definition of the term. It follows that even if all of the 56 remaining cases were included in the study’s subset of 204, the vast majority of the subset (148 cases, over 70 percent) were not actually SYG cases. Accordingly, research conclusions drawn from the 204 cases as if they were all SYG cases arguably lack factual integrity and scientific reliability.

In response to these observations, the authors advised that they opted to use a definition of SYG – a legal concept – “as it has been used in the media around highly publicized cases (e.g., Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman) and not the legal definition” provided by Mr. Branca. Instead of evaluating SYG cases using the relevant definition applied by the Florida courts in determining guilt and convictions, the study employed a “definition” of cases “related to SYG” because, presumably, that’s how the newspaper staff decided to structure the original dataset. It’s helpful at this point to include a quote from Mr. Branca:

Surely it must be self-evident that whatever the impact of SYG on conviction rates, it can only be the “legal definition” as actually applied by the criminal justice system that could possibly have an effect, and that the “media definition” that is not applied by the criminal justice system (because it is not law) cannot have had any effect on conviction rates.

(His full response is expected to be published as a dissenting commentary regarding the study in a future issue of the Social Science & Medicine publication.)

Alleging a racial bias in the administration of justice is a grave charge and deserves a thoughtful, scrupulous and responsible analysis – particularly if the results are being used to justify efforts to “remediate any injustices” found to exist. We can hope for more objective analysis in the future.

Shell-Casing Shell Games (Maryland Wastes Taxpayer Money)

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Published on: November 17, 2015

Carnival-goers are familiar with the shell game, a swindle in which a ball is hidden under one of three or more “shells” and shuffled by the operator. The rube wagers on which of the “shells” holds the ball, and if the guess is wrong, the gambler can throw more money away on another try.

For years, politicians in Maryland have been funding a “ballistic fingerprinting” program, the Maryland Integrated Ballistics Identification System (MD-IBIS), only to repeal the authorizing law this year after an estimated $5 million had been spent, all without a single crime having been solved through the database.

The Maryland law, enacted as the Responsible Gun Safety Act of 2000, was one of the first to require that all new handguns be “ballistically fingerprinted” before they could be legally sold in the state. Gun manufacturers were required to test-fire every gun and have the spent bullet casing specially packaged. This was forwarded to state authorities when the gun was sold so the state could create a database of “ballistic fingerprints” to link firearms with gun crimes.

As predicted by the NRA thirteen years ago, the program was a costly and complete failure. A 2014 report by the Maryland State Police (MSP) Forensic Sciences Division reveals that “the Maryland ballistic imaging database failed to function as designed. As a result, imaging was ceased in April 2007 and permanently abandoned in 2008.” The imaging database itself is “inactive.”

This isn’t particularly surprising. A Maryland State Police progress report on the ballistic imaging program ten years earlier had already confirmed that “[c]ontinuing problems include the failure of the MD-IBIS to provide any meaningful hits,” that the “cost per hit value” was $427,939, and that “no crime investigations …[had] been enhanced or expedited” through the use of the database. The report recommended that the program be discontinued and the law repealed.

Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the architect of the so-called SAFE Act (which he repeatedly describes as the strongest gun-control law in the country), pulled the plug on New York State’s ballistic fingerprinting program, the Combined Ballistics Identification System (CoBIS), in 2012. Underscoring the lack of a demonstrated benefit to law enforcement, a Cuomo spokesman reportedly commented, “We are ending a program that doesn’t solve crimes or make our streets safe.” No doubt the price tag was an issue, too, given that the cost was estimated as anywhere between $1.2 million a year to $40 million in total–money that could have been used for reality-based solutions to combat crime.

Despite the lack of any law enforcement value and the staggering costs to taxpayers, these and other laws –“microstamping,” “assault weapon” bans, “universal” background checks – continue to be pushed by gun-control groups in the name of “common-sense measures” to address “gun violence.”

Experience suggests such proposals will do nothing apart from fleece taxpayers and unfairly burden law-abiding firearms manufacturers, retailers, and gun owners. After all, there seems to be nothing to show for the Maryland project except, perhaps, the 340,000 shell casings taking up three rooms of the State Police headquarters.

Report: City of Atlanta Illegally Stockpiling Seized Guns

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Published on: November 17, 2015

The job of America’s brave men and women of law enforcement is to defend the Constitution and uphold the laws of their jurisdictions. It’s a tough job, and those who do it faithfully are to be respected and commended.

But as movie hero Billy Jack famously said, “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law ….”

Now, a disturbing report from CBS46 in Atlanta is claiming that city officials, including the police chief, are refusing to comply with a law passed in 2012 that requires public agencies in possession of firearms that are no longer necessary for official use to dispose of those firearms through public auctions.

The report contains video of Atlanta Police Chief George N. Turner opining that compliance with the law would lead to “catastrophic” consequences. According to the report, Atlanta police have some 10,000 confiscated guns that they are warehousing, rather than disposing of as the law requires. The chief very clearly articulates what the law requires of his department and goes on to state, “The City of Atlanta has not done that.”

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is also depicted in the report acknowledging that he is aware of the law’s requirements and complaining that it’s “very difficult for me to lead on this ….”

Chief Turner reasons that they are not “defying” the legislature but are merely “in a holding pattern.”

But as the report goes on to point out, the law is very clear that “in no event shall such auctions occur less frequently than once every six months during any time in which the political subdivision or state custodial agency has an inventory of saleable firearms.” In over three years, Atlanta has yet to conduct a single auction.

Reporter Ben Swann aptly summarizes the situation as follows: “to say you morally object to the law and you don’t have to follow it… Chief Turner and Mayor Reed would never allow that same reasoning for the rest of us accused of breaking the law.”

The NRA supported Georgia S.B. 350 in 2012 for the simple reason that it treats firearms like any other lawful consumer product that comes into the custody of state officials. Very simply, the law requires that guns forfeited or abandoned to public agencies shall, when no longer necessary for official purposes, but returned to their innocent owners, if applicable, or auctioned to licensed dealers.

Another reporter in the CBS piece alludes to the city having to “dump these guns on the street ….” Under the law, however, that is far from the case.

First, the law states that the firearms have to be auctioned to federally licensed dealers, who are then required to use the same safeguards in their further sale or disposal as they would firearms obtained directly from their manufacturers. Thus, to the degree the Atlanta mayor or police chief have a problem with what the law requires, they have a problem with all lawful firearm commerce.

Furthermore, the law has additional protections to prevent dangerous or unintentional consequences. First, it does not apply if the head of the agency, or a designee of such official, “certifies the firearm is unsafe for use because of wear, damage, age, or modification ….” Also, despite the repeated mention of “illegal guns” in the report, the law does not apply where “any federal or state law prohibits the sale or distribution of such firearm.” In those cases, the agency has several options for disposing of the firearms, including destruction.

Police departments and other public agencies routinely sell forfeited property to the law-abiding public, including firearms. Under the Georgia law, the revenues generated are required first to be used to offset the cost of administering the auctions and then to be transferred to the general fund for further public use. Why anyone would object to raising public revenue through the sale of lawful products (and in the case of firearms, through heavily regulated channels of commerce), rather than expending public money to store or destroy the material, is not clear.

The radical fringe of the gun control movement loves to portray firearm owners as aggrieved insurrectionists, eager to take up arms against any perceived grievance.

Yet here is an apparent case of public administrators using the power and authority of their offices to advance their own preferred public policy, in open disregard of the contrary public policy enacted by the peoples’ elected representatives. When the enforcement authorities think they know better than those who make the laws, the democratic system can quickly fall by the wayside.

Simply put, that flirts dangerously close to anarchy.

We can only hope this unusually penetrating report restores some “law” to the “law and order” apparatus of Atlanta, Georgia. We’ll be following this story closely and providing updates as further developments occur.

20 Years and Millions of “Assault Weapons” and “Large” Magazines Ago…

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Published on: November 17, 2015

Twenty years ago, not long after Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) federal “assault weapon” and “large” magazine “ban” took effect, CBS 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl faced a dilemma. To help Feinstein make her case for a new ban that would cover more types of guns and more magazines, CBS would have to do something that doesn’t come naturally to gun control supporters. It would have to tell the truth.

The network hadn’t done so previously. In 1989, the year Senators Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio) and Dennis DeConcini (D-Ariz.) introduced the first “assault weapon” bills in Congress, CBS 48 Hours had tried to drum up public support for a ban by showing fully-automatic firearms being fired during a story about semi-automatic “assault weapons.” Interspersed with video footage of machine gun bursts and placards labeled “machine gun” for those who couldn’t figure it out for themselves, the subsequently discredited news anchor, Dan Rather, intoned, “Armed and deadly. . . . The right to bear arms. . . . Have we gone too far?”

In 1995, however, CBS did the right thing, even if for the wrong reason, by exposing the ineptitude with which Feinstein’s legislation had been written, and the patent dishonesty of its most enthusiastic supporter, President Bill Clinton.

Stahl showed footage of Clinton claiming the legislation “will finally ban these assault weapons from our streets.” On the one hand, she didn’t point out that most detachable-magazine, semi-automatic rifles were not “on the streets,” but were instead at the rifle range, in hunting fields, or locked behind closed doors in people’s homes. However, Stahl derided Clinton’s claim as “a good applause line.” Calling 1994 “the best year for the sales of assault weapons ever,” Stahl said, “these banned weapons are still everywhere.” She offered two reasons why.

First, firearms and magazines lawfully within the United States before the “ban” took effect on Sept. 13, 1994, were exempt. Second, the “ban” allowed manufacturers to continue making and selling “banned” firearms, provided that certain external attachments were omitted as the firearms came down the assembly line. The most common resulting firearm: an AR-15, absent its standard flash suppressor and bayonet mount. Over 730,000 AR-15s in this so-called “post-ban” configuration were made and sold during the 10 years the “ban” was on the books.

Stahl could have also mentioned, but didn’t, that magazines manufactured overseas before the law took effect were exempt as well. That exemption, according to the sponsor of the “ban” in the House of Representatives, Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), resulted in the importation of 50 million “large” magazines during the 10 years the “ban” was in effect.

For these reasons, the Violence Policy Center (VPC), the handgun prohibition group that in 1988 had conceived the idea of campaigning against “assault weapons” as a way to “strengthen the handgun restriction lobby,” complained that the “ban” was “badly flawed,” “a ban in name only,” and a “charade.”

In 2003, 2005 and 2007, then-Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) introduced legislation to impose a ban that would do what Feinstein’s 1994 legislation had failed to do, and in 2013 Feinstein introduced the same sort of legislation herself. Dishonestly, gun control supporters have said that the new legislation proposed to “reinstate” the earlier “ban,” and the media played along. In December 2012, USA Today said, “President Obama supports efforts to reinstate an assault weapons ban.” In January this year, the Washington Post said that President Obama’s gun control proposals included “reinstating the assault weapons ban.” A petition promoted online by in early 2013 urged the U.S. Senate to “Reinstate the federal assault weapons ban” and, after the Senate refused to do so, the New York Times reported, “Senate Vote 101 Rejects Feinstein Proposal to Reinstate Assault Weapons Ban.”

However, the new legislation didn’t propose to “reinstate” anything. Back in 1995, during the 60 Minutes piece, Feinstein had said, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them—‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in,’ I would have done it.” Her 2013 legislation didn’t go that far, but it proposed to ban the manufacture and importation of all semi-automatic shotguns and all detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles, regardless of their appearance, along with other categories of guns and magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

Maybe one day Lesley Stahl will cover the issue again. If she does, we hope she will make it clear that Americans now own tens of millions of semi-automatic shotguns and detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles, an equal or larger number of semi-automatic handguns, and so many tens of millions of “large” magazines for semi-automatic rifles and handguns, and even some other firearms, that it’s pointless to guess their precise number. And, though Americans are now much better armed for their protection than when the first “assault weapon” and “large” magazine bans were proposed, the nation’s murder rate is at an all-time low.

Having seen 60 Minutes in action on another gun issue recently, however, we won’t hold our breath.

NRA Fights for Veterans Year-Round

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Published on: November 17, 2015


Veterans Day is an important opportunity to formally reflect on the freedoms we cherish and those whose service has made them possible. However, as has often been pointed out, a few moments on designated holidays are not enough to properly recognize the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Showing our appreciation is one of the reasons why NRA is engaged year-round on issues that uniquely effect veterans and our current fighting men and women.

In recent years, NRA’s most visible advocacy on behalf of veterans has been the effort to remedy the egregious abuses by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Justice that have resulted in over 100,000 veterans being erroneously listed in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) as prohibited from possessing firearms.

The VA has a method for assigning a “fiduciary” to VA beneficiaries who might, for the sake of convenience or difficulty, need a little help managing their finances. The VA employees making this determination are not required to have evidence that the beneficiary is dangerous to himself or others. Further, once a VA employee determines that a beneficiary should be assigned a fiduciary, the burden falls upon the beneficiary to prove otherwise.

Federal law bars firearm possession by those who have been “adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to a mental institution.” The VA insultingly contends that that the assignment of a fiduciary renders a beneficiary “adjudicated as a mental defective.” Having categorized the beneficiary in this manner, the VA forwards the beneficiary’s name to the FBI in order to be included among the convicted felons, drug users, and those dishonorably discharged, in NICS.

The VA and the DOJ do not care that there is no formal adjudication in this procedure, or that classifying these individuals as “mental defective” is inaccurate in any legitimate sense of the term. Admitting as much, the VA website makes clear “The determination that you are unable to manage your VA benefits does not affect your non-VA finances, or your right to vote or contract.” Not only does this practice offend the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment right to due process, it defies common sense, ignores statute, and is a smack in the face to those who have sacrificed so much for the liberties we all enjoy.

This is why NRA has worked with our friends in Congress to support the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, and more recently, the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act. This important legislation would halt VA’s practice of prohibiting beneficiaries merely assigned a fiduciary, and would create a legitimate procedure for those currently burdened by this status to appeal their prohibition. Under this legislation, a veteran would only be adjudicated as prohibited if they are found to be a danger to themselves or others, following a procedure in which the beneficiary has the opportunity to present evidence in their own defense.

NRA also recognizes that current and former members of our armed forces have overwhelmingly demonstrated that they have the competency and character sufficient to be trusted to provide for their own self-defense. Therefore, NRA has supported measures to make it easier for current and former military to exercise their Right-to-Carry.

In the case of veterans, NRA works to waive the typical training requirements often imposed on those seeking carry permits. As for current military, NRA has fought hazardous gun-free zone policies at military facilities. Most recently, following a heinous attack on two military installations in Chattanooga Tenn., NRA-ILA made clear that “Congress should pursue a legislative fix to ensure that our service men and women are allowed to defend themselves on U.S. soil.”

Other NRA efforts recognize the often transitory nature of military service, and the burdens this can place on gun ownership. NRA is constantly working to pass legislation that recognizes the unique strains placed on highly-mobile military families, and ensures that their right to purchase, possess, and carry firearms are respected no matter what state they are stationed in, or how temporary their assignment. Moreover, NRA has worked to enact important privacy provisions prohibiting the Secretary of Defense from collecting information “relating to the otherwise lawful acquisition, possession, ownership, carrying, or other use of a privately owned firearm, privately owned ammunition, or another privately owned weapon by a member of the Armed Forces or civilian employee of the Department of Defense.”

The efforts of our veterans and current servicemen and women afford us the opportunity to exercise the freedoms we enjoy. NRA’s continued legislative work to defend the rights of veterans and current service members here at home is the very least we can do to express our gratitude.

Did France’s Strict Gun Control Contribute to the Paris Bloodbath?

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Published on: November 16, 2015

Just seven — trained, armed with illegal fully-automatic Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles and explosives — managed, in less than 30 minutes, to kill or wound nearly 500 citizens on Friday night. That’s a ratio of nearly 70 victims for each shooter.

How is that possible? How could that have happened? Paris has been on high alert since the Charlie Hebdo and restaurant shootings in January. France and its capital city have strict gun control laws — so strict that even the police are unarmed. Islamist refugees have been flooding into France: poor, hungry, hardly threats to the community.

Julien Pearce, a French radio reporter, was inside the Bataclan concert hall Friday and watched, horrified, as the attack commenced and the bodies piled up:

I [saw] two terrorists … with AK-47s entering the concert hall and [start] firing randomly into the crowd.

It lasted for 10 minutes. 10 minutes. 10 horrific minutes where everyone was on the floor covering their heads. [I] heard so many gunshots.

The terrorists were very calm … they reloaded their weapons three or four times. They didn’t shout anything. They didn’t say anything…

They began shooting people [who were] on the floor … I [saw] 20 to 25 bodies lying on the flooring … [some] people were very badly injured with gunshot wounds …

It was a bloodbath.

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Why Record Guns Sales are Not Showing in National Gun Ownership Polls

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Published on: November 16, 2015


Gun sales are at record levels. In the last six months, gun sales, as reflected by the National Instant Check system, have hit record highs for each of the six months.

It is almost certain that 2015 will be the highest year on record for private gun sales in the United States.

But when national polls ask how many households own guns, the numbers appear to be the same or dropping. How do we reconcile this seeming contradiction? The answer is likely in a Zogby Analytic question asked in February of 2015.

Two Paris Terrorists Lived in Supposedly Mythical ‘No-Go Zone’ Neighborhood in Brussels

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Published on: November 16, 2015


Certain residents of Molenbeek have been linked to terrorism plots going back “several years.” The Belgian government acknowledges that it “doesn’t have control” over it. It would appear that the government hasn’t had control over Molenbeek for several years.

Gosh, Molenbeek sort of sounds like one of those “no-go zones” that we’ve been told don’t exist, doesn’t it?

Molenbeek doesn’t just sound like a no-go zone. The UK Independent reports that it is a “police no-go zone,” and that it was home to two of the terrorists who carried out the Paris attacks…

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French Political Elites Panic As Marine Le Pen Gains Ground

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Published on: November 16, 2015

As Breitbart London has reported, Ms. Le Pen has been warning of the consequences of open-ended migration from the Middle East and what it will mean not just for the future of France but all of Europe. Her opponents try and define her message as “racist” and “xenophobic” when she says “The absolute rejection of Islamic fundamentalism must be proclaimed loudly and clearly” but voters are listening.

“Without any action, this migratory influx will be like the barbarian invasion of the 4th century, and the consequences will be the same,” Le Pen told a recent rally. “We must immediately stop this madness to safeguard our social pact, freedom and identity.

“Sarkozy opened the door, and Hollande and [Prime Minister Manuel] Valls have taken them off the hinges,” continued the 47-year old politician. “The leaders offer to host migrants, without even asking their inhabitants, the same leaders who destroyed Libya, and continue to destabilise Syria.”

The FN leader’s message is simple, to the point and being heard. She is anti-EU, anti-Schengen open borders and anti-meddling bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg. All of that scares the traditional political alliances which have been content to divide the spoils of French power between for more than a century.

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France Must Offer Land for Peace

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Published on: November 16, 2015

In the aftermath of the series of protests in Paris against occupation by activists and militants, who have grievances, we bring you the French plan for peace, based on France’s Mideast policies. It is the only way to solve the problem of ISIS activism in Paris.

First, we all agree that territory must not be annexed by force. Therefore, we can also agree that Germany has a moral right to demand the return of Alsace-Lorraine, for the French aggression in 1945 and its consequent occupation must not be rewarded. “A full withdrawal for full peace” should operate here. Further, France must agree to the return and rehabilitation of all ethnic Germans expelled from Alsace-Lorraine after World Wars I and II, as well as all those they define as their descendents.

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Gun Owners of America: Time to Let Gun Grabbers Know We Will Not Comply

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Published on: November 15, 2015


On November 12, CBS NEWS reported that “White House lawyers” are examining gun laws to find an avenue where President Obama can use executive action to go around Congress and expand background checks to cover private gun sales.

Obama and the attorneys are trying to determine a threshold that private gun owners who sell and trade guns would cross in order to be treated like licensed gun dealers. Once they cross that threshold—which NBC News reported might be “50 or 100 guns a year”—private citizens would be required to go through a licensed dealer and obtain a background check in order to sell a gun to a neighbor, co-worker, or parent. In other words, the private gun sales Americans have conducted since 1791 would be done away.

Guns Owners of America’s (GOA) executive director Larry Pratt recently talked to Breitbart News about this behind-the-scenes maneuver and said it is past time for GOP leaders in Congress to stand up in clear opposition to Obama’s plans.

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The PBA Widows’ and Children’s Fund, Inc. (the “Fund”) provides aid and assistance to widows, widowers and eligible dependents of police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

If you would like to donate to this 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, please make a check payable to:

New York City PBA Widows and Children's Fund

And send it to:

Michael Morgillo

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association

125 Broad Street

11th Floor

New York, NY 10004-2400

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