Earlier this month we posted news that Frank Taafe, a self-proclaimed “friend” of George Zimmerman, was going to testify before a Grand Jury that he now believed Zimmerman had a racist motivation for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. This news came just days before the hotly contested November 4 election in which the Democrats took the same kind of beating that Trayvon delivered to Zimmerman, but without the benefit of being armed. (See: Key Witness for Zimmerman Grand Jury Changes Story.)

Taaffe’s Grand Jury appearance, scheduled for last Wednesday, was delayed for unexplained reasons. (See: We interrupt post-election gloating for news about the DOJ Zimmerman Grand Jury.) According to reporting by the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, however, Taaffe was to appear before the Grand Jury today to testify about Zimmerman’s purported racial animus.

Such testimony would be a game changer in lingering efforts to seek Federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Despite dozens of FBI interviews of people associated with Zimmerman, there was never so much as a smidgen of evidence that Zimmerman shot Martin for reasons of racism. Indeed, what evidence was developed ran counter to that narrative.

Among those at the time who told FBI agents that they had no reason to believe Zimmerman had a racial motive for shooting Martin? Frank Taaffe.

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