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Home Invasion Thug Stabs 75-Year-Old Man, 80-Year-Old Wife BLOWS THUG AWAY!

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Published on: May 2, 2016


An intruder broke into a home in Monroe, Washington and began stabbing a 75-year old man. Fortunately for the victim, but unfortunately for the intruder, the man’s 80-year old wife was home. The woman grabbed her gun, walked in, and shot the man who was stabbing her husband.

The 25-year old intruder died at the scene.

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Police shooting of armed musician heads to grand jury

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Published on: April 28, 2016


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A grand jury will decide whether a former police officer should face charges in the fatal shooting of a legally armed black musician who was waiting on the side of the road for a tow truck, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said during a news conference that his office would continue its investigation of former Palm Beach Gardens officer Nouman Raja in the death of Corey Jones and present the case to a grand jury. Aronberg’s other options were to charge Raja or clear him.

Citing state law, he said he could not discuss what evidence investigators have collected.

“The goal is to do justice,” Aronberg said. “We have been as transparent as we are allowed to be under the rules.”

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Ammunition Disaster, Again

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Published on: April 22, 2016

Carry Life | Ammunition Disaster, Again

We’ve observed that the ammunition drought is waning—thank goodness. Joining the ramp-up of established suppliers are new domestic and offshore sources, all supplemented by healthy growth of, and interest in, handloading. Thank goodness, again. We can finally get back out to the range and not treat every cartridge like a gold nugget.

For reasons that remain a little murky, however, it seems as though we’re seeing more ammunition-related issues once we’re there. None of these—happily—have been serious, but it seems as though folks are treating cartridges as a commodity just a bit more than is truly wise. Despite being small packages, the little buggers are complex and powerful: It pays to know just what you’re feeding your firearm, and be hyperaware of how they function together.

We took a good look at the sorts of things that can go wrong on the back end of the cartridge. This is usually the stuff that prevents firing—bum priming of one type or another. Problems at the other end can be just as formidable, though they usually prevent feeding. Either—duh—can be a major nuisance on the range, but a genuine danger for the Carry Life: A stoppage is a stoppage, and most are preventable.

Bullet Damage

This one is easy, and we’ve partially dealt with it here. But take a peek at the front of every bullet you load, and especially for defensive purposes. Obvious flaws in symmetry or serious gouges are automatic disqualifiers.

We also perform a tactile check on “flaring” closure. This is a rare flaw in factory ammunition, but not, repeat not unknown. This occurs after the case mouth is slightly over-expanded to accept the base of the bullet without damage, and then closed (usually with a taper crimp) to a diameter intended to stop the cartridge at the correct depth against the “shoulder” at the far end of the chamber. Insufficient crimp/closure can lock your action up astonishingly tight, and is a bear (even dangerous) to clear. In the check for this, you’re looking for no “sharpness” at the rim of the case, and certainly no remaining visual evidence of the flare.

Be careful you don’t confuse the undesirable sharpness with a defined edge. If it’s too smooth, you have an over-crimp that can create ignition and accuracy problems, but it’ll feed as though greased!

The most reliable way to capture all these checks at once is the “thunk” test. Remove the barrel from your pistol, clean the chamber, and let each round fall into the chamber (don’t push it in). A properly sized round will “thunk” to a stop with the base of the case juuuuust clear of the feed ramp—we think you’ll know it when you hear it. Rounds that don’t do this can have a variety of problems—all are bad, some are dangerous. Discard and preferably disassemble them.

Bullet Profile

This is a more difficult assessment to make on inspection alone than you might think. Generalizations are certainly possible, but even these must be taken with a grain—or several thousand grains—of salt.

Round-nosed or conical bullets are generally the best for feeding reliability, and that’s why they’re so common as auto-loader target fodder. Their old name was “military ball,” or just plain “ball” ammo, and they’re everywhere in the .380 ACP, 9 mm and .45 ACP worlds. They aren’t foolproof, however: If overall length (commonly known as OAL) isn’t right, they can be very nearly as aggravating as …

… Truncated cones. Ours is a love-hate relationship when “TCs” are the topic of conversation: We’ve had both good and terrible luck with them. They aren’t all that common outside of .40 caliber (both .40 S&W and 10 mm). That’s for a good reason—they are generally malfunction-prone if OAL doesn’t fall in a very narrow range. This means they’re sensitive to feed ramp shape/collision angle, hence sensitive to slide speed, hence to recoil spring rate, and hence to grip mechanics. You get the idea. That said, if they work in your gun, they’re likely to work very well, as they allow more mass for a given profile, and this can make TCs seem softer-shooting than other shapes.

Hollow-points are the remaining major group of profiles. They’re widely and correctly associated with defensive use because of how they react on striking targets: The hollow nose is essentially a designed-in “fault” that causes the bullet nose to open (often dramatically) further on impact. Such “mushrooming” rapidly transfers bullet energy into the target and keeps the projectile from exiting what it hits and causing unintended downrange damage or injury.

Some varieties have rounded external profiles and feed with nearly the reliability of ball. Others are more slope-sided like truncated cones. These designs afford a bigger “hollow” and theoretically better expansion, but may not feed as well. These can be a big crapshoot from individual firearm to individual firearm. Though they generally feed much better in the last 10 years than they used to, before choosing anything for a Carry Life application, they require …

Testing, Testing, Testing

Anybody that “shoots for a living,” that is service members, law enforcement, etc., generally benefits from the work of professionals that do this for them. All the factors that go into the “big tent” called reliability are within their purview. They have the training, resources and facilities to exercise every aspect of ultra-reliability. They’re generally damn good at it too.

They have another huge advantage that often escapes notice—a comparatively tiny number of firearms that must rise to the vaunted levels of performance their environments (rightly) require. In consequence, manufacturers are also far more likely to pay close attention both to their needs and any issues—again, just as they should.

Mere mortals make their own version of the reliability equation both better and worse. On the positive side of the ledger, choices from a broader selection of firearms and ammunition can be tuned to very specific—even personal—needs/tastes. The downside should be equally obvious: Dramatically more potential variation in performance accompanies this huge variety.

Spare a little pity for manufacturers here: They try to meet everybody’s needs with all firearms and for every conceivable, legit purpose in a huge variety of calibers. That’s the job we don’t envy!

All of which brings us to our point: If you’re serious about the Carry Life, you dare not trust anybody else’s evaluation of ammunition for one reason—they don’t have your firearm.

While modern designs and manufacturing methods have substantially reduced gun-to-gun variation in the last generation or so, it is still less than perfect. You can probably expect that if your pal’s Model XYZ will run Ammo ABC, yours will too. But you probably cannot expect that if Company 123’s version of Model ABC will run given ammunition, your Company 789’s version of the XYZ will. (1911, Beretta/Taurus/SIG, CZ/EAA owners, are you listening?)

Nor should you expect that compact versions of full-size guns will behave as their bigger relatives do. This gets complicated in a hurry, but locking/unlocking geometry, barrel length, slide mass, recoil spring rates and your ability to keep operating energy “in the gun” as size changes are just a few of the variables that can turn your reliable workhorse into a finicky diva in nothing flat.

So how much testing of expensive self-defense ammo is enough, you gulp and ask? Well before you buy a single round, do some research. Firearm manufacturers are the best resource here: They may have military and or law enforcement contracts that they’ve tested for, and met. Cash in, so to speak, on this data if you can. More and more firearm companies are even making their own ammo; if this isn’t a recommendation, what would be?

The next best resource is local law enforcement. While Departments are likely constrained by liability concerns from “official” comment, use your imagination a little, and you can often find out what they load. If your luck is good, you may be able to connect the dots between your defensive firearm and a nearby agency, which is better still: Use what they use.

Failing that, we have a hard time recommending anything less than 100 rounds, and 150 or 200 is better.

<<Cue agonized groans>>

Yep: It’s a beating money-wise, but think about consequences. Even though your goal is to be so observant that you avoid altercations altogether, or so skilled that you play your own intimidation card, in the end a defensive firearm must be utterly reliable. And how that firearm behaves in your hands is the only test that really matters.

So inspect—and test—those cartridges, and Carry on.

thumbVideo: The Basics of Appendix Carry

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Published on: April 22, 2016

Surge in gun sales helped create tens of thousands of jobs last year

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Published on: April 18, 2016


An unprecedented surge in gun sales created tens of thousands of jobs last year.

The gun industry added 24,763 jobs in 2015 for a nationwide total of 287,986, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

That’s an increase of nearly 10% from the year before in manufacturing and retail jobs for guns, ammunition and related supplies, like hunting gear.

Job growth in the last few years has been “nothing short of remarkable,” said the NSSF, which reported a job increase of 73% since 2008.

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Beretta is opening new gun factory in Tennessee (Adios Libscum…)

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Published on: April 12, 2016

Beretta executives decided to move its manufacturing when Maryland lawmakers passed restrictive gun control laws that applied to some of Beretta’s more powerful weapons.

Related: Why did Beretta move its factory out of Maryland?

Beretta USA lawyer Jeff Reh said a later version of the law made allowances for Beretta to make sure the company could still make guns in Maryland, but the company feared that “with the stroke of a pen our ability to manufacture products for the armed forces, or police, or even civilians, could be blocked.” The company maintains some offices in Accokeek, but no factory.

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At Least Five Gun-Purchase Records Set in March 2016

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Published on: April 12, 2016

“Hillary Clinton is making gun control a central theme of her campaign” for president of the United States, the Wall Street Journal reports. But whether this is a strategy that will win the White House is in dispute, or certainly ought to be. Based upon trends in firearm background checks conducted by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), opposition to gun control may be stronger than ever.

The number of checks conducted in March 2016 was the highest for any March since NICS’ inception. The 2,523,265 checks topped the previous record for the month, 2,488,842, set in 2013.

March 2016 also marked the tenth consecutive month in which the number of checks was the highest for the month in question. Stated another way, there were more checks in May 2015 than in any previous May, more in June 2015 than for any previous June, and so on for every month since.

Also, the number of checks for the 12-month period ending the 31st of March was the highest for any 12-month period on record. The number for that 12-month period, 25,179,245, was over a half million higher than the number for the previous 12-month high, set at the end of February.

Finally, March was also the 5th highest month for checks since NICS’ inception, behind December 2015, December 2012, February 2016 and January 2016. Thus, four of the highest five NICS months on record have transpired as Clinton has gone from tiresome to shrill in her advocacy of gun control.

Suarez: The Terrorist Versus The Criminal (Learn to Shoot to Kill Without Hesitation)

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Published on: April 8, 2016


So here is the reality. You of course don’t have to agree. You can continue to think you can treat the Jihadist, or the Crazy Guy Bent On Killing Everyone In The Room in the same way you would handle the mugger in the parking lot. But I think if you try to do that, the bad guy will kill you and that will be that.

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Massad Ayoob – After The Shoot: 7 Real-Life Cases Imperative to Gun Owners!

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Published on: March 25, 2016

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In November of 2015, in Washington State, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending and presenting at the first Legal Eagles Gun Law Conference sponsored by Northwest Public Safety, with J.B. Herren and Glenda Edwards presiding. Judging by the excellent critiques I saw from the dozens who attended the six-day presentation, it won’t be the last. Those people paid $3,000 a piece to attend. The following touches on some of the most instructive learning points.

A powerful history of modern gun-related lawmaking and litigation from Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation on the first day was followed by Marty Hayes, the founder of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and, for a quarter century, a successful firearms/self-defense instructor and expert witness in the field. For much of the first day and part of the second, he shared advice he had gathered from that considerable experience.

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Massad Ayoob on Sizing a Handgun

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Published on: March 7, 2016

How do you test your defensive sidearm to the point where you can be confident in it?

How do you figure out the right car or computer or defensive firearm for your needs? You test it. You do so preferably before you buy it, but certainly before you trust something important to it, like your life.

Let’s look at some of the most important criteria in defensive handgun selection…

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Spetsnaz Lead Raid Into Syria’s ISIS land and Pile the Bodies Up for YouTube (Video)

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Published on: February 24, 2016

Rough translation from the Arabic “Syrian allies” eliminate scores of “ISIS” terrorists advancing near Khanasser.

AL: Armed Citizen lnvolved in Stopping Mass Shooting (Ammoland)

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Published on: February 22, 2016


Another legally armed person has stopped a potential mass shooting in Hamilton, Alabama on February 10th, 2016.

The shooting occurred in the morning, a little over an hour before noon, over a distance of a couple of  blocks.

Two people, 67-year-old Donny Miller and 61-year-old Linda Cole were killed in separate offices.  The second victim was shot in an accounting office close to the bank pictured above.  A WVTM13 crew was on the scene less than two hours after the shooting.  Here is video from Marlei Marinez, from WVTM13.

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Cop Prosecuted for a Negligent Discharge in NYC

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Published on: February 16, 2016



Read this article. An NYPD officer just got convicted of both manslaughter and official misconduct after an accidental shooting that occurred on his SECOND DAY of patrol.

For all my cop friends and those who want to be cops. Study this case.

Here’s the deal…

I don’t know ANY academies ANYWHERE in the country that turn out competent gunfighters upon graduation. I was the best shooter in my academy class, but looking back, I didn’t know SHIT about shooting when I graduated the police academy. I took the initiative to seek out quality professional firearms training on my own time and my own dime. Most cops will never do that. Consequently, most cops NEVER become truly competent shooters. Those who do, learn the skills on their own DESPITE their police training, not BECAUSE of it. Police firearms training is universally abysmal (with a few very small exceptions).

It doesn’t surprise me that this cop screwed up and shot someone. It actually surprises me that it doesn’t happen more often. The problem we are seeing now is that society is far less tolerant of such “accidents” and is willing to hold officers accountable for their actions. Where previously, police departments would pay big money to settle a civil suit and the officer would not be criminally charged, now we are seeing a change. Courts are holding officers criminally responsible for their actions (as they should).

So all of us cops are put in a trick bag. We are held to a professional standard, but our agencies will not provide the training necessary to live up to that standard. This won’t end well for anyone, especially the officer on the street just trying to do a good job.

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NYPD Authorizes Registration of ARES SCR Rifles in NYC

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Published on: February 15, 2016

ARES SCR Sport Configurable Rifle

ARES Defense Systems, the country’s leading manufacturer of innovative, mission-configurable firearms, parts and accessories announces that the NYPD Firearms License Division has completed their review of the ARES SCR rifle and have determined that it is not a military firearm (assault weapon) as defined by NYC law, and is accordingly authorized for registration, to own and possess by qualified residents of New York City.

For those unfamiliar with the situation as it developed in the past few months; the ARES SCR (Sport Configurable Rifle) is a sporting rifle that does not exhibit any banned features as defined in the New York SAFE Act and is therefore considered legal to own and possess in the state of New York. New York City however has additional criteria by which they test firearm classification and the discretion to determine what is an “Assault Weapon” under NYC guidelines.

At first blush, some members of the License Division interpreted the ARES SCR to potentially be a copy of an AR15 type rifle (which is banned in the state), and therefore instituted a temporary prohibition on registering ARES SCR rifles in New York City until they could fairly review the matter and make a final determination as to the ARES SCR classification in NYC.

When they completed their review yesterday, they ruled in favor of allowing registration of the ARES SCR Rifle by qualified residents of New York City.

thumbINSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill (Video)

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Published on: January 11, 2016

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