• NYCG Radio Episode #61 – 4/01/14 “Piers Morgan Bites It”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    NY Troopers PBA: Hey, our members didn’t pass SAFE (“Just Following Orders” BS), Audio : NYSRPA’s Tom King: New York 7-Round Limit for 10-Round Magazine Unconstitutional, NYCs Knife Control Based on Same ‘Irrational Premise’ as Gun Control, Giuliani Slams de Blasio, Says He Has ‘Real Disagreements’ With Mayor’s Policy, Communist Mayor De Blasio booed by Mets fans during 1st pitch, Former campaign workers for Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo charged with fraud, Christie Will Either Veto Magazine Restriction Bill, Or Kiss His Presidential Aspirations Goodbye, Udio: NJ Lawmaker Ripping Proposed Gun Bans in Garden State, Al-Qaeda magazine: Strike NY, DC with car bombs, Gun Grabber Keith Farnham’s Office Raided By Feds Searching For Child Porn!, Dem State Senator Who Authored Gun Control Legislation Arrested for Conspiring to Traffic Firearms, The NRA Wins Again in Georgia, Radio Lib Mike Malloy to NRA Board Member: ‘I Will Shoot You!’ Over New GA Laws, Piers Morgan Is Off The Air – Uses last few minutes to attack Us gun owners & the NRA, PIERS MORGAN WAS ON TV? (Bob Lonsberry), Audio: NRAs Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2014, Declaring an Emergency, Idaho Governor Signs Gun Grab Nullification, EMILY MILLER: Exclusive — Shock verdict — Mark Witaschek guilty of possessing muzzleloader bullets in D.C., SWAT Targets Family for Drinking Tea, Why We Won’t Yield To Unconstitutional Gun Law, Colorado’s gun restrictions go to trial, The Plan for Police Nullification.

    WARNING! This Content Contains AWESOME VULGARITY

  • NY Troopers PBA: Hey, our members didn’t pass SAFE (“Just Following Orders” BS)

    Statement From NY Troopers PBA:

    The NY SAFE Act has been a controversial and emotional topic since its passage in January of 2013. The NYS Troopers PBA, representing more than 6,000 active and retired members, has reserved public comment as we worked within the legislative process of NYS government with the hope of affecting changes to the law. Our membership holds widely shared concerns of this new law. Additionally, we believe that actual enforcement of these new regulations will significantly increase the hazards of an already dangerous job.

    Polls have shown that increased firearm regulations are not popular in the more rural and upstate regions of our state, which is where the majority of our members live and patrol. Additionally, some in mainstream media have already irresponsibly increased the anti-police rhetoric, which fosters additional resentment of law enforcement. Even some of our elected officials, like Senator Ranzenhofer and Assemblyman Gabryszak, are calling for a probe of our members and their efforts to meet the standards of this new law.

    It is the responsibility of this union to defend the reputation and safety of our members. Potential legislative changes as well as pending court decisions may further alter the terms of the SAFE Act. The individual members of this union did not write the terms of the bill nor vote on its passage. We urge the citizens of New York State to remember that Troopers are simply tasked with the lawful mandate to enforce the laws of the State, regardless of their personal opinion of such laws.


    The chief U.S. District Court judge in New Mexico granted a permanent injunction yesterday against the State of New Mexico’s “citizens only” concealed carry law that unfairly discriminated against permanent legal resident aliens in a case brought by the Second Amendment Foundation.

    Chief Judge M. Christina Armijo issued an order yesterday that says the New Mexico statute “violates the Equal Protection Clause” of the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment.

    “This is a victory not only for our plaintiff, John W. Jackson, but for all permanent legal resident aliens who are otherwise qualified to obtain a concealed handgun license,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.

    Jackson is an Australian citizen, but resides in Rio Rancho, N.M.

    “One of the more significant notations in the ruling,” Gottlieb said, “is that the court found New Mexico’s statute discriminates on the basis of alienage, and as a result, was subject to strict scrutiny.”

    The ruling does not declare the state’s concealed carry law unconstitutional, but it does conclude that the remedy for violating the equal protection clause is to sever the citizenship provision from the statute. This can be done, the judge said, “without impairing the remainder” of the state’s concealed carry law, which still requires an applicant to meet all of the state’s remaining requirements.

    “This is one more example of how SAF is winning firearms rights one lawsuit at a time,” Gottlieb said. “Mr. Jackson has demonstrated that he is a productive member of the community and certainly did not give up any right to personal protection by moving from his country to our country.”

  • Colorado’s 2012 Gun Ban Go to Trial AT LAST!

    Sheriff John Cooke addresses Northern Colorado Law Enforcement and residents at the grand opening of the Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Laboratory.

    ERIC DUNCAN For the Tribune

    Sheriff John Cooke addresses Northern Colorado Law Enforcement and residents at the grand opening of the Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Laboratory.


    Colorado’s new gun restrictions went on trial Monday as Second Amendment advocates seek to overturn the laws on grounds that they violate constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

    An attorney for the state defended the ammunition magazine limits and expanded background checks, saying the measures were a suitable response to high-profile shooting rampages.

    In his opening statement, Deputy Attorney General Matthew Grove noted Colorado’s tortured history with mass shootings, from the Columbine High School attack in 1999 to the Aurora movie theater massacre in 2012. He also mentioned the shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012.

    Responding to such events last year, “Colorado’s elected representatives made a policy decision to pass two pieces of legislation that appropriately balances the state public’s safety concerns with the respect of the Second Amendment rights of citizens,” Grove said.

    Attorney Richard Westfall, representing gun rights advocates, countered by saying the laws “were passed with almost no evidence or data” that they would make people safer, and he criticized lawmakers as trying “to legislate for the sake of legislating in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting.”

    The arguments in Denver federal court kicked off a two-week trial on an issue that’s been among Colorado’s most politically contentious in recent memory.

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  • Bob Lonsberry: PIERS MORGAN WAS ON TV?

    Apparently, Piers Morgan had a TV show.

    It was on CNN.

    He was the host nobody watched on the network nobody watched.

    And on Friday they cut him loose. Hopefully, now he’ll go back to wherever people who talk funny come from.

    But as a parting shot, just before they turned out the lights, he lectured us benighted colonials on our nasty taste for guns. He told us we needed more gun control and would remain in the category of Third World savages until we do it.

    He said he did this because he loved us Americans, and wanted to keep more of us alive.

    As if we don’t have enough self-important liberals in America, CNN had to import one. And he, like all of his progressive friends, figures that it’s his business to tell you how to live.

    And you’ve got to get rid of your guns.

    Even though if it wasn’t for your guns, he’d be speaking German.

    What Piers Morgan, as a subject of her majesty, may not realize, is that in America we value freedom. That’s why we’re not subjects of her majesty.

    We are descended from people who told an English king to go screw himself. Piers Morgan is descended from people who curtsy. We’re wired different.

    More to the point, we’re wired right.

    And he’s wired European.

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  • Great Moments in Prohibition and the Drug War

    Even though I’m personally a prude on the issue of drugs, that doesn’t stop me from opposing the Drug War, both for moral and practical reasons.

    After all, how can any sensible and decent person want laws that produce these outrageous results?

    The DEA trying to confiscate a commercial building because a tenant sold some marijuana.

    The government seeking to steal a hotel because some guests sold some marijuana.

    Cops raiding an organic nursery and seizing blackberry bushes.

    The feds grabbing cash from innocent bystanders in legal cases.

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  • Communist Mayor De Blasio booed by Mets fans during 1st pitch

    Mayor de Blasio throws out the first pitch on Opening Day for the Mets.
    Photo: Getty Images


    Mets fans greeted Mayor de Blasio with hearty Bronx cheers on Monday, before he left early on the Amazins’ bitter Opening Day loss.

    Donning a pinstripe home white jersey and blue Mets cap over dress pants, de Blasio was loudly booed twice by Flushing faithful — once as he was announced and then again as he left the Citi Field diamond.

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  • Riot Cop Violently Blindsides Girl During Arizona Riots (Video)

    Video courtesy of Phoebe Landolt.
    Arizona students riot after the Wildcats lost to Wisconsin. To control the situation riot cops were called in, but some of them were very violent. A cop in riot gear took down an innocent girl for no reason. She didn’t seem to be make an audible or visible scene, and the response by the cop was excessive.

  • SWAT Targets Family for Drinking Tea (Police State Follies)

    In 21st-century America, the most innocent of activities could have a SWAT team busting down your door. Reason profiles the Harte family, who were the victims of a SWAT home invasion after police raided their garbage cans (h/t Ben Domench). An unreliable field test falsely identified Addie Harte’s trashed teabags as marijuana, and SWAT leapt into action. The Hartes didn’t just suffer the trauma of the raid—they had to spend $25,000 just to find out why they were targeted.

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  • Democrat NY City Coucilwoman Gets on Ballot & Wins Election with 81% Fraudulent Signatures

    Council Member Maria Del Carmen Arroyo asking pointed questions of Eva Moskowitz (out of frame), executive director of the Harlem Success Academy charter schools, at a hearing on charter schools at the Education Committee in the City Council chamber on Monday, April 6, 2009.

    Three former campaign workers for Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo were officially charged with fraud Wednesday.

    Betty Julien, Elbin Lopez and Luis Vargas were quietly arrested Tuesday night — eight months after being accused by the elected official of forging signatures for her reelection petitions.

    The trio of hired staffers were fingered by the Councilwoman after volunteers for her primary challenger, Julio Pabon, noticed names such as Derek Jeter Jr. and Kate Moss on the rolls.

    “I thought this was all behind me,” said Lopez, 49, looking dazed as he left the courtroom.

    Arroyo, who went on to win both the primary and general elections, was nearly booted from the ballot for lack of legitimate signatures.

    A staggering 81% of the 3,339 signatures filed by the campaign were deemed invalid.

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  • Knife Control Based on Same ‘Irrational Premise’ as Gun Control

    Look what they’re doing in New York City regarding pocket knives. District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., is prosecuting individuals who are caught carrying “illegal gravity knifes.” These are the very knives 90 percent of the people American people carry when they carry a knife: they are folding pocket knives. But the DA claims these are illegal because if you try hard enough you can probably flip them open with an aggressive arm and wrist movement–thus the label “gravity knives.”

    Now get this–If you are a gun owner in NYC, once you are arrested for having an “illegal gravity knife” you have to turn in your guns within 24 hours.

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  • Why We Won’t Yield To Unconstitutional CT Gun Bans

    Gun Rally

    A year ago this coming Friday, the Connecticut General Assembly passed and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed into law “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Child Safety.” This bill, which requires owners of semiautomatic rifles defined as assault weapons to register them and includes other restrictions on guns and standard-capacity magazines, was placed into law using emergency certification, which means it had no public comment or input.

    If hearings on the bill had been held, the legislature would have heard from the thousands of law-abiding gun owners who see this law as unconstitutional and continue to support its repeal.

    The law neither prevents violence nor protects children. It has, however, far reaching effects. It converts law-abiding citizens into potential felons by the tens of thousands, by making criminals of those of us who choose not to comply with the registration requirements. This despite our having legally and safely owned guns and ammunition for years. It has been reported conservatively that there are more than 50,000 unregistered assault weapons in Connecticut. Their owners can be charged with a Class D felony.

    This law, passed in the aftermath of the tragic killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, emerged from the bowels of the Capitol in the dead of night. It is just the most current example of the mistaken ideological crusade that is “gun control.” Requiring legislation on an object will not slow those with malicious intent. Further, history has proven that gun control laws lead to confiscation. It happened in England. It happened in Australia. It happened in Canada. Now it will happen in America.

    Neither school safety nor proven real issues that lead to gun violence are addressed in this law. How does registration dissuade a person bent on violence?

    Those who are willing to see the awful truth of our current situation realize that the law has been perverted to serve ideology and political leaning over equal and exact justice founded on the protection of individual rights. Can there be any safety to property or individual rights with this model at its core?

    The Connecticut Constitution is very clear, beginning with a Declaration of Rights. Article 1 Section 15: “Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.”

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  • NYSRPA’s Tom King: New York 7-Round Limit for 10-Round Magazine Unconstitutional (Video)

    The New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide has been revised. It instructs its members not to enforce the 7-round magazine limit created by the Act. It comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association in U.S. District Court for Western New York. Tom King, president of the NYSRPA, discusses the revision, and the lawsuit that brought about the change.

  • Florida Alert! Video of Florida Sheriffs Association Opposition to Right to Bear Arms

    Thursday March 27th 2014, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) openly testified against Second Amendment rights to the Florida House Judiciary Committee saying, “In our opinion, there is a difference between owning a firearm and carrying one concealed on your person. Owing a firearm is a right; carrying it concealed is a privilege; and it is a privilege that is earned…”

    In what can only be viewed as contempt and distrust for law-abiding gun owners, the Florida Sheriffs Association went on to say that during an emergency you are “least likely to use a firearm in a safe and responsible manner”. Think about that. The Sheriffs are telling your legislature that when you are under attack by looters and rioters, you should be disarmed because you will be the irrational person in the situation.

    The Sheriff’s Association also told the committee that “there is plenty of time before hurricane season starts to go out and get a concealed weapons permit so you can carry on your person.” This is completely false. Hurricane Season starts June 1st, only 62 days from now. Even if you already have your training certificate, your fingerprinting done, and have the $112.00 in fees ready to spend today, appointments at the regional offices are booked up to six months out and applications by mail are currently taking more than 90 days.

    In other words, FSA is saying your Second Amendment right to BEAR arms can only be exercised if you have the time and money to get a license to carry a concealed handgun.

    The Sheriffs go on to claim that “Given modern technology, the approach of storms can be predicted days in advance; and the last second flight scenarios are just not realistic.” Anyone who has tracked approaching hurricanes knows this to be false.

    A similar law to the one that we are trying to fix was struck down in North Carolina in 2012. The federal court there said:
    “[T]he statutes here excessively intrude upon plaintiffs’ Second Amendment rights by effectively banning them (and the public at large) from engaging in conduct that is at the very core of the Second Amendment at a time when the need for self-defense may be at its very greatest.” Bateman v. Perdue, No. 5:10-CV-265-H, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 47336, (E.D.N.C. Mar. 29, 2012)

    In 1987 the Florida Sheriffs Association also opposed concealed carry, saying at the time that citizens should be forced to carry firearms openly so they would be able see who has guns. Once concealed carry passed, they turned around and pushed for the ban on open carry — which was legal until 1987. In 2011 the FSA opposed a bill that would have restored the open carry of handguns.

    The fact is that the Florida Sheriff’s Association has opposed every right to bear arms bill that has ever been offered.

    While the FSA may have some sympathy for people’s the Right to Keep Arms at home, it is obvious that the group has disdain for the Right to Bear Arms for self-defense. At the same committee hearing, Assistant Adjutant General for the Florida Army National Guard Maj. General Don Tyre spoke in support of the bill that will allow law abiding Floridians to take their guns with them during a mandatory evacuation order without the need for a concealed carry license.

    We call on you to contact your local Sheriff and ask if the Florida Sheriff’s Association is representing their values. Is lobbying against the right to bear arms during an emergency how they are honoring the oath that your Sheriff swore to defend the constitution? Does your Sheriff really support the Right to Bear Arms?

    It is time for Florida’s Constitutional Sheriffs to take control of the FSA or quit supporting it with your tax dollars.

    We need your help to continue the fight for your right to bear arms. Please Join Florida Carry today. https://www.floridacarry.org/join