• Soon-to-Be-Canceled Piers Morgan Warns NRA: ‘I’m Not Done With You Yet’ (But We Are With Him!)

    On February 23rd, news of Morgan’s demise made the rounds as Breitbart News reported CNN president Jeffery Zucker was done propping up Piers Morgan Live.

    Morgan responded to the pending cancellation by admitting his non-stop anti-gun rhetoric had put him in “danger of being the guy at the end of the bar who is always going on about the same thing”–the guy no one wants to talk with or listen to.

    But by Monday, February 24th, the humility had vanished, and a cocky Morgan tweeted the NRA a warning.

    Posted at Twitchy.com, the 7:53 a.m. tweet read: “I wouldn’t get too exited @NRA — I’m not done with you yet.”

  • Federal Judge Rules That NYPD Can Legally Spy On Mosques Suspected of Terrorist Ties

    In a major victory for homeland security and a major blow to Islamist apologists, a judge has ruled the NYPD’s surveillance of mosques was a lawful effort to prevent terrorism, not a civil rights violation.

    Several radical Islamist front groups — including the Muslim Brotherhood-tied Muslim Students Association — accused the NYPD of violating their civil rights through a post-9/11 program that included infiltrating and monitoring mosques to gather intelligence on jihadists and disrupt terror plots.

    In 2011 they sued the police department to kill the program and collect damages.

    On Friday, a federal judge killed their lawsuit instead.

    The decision is a shot in the arm for law enforcement looking for the best ways to protect the nation from another Islamic terror attack. If these pressure groups had succeeded in suing the NYPD, it would have handcuffed cops and given a green light to Islamic jihadists.

    Yet the judge agreed with the common-sense logic we’ve argued all along: Police can’t monitor the country for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community itself — including its places of worship, where too many terrorists are radicalized.

    “The motive for the program was not solely to discriminate against Muslims, but rather to find Muslim terrorists hiding among ordinary law-abiding Muslims,” said U.S. District Judge William Martini in his ruling.

  • US Supreme Court declines to Hear CCW Cases This Year

    The Supreme Court refused on Monday, as it has done repeatedly in recent years, to settle the issue of whether Second Amendment rights to have a gun extend beyond the home. The Court, without comment, denied three new petitions — two filed by the National Rifle Association — seeking clarification on the scope of an individual’s right to have a gun for personal self-defense. In other orders, the Court did not accept any new cases for review, although it did hold over a number of cases it had examined for potential review.

    Since the Court first ruled nearly six years ago that the Second Amendment protects a personal right to have a gun, it has issued only one further ruling — expanding that right so that it applies nationwide, to state and local gun control laws, as well as to federal laws. But, without exception, the Justices have turned aside every potential sequel, essentially leaving it to lower courts to continue to sort out variations on the right.

    One thing seemed clear from the denial of review of two of the new cases, the NRA’s challenges: the Court is not, as yet, ready to stop lower courts from creating an entirely new group in society with less than full gun rights. In those cases, it was youths aged eighteen to twenty years old.

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  • ‘All These People Tried To Buy Guns and We Stopped Them’: Two Gun-Control Governors Defend Policies To TheBlaze

    Two Democrat governors who signed significant gun-control legislation last year defended the laws as effective in preventing crime.

    “We have the lowest crime we’ve had in 46 years, currently,” Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy told TheBlaze. “So if you ask is there a connection between our gun policies, I’ll just leave it up to people to draw their own conclusion.

    “But we have a lower homicide rate than we’ve had. We have a lower crime rate overall,” the Democrat said. “In 46 years that’s a pretty good year.”

    However, Connecticut’s largest newspaper, The Hartford Courant, reported that there has been a lag in compliance with the requirement — passed by the Connecticut legislature and signed by Malloy in the wake of the Newtown school massacre in December 2012 — that gun owners register assault weapons.

    The Courant reported that about 50,000 applications for assault weapons certificates were sent to the state. But the paper, citing the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said that figure could account for just 15 percent of riffles classified as assault weapons.

    “No one has anything close to definitive figures, but the most conservative estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons well above 50,000, and perhaps as high as 350,000,” the Courant said. “And that means as of Jan. 1, Connecticut has very likely created tens of thousands of newly minted criminals — perhaps 100,000 people, almost certainly at least 20,000 — who have broken no other laws. By owning unregistered guns defined as assault weapons, all of them are committing Class D felonies.”

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  • Gun Entrepreneur Dick Cabela Is A Hero

    Entrepreneur Richard Cabela—the late founder of sporting goods empire Cabela’s—did more than create jobs. He protected our natural, God-given right to bear arms.

    Cabela passed away last Monday in his home state of Nebraska at the young age of 77. His story is empowering to entrepreneurs, gun owners and Second Amendment supporters.

    As tens of thousands of gun owners in the state of Connecticut commit civil disobedience and refuse to register their semi-automatic firearms, Dick Cabela’s legacy reminds us of the importance to never give up and never stop fighting for what we believe in.

    Cabela’s first attempt at advertising hand-tied fishing flies was a flop. Instead of giving up, he adjusted his marketing techniques and launched a mail-order sporting goods catalog. Within three short years, he and his family had more business than they could manage from their kitchen table.

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  • Butler: Remington’s NY exit signals Empire State closing for business (Thanks CuHomo!)

    Butler: Remington's NY egress signals Empire State closing for business

    An upstate New York lawmaker told Guns & Patriots Remington’s decision to develop a new plant outside the Mohawk Valley shows a state that is closed for business.

    “The long-term consequences of Remington expanding to Huntsville, Ala., instead of Ilion, N.Y., are profound,” said Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R.-Newport), whose district includes the Village of Ilion, where the Remington Outdoor Company has been situated for almost 200 years. “Remington is part of our culture.”

    The Village of Ilion which is located at the South Bank of the Mohawk River is recognized as ‘Remington Country’ because of its integral relationship between the village of about 8,000 people and the gun company-giant that employs over 1,300, he said. “Who hasn’t worked for Remington?”

    Remington, the country’s oldest firearm manufacturer, said they are expecting to create 2,000 new jobs over the next 10 years by adding a 500,000 sq.-ft. development site which will make for a total of 20 locations nationwide including the Ilion Firearms Plant & Museum.

    The company said expansion is predicated by a large increase in sales in 2013. “The Huntsville expansion provides for future needed capacity to support existing product demand and a robust new product pipeline.”

    The Ilion community has a reputation for skilled, high-quality workers, said Butler. “Expansion here would have been ideal if not for the anti-gun climate.”

    While Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is encouraging gun manufacturers to exit the Empire State, two-dozen states courted Remington to expand with them, said the Assemblyman who has called for the repeal of Cuomo’s signature gun control law – the SAFE Act.

    “My question to this administration is: What did you do to attract Remington to expand in New York?”

    The answer is nothing, he said. “The SAFE Act weakened any negotiations.”

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  • Rifle used by Detroit Mom to defend family is illegal “Assault Weapon” in NY

    In NY State, this mom would be a criminal and facing jail time because of cosmetic features on the rifle.


    I saw the videotape below at Ace of Spades HQ, as well as at Hot Air, regarding a Detroit mother at home with her children when three men, at least one of whom was armed with a handgun, attempted to kick open the front back door.

    Fearing for her safety and that of her children, this mother used a rifle in self-defense. She didn’t hit any of the intruders, but it was enough to scare them off initially, and again when one of them tried again to break in:

    Viewing the video, I wondered whether the rifle this mother used would be legal in New York State under the new SAFE Act, which was rushed through the NY State legislature on short notice after the Newtown, CT, school shooting.

    The SAFE Act was irrational in many respects, including a 7-round magazine limit that was unworkable and ultimately thrown out by the courts, a requirement that even 10-round magazines not be loaded with more than 7 bullets, and a definition of “Assault Weapon” that relied on physical characteristics that were cosmetic and common.

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  • NYPD forces gun buyers to wait six to eight months for permits (Some NYC Gun Owners Approve)

    I visited the Westside Rifle & Pistol Range because I was intrigued that such a place could exist in one of the least gun-friendly cities in the country. I was curious about the rare breed of New Yorker who is licensed to own a gun.

    When I sat down with Darren Leung, the owner, on the morning of December 14, 2012, neither of us was yet aware of the hell that had just been unleashed at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Wearing glasses and sporting a crew cut, Leung, who is 47, looked youthful in jeans, sneakers and a gray hoodie with the range’s name on it. I asked this fourth generation Chinese-American who grew up in Manhattan’s Chinatown what had drawn him to firearms.

    …It makes sense to keep guns on a short leash, Leung acknowledges, because “you want people to realize this is not a toy. If you make a mistake with a firearm, there is no coming back from that.” He also said he doesn’t have much problem with the six- to eight-month waiting period for a gun permit, though the $340 fee for a three-year license is quite steep compared to other places. Without such a permit, issued by the NYPD, which declined to say how many New Yorkers have gun permits despite repeated attempts, it’s illegal to even touch a handgun. And those who get a license are required to purchase a firearm as well, so it’s not possible to simply have a license to shoot pistols without having your own.

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  • Steve McLaughlin: Louder than the rest of CuHomo’s potential GOP challengers

    With his re-election campaign underway, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is riding high in the polls, but don’t tell that to Assembly member Steven McLaughlin, his self-described loudest critic.

    “I would point to a multitude of problems, but I think overwhelmingly he’s a bully,” McLaughlin said last week. “He acts that way and it’s catching up with him.”

    McLaughlin, a Rensselaer County Republican, compared Cuomo to Hitler and Mussolini after the SAFE Act gun law was pushed through the Legislature in January 2013, later apologizing for a poor choice of words.

    A year later, he says voters in his district remain livid with Cuomo, most recently for announcing a new program to provide a free college education to DOCCS prison inmates. He has an online petition to oppose the plan and his Facebook page features mock college t-shirts from “SUNY Rikers” and “Attica A&M,” part of “Cuomo’s College Convict Collection.”

    “It’s just that arrogance of Andrew and the inability to listen to anybody else other than his core group of people who apparently just tell him what he wants to hear or don’t ever say no to him,” McLaughlin said. “But he’s irritating a heckuva lot of people around here.”

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  • California May Pass Law to Protect Black People from Soda (Bloomberg Lives!)


    Bloombergism is alive and well in California as another front is declared in the War on Soda. Apparently black people can’t be trusted to decide what they want to eat or drink on their own.

    They must be protected from their food choices by the nanny state.

    A bill introduced in the California senate would require warning labels for soda and give state bureaucrats the authority to inspect businesses to ensure compliance.

    Sen. Bill Monning (D.) introduced the “Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Safety Warning Act” last week in the name of “public health,” which would prohibit selling soda or any sweetened drink with 75 calories or more without a safety warning.

    “When the science is this conclusive, the State of California has a responsibility to take steps to protect consumers,” Monning said in a statement. “As with tobacco and alcohol warnings, this legislation will give Californians essential information they need to make healthier beverage choices.”

    And then we can outlaw and tax soda and prevent it from being sold… because that will make everyone healthier.

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  • Justice Scalia Warns That Government Will Violate Your Civil Rights in Times of War

    At some point when America is at war, terrible violations of basic constitutional freedoms will occur. So says Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

    Speaking at the University of Hawaii’s law school on Feb. 3, Scalia talked about World War II, where American citizens who happened to be of Japanese descent were placed in internment camps in the 1940s. This government action was taken to court and ultimately was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Korematsu v. U.S.

    Korematsu is one of the most infamous cases in American history. It was an unmitigated betrayal of the Constitution’s guarantee that no one can be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. How could such a thing ever happen in America? The answer, according to Scalia, is found in an ancient Latin phrase, inter arma enim silent leges.

    That translates as, “In times of war, the laws fall silent.” It expresses the reality that in times of desperate conflict, those who wield military power tend to do what they think necessary, even when the law is against them.

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  • “America is Fed Up With Me”: Piers Morgan to Quit CNN Job (Anti Gun Rhetoric Kills His Show’s Ratings!)

    There have been times when the CNN host Piers Morgan didn’t seem to like America very much — and American audiences have been more than willing to return the favor. Three years after taking over for Larry King, Mr. Morgan has seen the ratings for “Piers Morgan Live” hit some new lows, drawing a fraction of viewers compared with competitors at Fox News and MSNBC.

    It’s been an unhappy collision between a British television personality who refuses to assimilate — the only football he cares about is round and his lectures on guns were rife with contempt — and a CNN audience that is intrinsically provincial. After all, the people who tune into a cable news network are, by their nature, deeply interested in America.

    CNN’s president, Jeffrey Zucker, has other problems, but none bigger than Mr. Morgan and his plum 9 p.m. time slot. Mr. Morgan said last week that he and Mr. Zucker had been talking about the show’s failure to connect and had decided to pull the plug, probably in March.

    Crossing an ocean for a replacement for Larry King, who had ratings problems of his own near the end, was probably not a great idea to begin with. For a cable news station like CNN, major stories are like oxygen. When something important or scary happens in America, many of us have an immediate reflex to turn on CNN. When I find Mr. Morgan telling me what it all means, I have a similar reflex to dismiss what he is saying. It is difficult for him to speak credibly on significant American events because, after all, he just got here.

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  • Asylum Fraud in Chinatown (NYC is a Bankrupt Sanctuary City for Illegals)

    A Chinese woman walked into a law office in New York’s Chinatown and asked to see her lawyer. She had applied for asylum, claiming that she had been forced to get an abortion in China to comply with the country’s family-planning laws, and she was anxious about her coming interview with immigration officials.

    She had good reason to be worried: Her claim, invented by her lawyer’s associates, was false.

    But the lawyer, John Wang, told her to relax. The process, he said, was straightforward, and as long as she memorized a few details, everything would be fine. “You are making yourself nervous,” he said in Mandarin. “All you would be asked is the same few rubbish questions.”

    “Just make it up,” the lawyer added.

    The conversation, in December 2010, was secretly recorded by federal officials conducting a wide investigation of immigration fraud in New York’s Chinese population. The inquiry has led to the prosecution of at least 30 people — lawyers (including Mr. Wang), paralegals, interpreters and even an employee of a church, who is on trial, accused of coaching asylum applicants in basic tenets of Christianity to prop up their claims of religious persecution. All were charged with helping hundreds of Chinese immigrants apply for asylum using false tales of persecution.

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  • U.S. Firearm Production Sets Record in 2012: AR-15 Production Up Over 100%

    The number of firearms manufactured in the U.S. for sale to American customers hit an all-time high in 2012, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (BATFE) new Firearms Manufacturers and Export Report. American firearm manufacturers produced roughly 8.3 million firearms for sale in the U.S., a new record, up 33 percent from the 6.2 million produced for American customers in 2011.

    The report shows not only that Americans valued firearms in 2012 more than ever before, but also that they particularly valued the kinds of firearms that gun control supporters have tried the hardest to get banned–handguns and semi-automatic rifles.

    Production of handguns rose 32 percent to four million in 2012, as compared to 2011, including a 36 percent increase in pistols and an 18 percent increase in revolvers. Production of the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America, more than doubled in 2012, to over 825,000, not counting the large numbers made by Remington, Bushmaster and Sturm, Ruger. Total rifle production rose 38 percent, to three million, while shotguns rose 18 percent to 900,000.

    We’ve been hearing for some time from those who want to ban guns that Americans aren’t interested in them anymore; that firearm ownership is on the decline. Like their fanciful notions that gun crime is somehow “exploding” or that concealed carry licensees are ticking time bombs, the numbers simply don’t back up their claims.

    The anti-gunners are going to need all the “new math” they can muster, because the 2012 report contains figures for only two months of the surge in firearm purchases that began with President Obama’s reelection. Meanwhile, the FBI’s NICS figures indicate that Americans bought even more firearms in 2013 than they did in 2012.

    For those who support the Second Amendment and American manufacturing, these figures provide cause for celebration. For those still seeking to ban private possession of firearms, they may want to skip the champagne and head straight for the aspirin.

  • A Tale of Two Realities: A NJ Gun Controller’s Slanderous Rhetoric and a Mother’s Stand to Save Her Children

    Despite current restrictions that place New Jersey well outside the American mainstream, gun controllers and some state lawmakers have made clear their intent to push even further in 2014, with wide-ranging legislation targeting nearly every aspect of the remaining gun freedom Garden State residents enjoy (or cling to, perhaps more accurately). Chief among these proposals is a bill that would lower the magazine capacity limit from the current 15 down to 10. And it appears gun control advocates are prepared to sink to any level of rhetorical excess to get it passed.

    In a February 14 NJ.com article, Bryan Miller, Executive Director of the self-proclaimed “faith-based movement to prevent gun violence” Heeding God’s Call, is quoted as stating, “Nobody needs a 15-round ammunition magazine unless they are a domestic terrorist or a gangster.”

    Miller’s inflammatory remark is a transparent attempt to paint those who oppose the current legislation as extreme and in league with violent criminals. Needless to say, it ignores the millions of Americans who own standard capacity magazines for a variety of lawful purposes. Further, Miller’s concise list of who needs standard capacity magazines will no doubt come as a surprise to New Jersey’s law enforcement officers, who are routinely equipped with magazines with a capacity greater than 10 and are not subject to the 15-round limit.

    As one might expect, Miller’s comments weren’t the only nonsensical rhetoric from anti-gun advocates on the issue. Later in the NJ.com piece, the author quotes another magazine ban supporter as saying, “We do a lot of studying and research and we speak to gun owners and people all over the political spectrum… We hear universally for hunting, home protection and sport shooting that a 10 round magazine is certainly plenty.”

    By employing the term “universally” the gun control advocate gives the impression that there is no valid argument for, or group of people that support, the right to own standard capacity magazines for lawful purposes. That of course is absurd and begs the question, what sort of “studying and research” was involved? Given the wealth of evidence and experience contradicting this gun controller’s statement, one might suspect the “research” cited consisted of reading the public relations talking points of Michael Bloomberg and his cohorts or polls conducted only amongst known gun control supporters.

    An October 28, 2013, Gallup poll showed that “Personal Safety/Protection” is the number one reason cited for gun ownership. And an enormous portion of the handguns and rifles sold for this purpose are specifically designed to use magazines with a capacity greater than 10. Moreover, a growing interest in the practical shooting sports, such as 3-Gun, has led to more shooting sports participants using 11+ magazines than ever before.

    These gun controllers certainly weren’t paying attention to Colorado, where law-abiding shooters bought thousands upon thousands of standard capacity magazines, and lined up for 20,000 free 30-round magazines offered by Magpul Industries, before the state’s magazine ban went into effect. In one statement, Magpul noted that it had allocated “a little over a million magazines” to meet the pre-ban demand from Coloradans. Staunch mainstream opposition to magazine restrictions was also evidenced by the recall of two Colorado state senators, and the resignation of a third, in response to the ban.

    In fact, support for a 10-round limit is so far from universal, that another Gallup poll, taken shortly after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., revealed it to be the least popular of Obama’s failed gun control proposals.

    Further, a recent case of self-defense in Detroit, Mich., brings into stark relief why millions of Americans choose to arm themselves using standard capacity magazines. The majority of the episode was captured on video and can be viewed here.

    The incident began when a trio of burglars, at least one of whom was armed with what appeared to be a handgun, attempted to break in through the back door of a home, while a mother was inside with her children. Upon becoming aware of the intrusion, the mother retrieved a semi-automatic rifle and warned the intruders she was armed. After the home invaders disregarded her warning and continued battering their way into the house, the mother fired shots at them, causing them to retreat. Once outside, one of the perpetrators picked up the weapon he had dropped and tried to reenter the house. At that point, the mother fired again, causing him to flee the scene for good. Police arrested the intruders a short time later and determined that two of them had been involved in previous home invasions.

    In this scenario a mother was forced to defend her home and children from a gang of experienced home invaders. All of the perpetrators were determined enough to ignore her warning that she had a gun and one even renewed the attack after being repelled by the initial shots. In this case, the mother’s ability to deliver follow-up shots after the first wave of the attack may well have made the difference between life and death for her and her children. If she were to conclude that a 20 or 30 round magazine is necessary for home defense in her neighborhood, is Bryan Miller in any position to tell her she’s wrong or to impugn her motives for having it?

    New Jersey lawmakers would be unwise to think that the rhetoric of gun control supporters in any way reflects reality on the issue. Millions of Americans and scores of New Jersey residents use magazines with a capacity greater than 10 for self-defense and the shooting sports every day. And while elections might seem a long way off to New Jerseys legislators, we’ll be sure to remind Garden State gun owners of who did, or did not, fall for the bogus anti-gun arguments before they head to the polls.