• Libs Admit That Anti-Gun “Advocates” Will Have to Settle for Small Gains (NRA Blamed – Heh Heh Heh)

    Chuck Schumer is pictured. | AP Photo

    For gun control advocates, the smallest of accomplishments in 2013 may have to be enough.

    A 10-year extension of the ban on plastic guns — not toys but high-powered firearms that can evade detection by metal detectors — is poised to clear Congress before the existing 25-year law expires on Dec. 9.

    But even something that simple is full of obstacles and opposition.

    Nearly a year after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary killed 20 children and six adults and long after a failed attempt to pass universal background checks for those who purchase firearms, any attempt to change gun laws remains a herculean task.

  • House Extends Ban on “Non-Metal” Guns for 10 Years by Voice Vote

    The House on Tuesday quickly approved legislation that would extend a ban the manufacture, sale or other trafficking in non-metal firearms that can evade metal detection.

    By a voice vote, members passed the bill to extend the Undetectable Firearms Act for another 10 years.

    The original law was passed in 1988, and has been renewed twice since then. Without reauthorization by Congress, the law will expire next week, on Dec. 9.

    The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Howard Coble (R-N.C.), said the law has had “overwhelming bipartisan support” in the past. However, he was the only Republican to speak on the bill, and the voice-vote approval prevented a detailed examination of how many Republicans opposed the bill.

    Democrats supported the extension as well, but argued that Congress should be looking to update the law to take into account new technology that allows plastic weapons and weapon parts to be produced on 3D printers. Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) said the law needs to be amended to ensure all critical gun parts contain at least some metal, so they can be detected.

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  • The New York Times Discusses “Zero Tolerance” School Pussification Policies

    Michele Eve Sandberg for The New York Times

    Belinda Hope, principal at the Pine Ridge Alternative Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

    Perhaps nowhere has the shift been more pronounced than in Broward County’s public schools. Two years ago, the school district achieved an ignominious Florida record: More students were arrested on school campuses here than in any other state district, the vast majority for misdemeanors like possessing marijuana or spraying graffiti.

    The Florida district, the sixth largest in the nation, was far from an outlier. In the past two decades, schools around the country have seen suspensions, expulsions and arrests for minor nonviolent offenses climb together with the number of police officers stationed at schools. The policy, called zero tolerance, first grew out of the war on drugs in the 1990s and became more aggressive in the wake of school shootings like the one at Columbine High School in Colorado.

    But in November, Broward veered in a different direction, joining other large school districts, including Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago and Denver, in backing away from the get-tough approach.

    Rather than push children out of school, districts like Broward are now doing the opposite: choosing to keep lawbreaking students in school, away from trouble on the streets, and offering them counseling and other assistance aimed at changing behavior.

    These alternative efforts are increasingly supported, sometimes even led, by state juvenile justice directors, judges and police officers.

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  • Va. gun sales set record on Black Friday

    Va. gun sales set Black Friday high as state prepares to set new annual record



    Virginia gun sales set a new high for Black Friday as the number of firearms sold statewide continues to soar and is just days away from setting an annual record.

    Gun transactions in Virginia totaled 3,902 on Black Friday, a 1.2 percent increase over the previous record of 3,856 transactions on the same day in 2012, according to the latest Virginia State Police figures of mandatory criminal-background checks of gun buyers.

    The Black Friday numbers helped boost Virginia’s overall gun transactions to 429,154 through the end of November, or 17.5 percent more than during the same period last year, Virginia Firearms Transaction Center data show.

    With an additional 2,539 transactions processed during the first two days of December, Virginia will easily surpass last year’s record of 432,387 transactions. As of Monday, the state had processed 431,693 transactions, just 694 shy of the record.

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  • ‘Lefty’ librarian beaten to pulp in Knockout Game (Now He is a Conservative!)

    Before his encounter with the “Knockout Game” and racial violence, Paul Lane was “a lefty.”

    “As left as you can get,” he said.

    He supported Obama. Intends to vote for Hillary. Or least he did.

    That was until Nov. 7. The day everything changed for Paul. The day Kenneth Johnson walked into the Contra Costa, Calif., library and played the Knockout Game.

    “It was 2:49 in the afternoon,” said Lane, a librarian. “And this black guy – I won’t say he was a kid, he was 21 years old – comes into the room in the library. I was helping a 67-year-old guy with history and old movies, because I know that stuff. He was smiling as if he knew the guy I was helping. Then he – Johnson – walks up to the patron and hits him on the side of the head as hard as he can.”

    Three weeks later, in court, when Lane told his story, Johnson’s lawyer objected.

    “The witness doesn’t know how hard my client can hit,” said the lawyer.

    Actually, he might. Lane yelled at Johnson to stop hitting the patron. He did. Then he jumped over Lane’s desk and started hitting and kicking him. It got real bloody real fast.

    “So the guy jumps over the library desk and started beating me. And hits me about 20 or 25 times. I can’t remember exactly cause I’m kinda blocked out a bit. Yeah, he really whaled into me. He decked the patron with one punch. He hit me in the ear. In the side of the head. The top of the head. I was bleeding from the nose, eyes, mouth, ears.”

    Lane crawled into the other room and asked for help. Then it was over. Later, the newspapers would say the injuries were non-life threatening. Which, of course, depends on how you define life. The library walls were spattered with blood. Lane cannot pick up a book, let alone think about going back to work. He has headaches and “major concussion issues.”

    And other issues, maybe even bigger.

    “I’m a 58-year-old white man who work(ed) as a ‘liberal librarian’ in Northern California,” he said. “Not your typical WND reader, but as a research librarian I read a lot of news sources. And this attack was exactly the way you describe in your book and articles. Exactly the same.”

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  • De Blasio To Cuomo, Legislature: It’s My Way Or Highway On Universal Preschool Program (Infighting Begins)

    Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is upping the pressure on Albany to tax the wealthy, so he can make good on a campaign pledge to mount the largest expansion of pre-kindergarten classes in the nation’s history.

    De Blasio read a book to an upper Manhattan pre-kindergarten class on Tuesday, using the kids to send yet another message to the state capitol that he intends to use his landslide victory to force lawmakers to tax the wealthy so he can expand all-day pre-K.

    “I just want to show the media this dragon; it represents the fiscal challenges we face,” de Blasio said.

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  • Federal gun prosecutions decline despite Obama executive action (Epic Failure in the White house)

    More than a year after the Sandy Hook school shooting, President Obama’s directive to amp up prosecutions of federal gun laws hasn’t made much difference in how many people are charged with gun crimes.

    U.S. attorneys that prosecute such cases charged 11,674 people with breaking federal gun laws in the fiscal year that ended in September, compared to 11,728 people the year before.

    “The federal gun charge numbers are not an accurate reflection of the Department’s efforts to investigate and prosecute gun violence,” said Allison Price, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, in a statement. “The fact that we may not prosecute a gun case in federal court does not mean the case is not prosecuted at all.”

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  • Gun-related U.S. patents at 35-year high!

    Smith & Wesson reported record sales of US$588-million for the fiscal year ending April 30, up 43% over 2012

    Gunmakers such as Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. and Sturm Ruger & Co. are boosting firearms sales by building weapons that are more accurate and easier to use, with gun-related U.S. patents at a 35-year high.

    Demand is growing as more states allow people to carry concealed weapons and lawmakers discuss limiting sales after mass shootings at public venues like schools and movie theatres. Ownership is rising among women and the elderly.

    Manufacturers are competing for sales with improvements such as magazines that increase a bullet’s accuracy or are lower in cost. Of 6,077 patents issued since 1977 in the firearms class, 19% were in the past four years, with a record 370 issued last year, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

    “There’s money to be made and everybody wants to protect their moneymaker,” said Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Guns in Charlotte, North Carolina, which has been in business for more than 50 years and carries more than 7,000 guns. “There is a huge amount of technology going into these products.”

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #44 – 11/25/13 “NYCs Absent Mayor”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    IN THIS EPISODE: Bloomberg in Bermuda During Derailment, NY SAFE Act still generates firestorm, New York State Rifle & Pistol Assocation: “Repeal the NY SAFE Act” Lawsuit Update, Elderly woman could be city’s 10th ‘knockout game’ victim, No 11: Hasidic Man Victim Of Latest Possible ‘Knockout’ Assault In Williamsburg, Karate rabbi wants to train Jewish kids to combat ‘knockout’ thugs, ‘Bizarre behavior’ could be risk to Christie White House run, The Real Bill de Blasio, In New York City, the Perfect Storm is Building, City Council seeks ban on e-cigarettes in public places as high-tech successor to smoking ban, Crime rate plunges after Camden NJ dumps unionized police, Ammo Price Surge Expected as EPA Regulations Close Lead Smelter, Third CO State Senator Out Over Gun Restrictions.
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  • NYCG Radio Episode #43 – 11/25/13 “Knockout Thug Gets Shot!”

    New York City Guns Radio Episode

    IN THIS EPISODE: De Blasio gets policing advice — from ex-cons, Post-term bodyguards for Bloomberg and Kelly illustrate supreme hypocrisy, Mayor Bloomturd wants to ban Styrofoam, 4 Men Arrested In Apparent ‘Knockout’ Attack In Brooklyn, Man stabbed outside JFK Airport terminal trying to break up cabbie scuffle, NYPD stats: 70% of shooting suspects in first half of 2013 were black, Off-duty NYC cop nearly beaten to death in brawl, Knockout Perp Shot buy CCW holder Victim in Michigan, Last U.S. Lead Smelter to Close in December Due to EPA – Might Affect Ammo Production, Businessman arrested for loitering, carrying legal gun on own property, North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood, SF Mission Residents Angered By City College Student’s Videotaped Arrest, Why opposition to gun control has increased over the last half-century, Folded-up apron mistaken for handgun, mall put on lockdown, No Shame: Pro-Gun Control Developer Creates Sandy Hook Video Game, An Ex-Cop’s Guide to Not Getting Arrested, Welfare Parasite Brags She Gets to stay home and smoke weed while the suckas have to work everyday!, George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend, George Zimmerman’s wife has doubts about his innocence.

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #42 – 11/18/13 “Pussification of the USA”

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #41 – 11/11/13 “Bloomturds Election Loses”

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  • NYCG Radio Episode #39 – 10/28/13 “Disarmed & Helpless”

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