56% of counties in the USA are 2A Sanctuaries

The total number of counties that have passed their own county-level resolutions / ordinances / proclamations / etc is 1,135. That represents 36.10% of all counties or county equivalents in the United States. When we include all of the counties that don’t have their own 2A Sanctuary resolutions / ordinances, but are in states that have passed 2A Sanctuary State legislation and include those counties in Texas and Arkansas that were not already covered by county-level 2A Sanctuary resolutions / ordinances, that number increases to 1,788 counties that are protected by a 2A Sanctuary at either the county or state-level. This represents 56.87% of all counties in the United States.

Author: Glenn

Glenn has been involved with firearms since the 1980s, whether by writing articles in support of the average citizen’s right to bear arms, acting as a firearms instructor or as an outspoken activist, most notably as the founder of New York City Guns.