MUST WATCH: Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing

UPDATE: I had to find new versions of this video because YouTube banned them! Thanks to for being pro 1A and hosting them!

When the gaslighting gets too much, just relax and let common sense reassert itself in your mind.

The reporter trying to justify his position at 22 minutes is a major part of the problem. He should just realize he chose to buy into a false narrative of over-exaggerated mortality rates to scare the US and the rest of the world to serve a totalitarian agenda pushed by lefty types.

Dumb reporters, politicians and fools on social media can scare people all they like – they still don’t understand science, the scientific method, or how the world actually works.

So fuck them.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole hour…here is a 12 minute section that distills the whole hour:

Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi Challenges the Coronavirus Crisis

This is a reupload of a video by Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi, The uploader has added English voiceover for the German to English translations. You can watch the original video here:

Please Help Westside Range!

Having served the New York metropolitan area since 1964, Westside has evolved into a full service shooting range that caters to a variety of shooters.

We have weathered the constant attack on our 2nd Amendment rights providing New Yorkers with a safe and friendly environment.

Over the past 56 years we have survived Hurricanes, Blackouts and of course 9/11. Never have I thought that we would be beaten that our doors would never open again.

Funds needed are immediate, our Lease demands Monthly Rent Payments that we are hard pressed to produce.

This is really basic, If Rent isn’t dealt with our NYC Shooting Community might not recover. I know West Side won’t be able to.


New York City Guns “You Are All Gonna Die” Corona Parody

On March 8, 2020 I did a very apropos parody of the fear porn virus nonsense. I was inspired by “A Modest Proposal” written by Jonathan Swift over three centuries ago. Humor is the best weapon against the gaslighting. Keep fighting patriots!

New York City Guns – The 0HOUR Interview

After many years of battling 0HOUR on Twitter and Periscope, I sit down with him and bury the hatchet. In this wide ranging interview he discusses our war, the root causes of the conflict, his recent life changes and his hope for the future.

He details the treachery of Ann Vandersteel, Bill Mitchell, Brenden Dilly and other YourVoice America aligned bad actors.

A must hear interview!

Original Airdate: 9/1/19.