Beach vs. Kelly Will Be Overturned by US Supreme Court This Fall (Transporting Handguns Outside NYC)

For over a decade New York City residents have not been able to take their handguns into Yonkers, what to speak of New Jersey or Long Island to go shooting or compete in competitions.

The Democrat Party Sausage making judges rubber stamp any outrage the City Council or the Mayor demand with regards to stripping New Yorker’s  of their second amendment rights.

One activist democrat judge after the other insist gun ownership is a privilege to be doled out by the libs as they see fit – that the US Constitution has no purview in this state.

Year after year the Supreme Court of the United States refuses to hear our pleas for relief through the judicial process.

Useless Justice Kennedy is no more. Today we have Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Today the US Supreme Court has stated it will hear the case that will get rid of Beach vs. Kelly forever and return to New Yorker’s their constitutional right to travel anywhere they wish with their property.

This case might also open the door to the eradication of many of the most vile anti-gun laws in New York as well as other lib controlled states.

Today is a day of great celebration. One of the foundational planks of the anti-gun scheme ruling New York City is about to die this October.

Read more about this at Breitbart.


Author: Glenn

Glenn has been involved with firearms since the 1980s, whether by writing articles in support of the average citizen’s right to bear arms, acting as a firearms instructor or as an outspoken activist, most notably as the founder of New York City Guns.

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