Rush Limbaugh – NRA Annual Meetings 1993

Super rare footage from the NRA Annual meetings in 1993. Obviously, the sound and audio are not up to todays standards. This slice of history comes from my own private media collection, which I rarely share. I make the exception today as Rush Limbaugh has passed away. He was a lifelong patriot and inspiration to anyone who considers themselves to be center-right. RIP.

Timothy Smith (Theodore Jamison) R.I.P.

It is with some sadness that I must report the passing of my friend Tim Smith AKA Theodore Jamison on Periscope and Twitter.

I say “some sadness” because Tim was an eternally optimistic and solid guy.

Tim was a biker. He loved his Harley. You couldn’t really know him unless you understood motorcycles and the rebel culture.

He was in a terrible accident some years ago and was in traction for some time. He was very resilient. Read More...

R.I.P. William Colvard

I met William Colvard at the Atlanta MAGA meetup back in 2017. Bill was a Trump supporter and a Christian conservative. He was also my friend.

Over the years Bill and I would talk regularly by phone and DM. When I didn’t hear from him for a week or so I tried to find out what the situation was.

I am sad to report that he passed away May 12, 2020.


My Statement on Leaving MAGA Coalition

My leaving MAGA Coalition was for philosophical reasons. I no longer felt my participation was valued nor was it wanted. I was being filibustered and talked over. I no longer felt relevant.

I took the hint and left.

I wished my old group well publicly. Yet, people still demanded answers as to why I left.

So, I told them I left because I could not philosophically support the direction the Coalition was headed and that I felt like a traitor to my beliefs Read More...

The Passing of James D. Surdo Jr.

It is with much sadness I can report that Jimmy Surdo has passed away.

Jimmy was a fixture at Westside Range, as well as in the gun community in New York City’s five boroughs.

Jimmy was the force behind the Chelsea Gun Club as well as a resource and advocate for lawful gun ownership in the City.

During the course of his life he wore many hats. From Law Enforcement to civilian gun advocate to family man. But the one hat I shall always remember Read More...